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Are you prepared for disaster, SHTF, TEOTWAWKI?  Do you know where to start?  When putting together this list we looked at the main things that you need to identify for almost any type of emergency.  A good start would be to create a three day pack or 3 day plan for getting you and your loved ones through the loss of what we consider the ordinary everyday amenities.  The lack of power, utilities, fresh water and food are just some of the main considerations for immediate emergencies that can leave your home, neighborhood or city in disaster.  Here is a list of things that you need to prepare in addition some info to help you understand those needs.


Fresh water will be your most essential survival necessity.  It is recommended that you have 1 gallon per day per person in your group.  That would include water for hygiene and consumption.  This amount varies based on the climate and physical activity among other things like those with medical conditions & nursing mothers.  Bottled water is the best source of water for this type of preparation.  However if you would like to store your own water read Understanding Your Water Preps there is good info on how to DIY.  If a bug in situation is not ideal and you need to relocate make sure you first can transport water for your trip and furthermore find a renewable water source.

Recommended Preps: Water Bob, Portable filters, Unscented Bleach, Water purification tablets


Think non-perishables mostly canned goods because they can sustain long term storage and are durable for transport.  Store items like canned fruits, meats & juices look for things that can be eating out of the can without additional cooking.  Also look into dehydrated food because they have a much longer shelf life then regular canned goods.  Dehydrated food will require water for preparation so not ideal for bugging out much better suited for bugging in or stocking your bug out locations.  Also canned fruit, vegetables will contain water do not waste this use it to make soups/stews or rehydrate dry foods.   MRE’s are great if you will be bugging out or on the move they are designed to sustain you for a day if you purchase a complete 2 or 3 meal MRE.  The recommended calorie intake is 2000 for a grown man once again however this will very on the amount of physical activity.  Read Understanding Your Food Preps for more info about the different types of foods to prep.

Recommended Preps: P-51/38 can opener, Gel food warmers, Cooking/Eating utensils

First aid supplies

A medical kit is in no way a substitute for trained medical attention under severe circumstances.  However I feel that there are many instances where a well-stocked medical kit can mean life or death.  First aid kits can be purchased online or pretty much any department store.  Having the basic supplies will be crucial to keeping minor injuries managed to ward off infection or keep the group moving.  Your main considerations should be plenty of gauze/bandages, tape, antiseptics (BZK, iodine, alcohol wipes) and tri-antiseptic ointments for cleaning wounds and keeping them clean infection will be you greatest enemy.  Don’t forget bio-hazard items such as gloves, face masks and lots of plastic bags (garbage and Ziploc). For and in depth list of supplies and what types of kits you should have read How to Create a Medical Kit

Recommended Preps: Quick Clot, Military Medical field manual, Surgical

Clothing and bedding

For the most part this is most crucial in cold weather scenarios.  However don’t underestimate the little stuff like packing extra socks and making considerations for wet and cold weather. If you don’t have sleeping bags consider getting them even if you don’t camp because they can be added to your bug out preps.  Remember items like pancho’s or water resistant gear because cotton is like a sponge and being wet will accelerate hypothermia.  Long underwear is good but remember, that is mostly cotton look for the poly/cotton blends.  Lots of blankets. I have seen disaster blankets for sale online and I’ll be honest they are no different than the ones you will find as furniture padding being sold at moving rental stores (cheaper).  Don’t forget Mylar/Solar emergency blankets compact & transportable and has many uses.

Recommended Preps: Shemagh, Sun Glasses, Hiking shoes, Large backpack,

Tools and emergency supplies

A good multipurpose emergency radio is a perfect start.  Make sure it has either crank power or solar power recharging capability.  I’ve even seen some with a two way radio built into the unit.  Don’t stop there having a reliable knife would be at the top of the list in addition to a prybar.  Be mindful of your emergency tools preps not to overdo it.  Having a multi tool will enable you to pack exactly that, multiple tools with less space and weight.  Make sure you keep plenty of matches and items for starting fires (flint, fire steel, torch lighter etc.) and lots of candles (more for bugging in). 

Recommended Preps: Stanley FUBAR, 550 Paracord, Zippo lighter

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