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Many things going on this week in the US, around the world, and even here at SurvivalRing Central.  Here’s the short list. Consider this posting a mini-newsletter. Our next SR-Ezine hits the web next weekend.  More details below…

  • The new SurvivalRing Blog. Week One.
  • Hack attacks at SurvivalRing…Korea?
  • East Coast Snowstorm
  • Oklahoma Snowstorm
  • Radio Shows
  • Ah, the joys of home ownership…
  • Next SurvivalRing Ezine

==> The new SurvivalRing Blog. Week One.

The new SR-Blog has proven to be a great addition to the SurvivalRing website. It took me  quite a while to map out the navigation, and then program the feature into our current programming back end, but I think it works. Our first week of the live blog has given us a rare file for download, breaking news of potential incoming Al Qaeda attacks in the very new future, info on receiving a free DVD called the “Nuclear Tipping Point”, two summaries of my recent radio interviews with James T. Stevens (and instant access to listen to the actual show online), and awareness of what was a potential problem with Malware from the site (which was disproven by Google at http://www.google.com/safebrowsing/diagnostic?site=www.survivalring.org ). All in all, not a bad start for the new year. My goal is to have at least *one* new post everyday at the blog. Your news, comments, and even questions and commentaries are welcome…I’ll gladly respond here on site.

==> Hack attacks at SurvivalRing…Korea?

The SurvivalRing website gets hundreds of unique visitors a day. Not all of them are friendly. I get dozens of hack attempts every single day, and RARELY does any damage occur. Like any other site traffic, daily traffic can fluctuate greatly. The same occurs with hack attempts. For example, today my 404 Error (page not found) website script emailed me dozens of times with attempts from a single IP address, that was trying to use a shell program to log in and wreak havoc. A shell program, when successfully installed and accessed, can let a hacker take absolute control of any website, including defacing, deleting, or installed malware and viruses. Thankfully, these shell attempts are unsuccessful. The IP address, traced back via a good WHOIS website, tells me that its a series of rotating IP addresses based in South Korea.  See for yourself….


It never ends. And neither will my ability to protect my website from these insidious bastards from abroad.

==> East Coast Snowstorm 2010

The past two days has seen a near record-breaking snowstorm shut down the largest cities on the mid-Atlantic coast with several record snowfalls.  Here’s a test of what’s been going on…

  • Washington Dulles Airport, located about 20 miles west of the Nation’s Capital, measured 32.4 inches. This far exceeded the 23.2 inches that fell there during the previous record storm event January 7-8, 1996. Note, however, that Dulles only has a 47-year weather record for comparison purposes
  • Baltimore received 24.8 inches of snow, it’s fourth heaviest snowstorm on record. The February 2003 storm with 26.8 inches still reigns supreme.
  • Philadelphia, PA accumulated 28.5 inches of snow, it’s second biggest snowstorm in recorded history. Even Washington Reagan National Airport’s 17.8 inches, paltry by the above measures, still stands as the fourth greatest snowstorm in its record books.
  • And…another storm is hitting tonight. Oh. Joy.

Here in frigid, and mostly dry Wyoming, we’ve seen precious little moisture here in the Central Wyoming basins.  Not that I don’t mind the headaches associated with the mix of winter, snow, and Wyoming…except for that evil ICE FOG we get every few days before sun-up. At least we have plows, power, heat, and four wheel drive.

==> Oklahoma Snowstorm 2010

The Oklahoma Blizzard of Christmas 2009 left over 14 inches of snow in some places, with close to a foot in a lot more areas. Parts of southwest Oklahoma suffered power outages that lasted several days, affecting upwards of 16,000 homes. Several deaths, hundreds of car accidents, and a few hundred people going to the hospital with storm stress related issues kept things interesting. Another storm system in late January brought 5 to 9 inches in places, and current storms currently aiming for the large area from Minnesota to the DC area, spread so far west that the far eastern part of the state has a Winter Storm Warning as I write this.     James Wesley Rawles of SurvivalBlog has an entry from one of his readers that experienced these storms first hand.

Folks…welcome to winter. Sometimes it DOES snow.  Have a plan, a shovel, batteries, and warm clothing if you are going to deal with the remnants of these passing storms.

Oh…and is THIS what we call “Global Warming:?

==> Radio Shows

I’ve done three radio shows with James T. Stevens on his Family Preparedness Show, as mentioned above.  I’ve be on his show again next Monday, February 15th, to discuss 72 hour kits and bug out bags. I’ll be sharing lists and links here on SurvivalRing’s Blog this coming weekend. If you have any specific ideas or questions regarding 72 hour kits you’d like to see covered in an interview, by all means let me know.

==> Ah, the joys of home ownership…

We’ve now been in our new home over 4 months. No major issues. OK…well…a couple. A leaky toilet wax seal, with potentially a cracked toilet flange (the part of the plumbing that the toilet actually bolts to). The nifty pellet stove in our home burned out the ignitor…the part that gets hot, and helps the pellets actually catch fire and produce heat. I’ve never worked on a pellet stove before, but I have worked on many of our appliances in our marriage. After finding the pdf manual for the Whitfield Model 30 (pdf), and using the troubleshooting appendix, I surmised the problem was one of two things…either a fuse, or the ignitor.

Yes, it was the ignitor. BUT…the ignitor didn’t come out without a fight, stripping out the threads at the fitting it screwed in to. Two days later, after the purchase of a pry bar, vice grips, and a 1/4″ pipe tap, the old one was removed, and the new one installed and working. Not nearly as fun, easy, and  bloodless as I was hoping (not much working room deep inside the guts of a pellet stove, under the pellet hopper and between, the fresh air/exhaust air ducting. I do feel comfortable dealing with any other problems with the stove in the future, but hope they’ll be a lot cheaper than a $150 ignitor.

Cost to have it done by a repairman?  Over $500. Again, do it yourself abilities put money back in the bank.

==> Next SurvivalRing Ezine

The next issue of our website ezine is in work, and should be out within the next two weeks. As before, I’d like to offer this opportunity to anyone who would like to see specific topics covered or questions answered. My focus for the next issue will include the Haiti Earthquake, Earthquake basic preparedness, detailed 72 hour kit plans, skill building, and Winter Survival needs.

Well, enough for this mini-newsletter.  I need to leave enough material to fill the real newsletter.

Thanks to each and every one of you that drop by SurvivalRing and take the time to drop me a line or two. I’m always glad to help. Take care  and be safe.


Updated: February 8, 2010 — 10:31 pm

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