Tis’ the season for tornadic destruction…

Today is the 13th anniversary of an event that changed my life. We came TOO close to an F5 tornado on April 8th, 1998. Because of that, my SuvivalRing website changed direction, and I shifted my research into overdrive on preparedness and survival tools.

Read my report of this deadly and wide ranging disaster…here…


My old stomping grounds, the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, where I was born and raised, were hit 5 days ago with massive tornadic storms. Some of the most amazing tornado footage ever taken, of multiple semi trucks and trailers being lifted hundreds of feet in the air, made the international news.

Over a year ago, the worst tornado storms in decades struck the southeast, in what is now called the 2011 Super Outbreak .  The largest tornado outbreak ever recorded passed over country where I spent almost 9 years in Alabama as a federal employee.

Today, on this Easter Sunday, so many years later, I give thanks to the Lord for keeping us safe. Granted, we’ve been through a lot more than this tornado, before, and after, but we’re all still here.

I want to remind all of you that are reading this that as this spring continues, we can expect more and more deadly and unexpected storms at all times of the day or night. If you’re in the areas of this country that have been threatened by tornadoes at any time in the past, NOW is the best time to prepare for how to deal with them, be safe around them, and have protection from them. As mentioned in a post from May 25th last year,

Thankfully, this website, online for 14 years, provides shelter information and actual plans that can be used SPECIFICALLY for storm shelter. Yes, fallout shelters work GREAT for shelter from tornadoes, high wind events, and can also be used for backup shelter for when a home becomes unlivable because of storm damage.

…ANY protective shelter is better than NONE.

When the winds blow, the sky gets dark, and things you don’t normally see flying, are passing by your windows…well, it might be too late. Have a plan, get together 72 hour kits for everyone in the family, and know what to do, if you can’t get out of the way.  My family and I have seen more than our share of tornadic storms in our life, enough that we moved across the country to get away from them.   Still, not everyone can do this. Do the next best thing. Develop a plan to move to a shelter in your yard, in your basement, or in your neighborhood…when tornadoes are forecast, or actually moving on the ground…in your direction.

Study Yesterday…Prepare Today…Live Tomorrow.

It’s in your BEST interest to get ready NOW for the inevitable. See what the rest of the country is doing to deal with what has already happened with this vicious storms in our nation, here… http://www.survivalring.org/feeds/tornado-news-google/

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Updated: April 10, 2012 — 3:29 pm

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