Top 10 Reasons to Avoid Pocket Survival Tools


You’ve probably seen the two pocket/wallet survival tools in the image here, in many prepper, survival, self reliance, and even conservative news websites the past few months.  A few folks are selling them for the cost of “shipping and handling”, which in reality is making them $10 to $15 per sale. From personal experience, both of these tools are the cheapest Chinese-made pieces of crap you’ll find on the market.  

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While I consider both of these tools at least usable for some tasks, carrying one around in your wallet, pocket, or whatever…is just a bad idea.

Why? Well, let’s look at some reasons…

1. You get stopped by a cop for whatever reasons, and that knife is in your wallet…hmmm…concealed weapon.
2. You are confronted by bad guys….anywhere. They want your wallet. By the time you pull it out and go for your knife, they’ve just grabbed it out of your hand. 
3. LEO, Corrections, and lots of similar groups already know about these weapons, and yes, they are weapons. Get caught with one in the wrong place, at the wrong time…you’re going for a ride.
4. If you feel the need to carry either of these “tools”, then carry the real thing. A REAL tool box, a multi-tool, or a concealed or open carry weapon (check your local laws first of course).
5. Small, concealable…probably ineffective the first time you really need it? Pretty much guaranteed. (see #4)
6. The same kind of people that would consider these really usable, probably shop from Johnson Smith or BudK catalogs. Real high quality….not.
7. If you MUST get these tools, DON’T buy them from an individual or front company advertising on ANY site. Go straight to eBay. You can get both, for a fraction of the price including shipping from Hong Kong.
8. Think hard. Really hard. If you were using either of these toys, who do you think would be the first to have their blood drawn…that’s right….YOU.
9. A compact tool for any unique reason must be highly effective. Neither of these qualify. A Gerber or Leatherman style multi-tool, costing 20 times as much as ONE of these tools, WILL save your life in you’re ever in real need of a knife, saw, punch, pliers, scissors, etc. Whether it’s escaping a flooding car, trapped hanging upside down in your seatbelt, stuck somewhere way off road, or something similar, do you think these two wannabee survival tools will survive much past first use? No.
10. Top tenth reason to not get these POS wastes of real cash? First time you pull one out around your REAL friends, they’ll see that you ARE a dumb ass.

Just sayin’…

Updated: September 18, 2013 — 5:05 pm

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