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Well, it’s been a minute since I’ve posted here on the blog of SurvivalRing, and I do apologize. Life has been rather full outside the front door, and the moments in front of my computer (normally plural…the laptop is still down with a *Windows 10* infection) have been focused on research, online radio work, and planning for the next phase of my life. The 30 gigabytes of downloadable information here on SurvivalRing, and many older posts from years ago, still bring some traffic to the site, but not near what it used to. I’d venture to say that traffic is half what it used to be in normal year, but I hope to change that…simply returning to what I do best, in programming, finding, and sharing real prepper data, regularly and often. That is the biggest change coming directly to you.


Rich, waiting patiently for my dear wife of 35 years.

As most of my recent posts have been on SurvivalRing, it’s been about playing catch-up with projects in the real world. Things are about to change. I am in the middle of one of life’s major changes, while at the same time suffering some debilitating health issues, most due to a 40 year old injury to my right knee that has literally crippled me. A fix is a few weeks away at the time of this writing, in a long awaited full joint replacement.

After that surgery in late October, comes healing and physical therapy. Once that is done and caught up, another big life change is happening, and with that change in my life, time and focus opens up for full time efforts on bringing SurvivalRing back to full steam and charging ahead.


Old Faithful at Yellowstone, sunset…by Rich Fleetwood, August 2nd, 2016.  Making memories for my family.

The latter change?  Semi-retirement, and a cross country move. Before the move, however, comes a word that strikes fear into my heart. Minimizing. EVERYTHING. Tools, books, tech, libraries, hardware, furniture, you name it. I’ve even sold my big road bike, a 6 cylinder 1300cc cruiser, my custom van, my trusty though not nearly trouble free Xterra, my big workbench out in the shed, and quite a bit of my civil defense hardware and collectibles.

All the above are replaceable, and eventually will be. Just not needed in my life right now.

So, what does all this mean to you, the rare SurvivalRing reader, semi-regular visitor, or long time supporter for the near future?  To paraphrase Elizabeth Barrett Browning, let us count the ways...

  • More time producing real honest to God content on all things prepping, survival, and self reliance. I’ve written many many things over the years, and shared the largest library of downloadable survival documentation on the entire internet…for a long time. I hate seeing thousands of wannabee authors taking what others have written and shared, and repeating them in every possible way, but without time and effort put into actually making sure what they’re sharing is VALID.  My work, life, and experience in the last 40 years will be the basis for many new things for SurvivalRing, and the world at large.12106905_1691649497731810_2654508870961346804_n
  • More time getting into the world of main stream media, with my story, my experience, and my content as discussed above. When you live in flyover country, MSM  NEVER wants to come where you are to really do in depth stories and research. After all, we’ve lived  between 120 to 150 miles from the nearest interstate highway for nearly 17 years. Moving east to Nashville puts me front and center to be a talking head, a producer, or many other things, able to put real facts and history together for future disasters and events as they happen. This is a big thing, and puts my college degrees in broadcasting, programming, and radio and TV work front and center. If they won’t report it, I will.


    Making memories with my grandson Hudsin and granddaughter Anneka, at Yellowstone Lake, YNP, 8/2/16

  • More radio time. I’ve been an over the air radio personality for nearly 5 years of my life, and that does NOT include the last 5 years of web radio live broadcasting with my good friend James T. Stevens, author of Making The Best Of Basics, the best selling prepper book of all time. James has been in the industry for nearly 45 years, compared to my 20, but together we have the ability to cover the vast spectrum that is the world of preparedness. I’ve got many show recordings and podcasts, just from this summer, of live call in preparedness shows of 3 hours each. Those are being uploaded this week, to be shared on SurvivalRing AND the SurvivalRingRadio.com domain (yes, it’s NEW).
  • More writing...as in books, books, and more books. I’ve done so much in the last 40 years, I would say I’ve got a very overloaded brain full of fiction, non-fiction, documentary, and history content to publish…and publish I will. Already in the works.
  • More…real action. I’ve mentioned wanting to do lots of things in the last few years, and accomplished getting back to college, getting 3 college degrees, earning many academic awards and accolades, and touching a lot of lives. I’ve worked for the State of Wyoming for the last 8 years in Corrections/LEO, and have obtained training I never thought possible. The best part of THAT career is administrating the agriculture program at the minimum level correction facility that I’ve been working at.


    Yes, I sure as hell succeeded at my return to college. TWO national awards, and recruiting letters from the biggest colleges in the country. All you have to do is your HOMEWORK, hard work, and community involvement.

  • Three areas at work that have LIFE LONG implications for preppers, community groups, and large sized private groups in multiyear projects have been part of every waking work day, as in helping manage and admin a wild mustang training program including multiple horse adoptions a year, a beef herd totaling nearly 600 head, and a crops program that produces all the feed for both herds.  Included in this job has been supervising and managing inmate crews up to 70 or more in number.
  • 14457320_10153715452206268_5143640513830989323_n

    My only brother, Charlie, in early 1965 in Garland, TX. He’s still killing bad guys in the Sand Box, after joining the Air Force at age 16. You want to see commitment to saving lives, look right here.

    However, I have not accomplished much of what I wanted to have done by now, even with all the above. There are shortcomings I intend to fulfill, fix, and live. I have been guilty of feeling at times that *I am what I say I do*. What I HAVE to do and be and say is this…*I AM WHAT I DO*.  I’ve increased the breadth and knowledge of experience that helps so many people, but my physical limitations haven’t allowed me to DO. That’s being taken care of in the next 3 months.  Don’t say it, don’t talk about it, don’t think about it…Just Do It. *I AM WHAT I DO*. You can do that too. I’ll lead the way, and I’ll welcome all of you to join me.

Yeah, yeah, yeah…I know. SHOW ME. I will.

SurvivalRing used to be number 2, in 30 million websites for the search phrase survival websites. The site now appears dozens and dozens of pages back in search rankings, if at all.. My fault, from not putting daily posts, downloads, or news stories on SurvivalRing.  On my side of things, there really aren’t many websites on survival or preparedness on the web that have vast download libraries like SurvivalRing, and those that do have them, got MOST of them from THIS WEBSITE.


Keep heading on down that road, leaving a positive influence with every person whose path you cross. Random Acts of Kindness. Help someone that will never know YOU helped them. Be That Guy.

That’s ok. The non-consequential postings and pleadings, fear-mongering and profit building, and literally useless drivel that a lot of prepper websites post and repost regularly can continue doing what they do. It’s the FACTS that so many overlook. It’s the HISTORY that so few really dig out and repaint as thoughts that really should be in the forefront of our prepping minds. It’s EXPERIENCE in the real world, with nature, with the economy, with family strife, deaths, and separations, that need to put laid out before us, because either I’ve been where you are, or you’ll be where I am.

Times are getting tough. People are getting tougher…or run over. I’ve raised my kids, and helped raise my grandkids to some extent. My move across country, and early retirement plans are the next, and possibly ending chapters of my life. I’ll keep SurvivalRing going until the day I die, and then some. Plans for now are at least ANOTHER 20 years, on top of the 20 we’ve already got on the web. I’m broadening my horizons to get my message of personal responsibility, a preparedness lifestyle, and service to others as the keystones of where I’m headed. Hope to see you down the road in real life some day. That really would be awesome.

Updated: October 2, 2016 — 8:57 pm

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