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Welcome to the website,, a part of We’re glad you dropped by. 

Our Family Emergency Preparedness Digital Library contains over 3.2 million printable pages of life saving, scientifically proven, and in many cases, rare information that could be of used in times of national emergency or natural disaster. The areas of emphasis cover the entire range of disaster preparedness information, from simple first aid, to locating natural hazard threats where you live, to stocking food and tools, to mitigation (lessening) of disaster events, all the way to recovering from the full force of nature, technology, or terror, when things have turned out for the worst.

This CD set contains the largest collection of digitized fallout shelter information ever put into one place, with shelter plans, shelter management guides, technical data books, regulations, and more. Also contained is disaster preparedness and recovery information for every possible disaster, from tornadoes to volcanic eruption, as well as planning lists, federal documents for nuclear and terrorist preparedness, and even several documents on dealing with pandemics and other survival needs. [/wptab]

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Let’s give you a quick overview of our project, our CD publications, some background about us, and an overview of our CD and DVD Roms.

Below, you’ll find a massive set of HIGHLY DISCOUNTED preparedness resources!

  • The Master Prepper – A 6 CD, 8 DVD, Original Hardcopy Documents, and FREE shipping Package.
  • The DigiPak – A LIFETIME membership to the SurvivalCD Digital Download Package (includes digital download access to everything 
  • The NEW SurvivalRing/SurvivalCD HazardPak DVD, if you already own either of the first two CDs of the Family Emergency Preparedness Digital Library…
  • The Appropriate Technology Library...a 4 DVD set of 44 CD’s worth of Prepping and Appropriate Technology info, in 4,000 digital documents…

The SurvivalRing Website began in 1997, as a web resource to support our growing survival and preparedness webring. In the ten years since, it has become one of the leading survival, preparedness, and self reliance websites in the world. Our reach is global, yet our focus is individual preparedness, self reliance, and self sufficiency before, during, and after times of disaster.

The events of September 11th, 2001 brought to our nation a great realization that war and terror could and will happen on our soil. The effects of hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and the destruction of one of our nation’s oldest cities, New Orleans, proved that in a huge regional disaster, our government could not take care of us, save us, feed us, or evacuate us fast enough.[break]

Natural disasters are still our biggest threat, and we all need to know what is most likely to happen to us where we live. In all these areas, SurvivalRing excels in getting the real information out to the people that need it most — the American family.


We published our first multimedia CD in 2002.  As of Spring 2018, we have 14 titles, with more to come this year. Our publications include tens of thousands of ebooks on all areas of preparedness, hundreds of web pages on multiple websites, and 14 multimedia CD and DVD ROM packages with thousands of pages of preparedness info. Our focus is on helping to educate families, communities, and individuals with the best training, materials, and authentic documents available to deal with any disaster. This means you can learn what threats are most likely where you live, and then you can make appropriate planning stages and follow through.  



SurvivalRing Media has been working on this project for years now, and people have noticed. FEMA links to us in some of their reports the Department of the Army and some of their contractors refer to our sites in official government documents as a resource. The electronic copy of the FEMA Building Practices Assessment Team (BPAT) report, that reviewed the damage of the May 3rd, 1999 Oklahoma/Kansas tornadic outbreak, including the catastrophic F5 tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma on that date, lists one of our websites as one of only five in the Web Resources Appendix. In other words, our work on sheltering and disaster preparedness has been recognized at many official levels of US government, as a resource for troubled times.

We’ve even been written about in magazines, such as It’s Time For A Revival Of American Civil Defense by Jim Benson (editor of in Backwoods Home magazine. The last twelve months have seen our site traffic reach 20 million hits annually. We are not going away we’re here to stay…to continue helping helping YOU.

Our founders, Rich and Annie Fleetwood, have invested everything to continue this project. Rich returned to college and earned two applied science college degrees and one Associate of Arts degree, to continue moving forward in the work of putting this important preparedness information online.

He also volunteers with his county CERT program, as well as high school and college students in public service areas in producing public service announcements. He’s a certified SkyWarn weather spotter, and a member of the FBI InfraGard Program. He’s a Telly award winning videographer, and all around computer geek, tutoring college students, faculty, and the public in over a dozen subjects. He was recognized by the College Reading & Learning Program as a Certified College Tutor in 2008.

Rich received two national scholar awards in 2006, including the New Century Scholar Award from Phi Theta Kappa and Coca Cola, representing Wyoming, as well as the All-USA Academic Team (2nd Team) for Community Colleges, sponsored by PTK and USA Today.  [/wptab]

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[FULL LIST of All 14 disks in the full package, along with full description will go here.

[break]Our two 6 CD/8 DVD set contains over 3.2 MILLION printable pages of preparedness and survival information from sources all over the world. Our data covers over 77 years of United States civil defense research and publications, as well as information from many other nation’s preparedness projects.

The CD and DVD navigation uses simple web browser technology (Internet Explorer 5.5, Firefox, and other similar browsers) to find and read each file on the disk. The disk data can be read by both PC and MAC systems, although on PC systems, there is an AUTORUN program to load the homepage of the CD for your ease of use.

Nearly all the documents on both CDs are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, and any version of Acrobat Reader (or open source programs that can also be used to open and read PDF files) that is version 5 or higher can access the files. Once the documents are viewed, they can be printed via your PDF reader in high quality output, to any standard printer connected to your computer. Click below to see what each CD contains.

cd-volume-one1.jpgCD Number One

cd-volume-two1.jpgCD Number Two

You may order your 13 disk set with over 500,000 pages of life saving information two different ways, by using our online PayPal links, or by printing out our order form below and mailing your payment to us. Read more below about disks Three and Four. [/wptab]

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Read comments below from REAL people who received the FIRST release of CD Number One and spent time looking at it and studying the data found within…

From Jim Benson (Founder of ModernSurvival.Net), and original editor of the CLASSIC “American Survival Guide” magazine…

“No one source can cover absolutely every survival threat and scenario, but this CD comes as close as anything I have ever seen. Its vast wealth of official information could be a God send for coping with almost any emergency you or your family might encounter. It is well worth the money. We all owe a debt of gratitude to the creators of this mountain of survival information for their hard work and personal sacrifice in making it available to us. “

Reviewed in his Dec. 2002/Jan. 2003 Issue of ModernSurvival.Net in the Books/Videos/DVD section. ]

From Bruce Beach (Scientific Radiological Officer, Canada), 

“The CD arrived Friday. Thank you very much. Excellent work and an amazing undertaking…I am absolutely ASTOUNDED at the quality of the .pdf files. Anyway – they are BEAUTIFUL. An unimaginable amount of work…the E-books classics are a very nice touch. Really no complaints here. “

…and, just recently, from one of our package customers…


You have got to be one of the most honest and prompt sellers I have ever dealt with. Thank you.[break]

Mark M.”[

and about our new Appropriate Tech 4 DVD set…Adino says this...

“Why can’t every vendor be so courteous and professional?    Now I just gotta figure out how in the world I’m going to store and access the new library on my gear.

I see this package as the best of both worlds, the best of advanced technical info to best 3rd world no technology knowledge.  This stuff oughta be put in a time capsule, it would save an archaeologist or historian of the future a lot of time to see so much in one spot.”

and Ben says this…

Thank you for the awesome set of CD/DVDs. I couldn’t believe the amount of information that they contained. Well worth the price.

Ben L.


We would love to see your thoughts and suggestion on this page as well. Please contact us if you’ve received either copy, or the set, and would like to share your feelings about our great collection of life saving documentation. [/wptab]


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For speed and efficient delivery, we recommend (and prefer) the online PayPal order links here on this page, so you can begin studying your Ultimate Digital Library as soon as possible. With PayPal, you can use any major credit card to complete your purchase, or even use your checking account and purchase with an eCheck (your purchases ships when check clears).

Head down this page, for THREE DIFFERENT PACKAGES currently available to you NOW.

Or, Simply click ORDER NOW to be taken to our PayPal sales page, where you can use PayPal’s optimized checkout experience, where signing up for a PayPal account is optional. This means you can complete your payment first using any major credit card or eCheck, and then decide whether to save your information in a PayPal account for future purchases.

orderbymail1.jpgAs an alternative, you can use our PRINTOUT Order Form to place your order and pay with CashMoney Order, or Personal Check.

After viewing our other pages, if you have any questions, please use our Contact Form to get in touch with us!

[Notice: Any eCheck or Personal Check payment orders will be held 5 days for the check to clear before your package is shipped. ]

As a bonus, and ONLY to purchasers of our CD Rom package, you can access the digital CD images within hours of purchase, as we will forward the download links once we’ve received notice of your purchase. There are also other bonuses which you will receive in the very same email. We will say this…we hope you have high speed internet access and gigabytes of available hard drive space.

Grab your very own copy of the SurvivalCD package, with this SPECIAL site just for you, the wonderful folks who have come toSurvivalRing month after month, and year after year. This is my way of saying thank you to all those who have supported me, helped me out, said a prayer for me or my family, and just generally been some really great people.

For this multi-disk deal , you get EVERYTHING that comes with the package (be sure to check the page links on the right side of the home page), but you ALSO get this

  • A FREE ONE YEAR account to the Digital Download website, where you can access downloadable versions of the CDs until you get yours in the mail.
  • FREE CD copy of the Bruce Beach’s Recovery After Nuclear War CD
  • FREE CD copy of the Appropriate Technology CD I usually reserve for my buyers to DOWNLOAD. You’ll get it on CD!
  • FREE One Year Access to the (almost ready) new SurvivalRing FIRST ACCESS website, with my most RECENT scans of rare and never before available online fallout shelter information.
  • But wait…there’s more…order, and get several more BUYER’s ONLY bonuses. You’ll be amazed at the amount…only after your purchase…


I’m just getting STARTED. 

This ONE TIME OFFER of a huge discount, free shipping, TWO EXTRA CDs AND online bonuses that only BUYERS can access, including ALL my new creations and procurements of Civil Defense Data.    I have a VERY limited supply of the authentic, rare, and original  50 year old Office of Civil Defense nuclear war Safety Notification postcards. These are part of the BONUSES you receive when your purchase ANY of our packages.

Finally, you ALSO get a copy of my newest Digital Collection, the SurvivalRing HazardPak DVD, which contains ALL the files (over 3 gigabytes worth) from my /allhazards/ and /bunker/ download directories. Check out the disk navigation at .


The price for this CD set, with ALL the extras, the hardcopy, postcard, and FREE shipping is ONLY $40!   What great peace of mind you’ll have, being able to access this vast library BEFORE you have to deal with any localized disaster that might affect your family! 

Do yourself a favor. Pick up your copy of the Family Emergency Preparedness Digital Library, with over 30,000 80,000+ printable pages of info, and learn how to create YOUR OWN Independence … for ANY day that brings a threat

To purchase, simply click the big CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW button directly below, to pay with credit card or Paypal. And, at this LOWEST EVER PRICE, get SEVERAL COPIES for your family and friends. They make a great holiday present, and REALLY show how much YOU care for them


(After purchase via PayPal, you’ll be brought back to I will email you once I receive notification of payment, and will send your email confirmation, download access, and special bonus information. Look for an email from my email address of Richard@SurvivalRing..)


If you’d prefer to purchase via cash, personal check or money order offline, then use this PRINTOUT Order Form ( a one page PDF file ready to print) to place your order and pay with Cash, Money Order, or Personal Check. If you go this route,EMAIL ME to RESERVE YOUR PACKAGE! 

Don’t procrastinate. Don’t put it off. And don’t wait for a better deal. I am one of the ONLY people in this genre actually CREATING new documents like these to put online for the rest of the world…which includes YOU. Get the package, review it, and learn how to be ready for just about anything

 Do you have high speed internet access? Have lots of disk storage and open hard drive space? Want to get this package in a Digital ONLY format for HALF the price off the REGULAR package?

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For a ONE TIME payment of $20, you get life time access to the DOWNLOADABLE CD Images of THIS 4 CD set, as well as all of the online download links to the multiple gigabytes of downloadable files that I offer on SurvivalRing, my flagship website, including ALL new files I create in the coming future. Need software to burn the CDs archives on your computer? Try Deep Burner, which is free.

Or, simply unarchive the file set to a directory, and start reading immediately with your web browser. 

You DON’T get any CDs or anything in Snail Mail from me…it’s ALL Downloadable (except the National Geographic maps…sorry…copyrights will not be broken). 

Soon after your purchase, you’ll receive an email from me that includes the download links, a printable PDF Certificate of Purchase, and the links to your new MEMBER’s download page, with lifetime access

How can I offer this DEEP discount? Let’s count the ways…

  • No Disks…no labor to burn them…no extra programming required
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So, what do you think? Want to go the DIY route? Or, do you want to scroll back up this page and order the physical CD/Hard copy package?

If you’re ready to go Digital ALL the way, simply click the order button below, make your payment, and wait for my email with the goodies to download. ]\

(After purchase via PayPal, you’ll be brought back to I will email you once I receive notification of payment, and will send your email confirmation, download access, and special bonus information. Look for an email from my email address of Richard@SurvivalRing..)


Buy it now your purchase of the 4 DVD set containing 44 CD images/archives of Appropriate Technology, gets you custom designed and programmed disks of information, with menus, web page navigation on disk, custom made labels, DVD cases, free shipping, and bonus items.

Learn more about this package here…


IMPORTANT!  Windows PCs only. The archive files are in an EXE based, Self extracting file format that only works on Windows machines (not tested on Intel-based MACs running Windows Emulation software, or LINUX boxes running WINE. Be the First!) 


(After purchase via PayPal, you’ll be brought back to I will email you once I receive notification of payment, and will send your email confirmation, download access, and special bonus information. Look for an email from my email address of Richard@SurvivalRing..)


Rich Fleetwood and SurvivalRing Media has been working on this project for years now, and people around the nation have noticed. FEMA has linked to us in some of their reports, such as the FEMA report on the May 3, 1999 F5 tornadoes that struck Oklahoma City.

The Department of the Army and some of their contractors refer to our site in official government documents as a resource for nuclear accident training on Air Force bases. 

We’ve even been written about in magazines, such as It’s Time For A Revival Of American Civil Defense in Backwoods Home magazine, by Jim Benson ( editor of, and 16 year editor of American Survival Guide magazine). 

The last twelve months have seen our site traffic reach 16.8 million hits. We are not going away – ¦we’re here to stay…to continue helping YOU. Our future plans include articles in major market magazines, books, audio and video productions, podcasts and video programs, and documentary work…all in the areas of personal preparedness and increasing individual and family self reliance. In fact, November 2012 was our FIFTEENTH anniversary on the internet! [/wptab]

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Our founders, Rich and Annie Fleetwood, have invested everything  continue this project. Both Annie and Rich have each earned two college degrees to continue moving forward in the work of putting this important information online, as well as producing new audio, video, and written content in all areas of preparedness. Rich has received Associates of Applied Science degrees in Electronic Media Production (Radio and TV Broadcasting) and Computer Networking Technology – Web Development, while Annie has finished Associate Degrees in English and Social Science. Rich finished his third degree, an Associates of Arts in General Education in May 2008. In his spare time away from classes, work, and the computer, he volunteers with his county CERT program, as well as assisting high school and college students in public service areas. Rich currently works for the state of Wyoming, in Corrections/LEO. 


Rich is also a certified SkyWarn weather spotter, and a member of the FBI InfraGard Program. He has earned certificates from FEMA for Radiological Emergency Management and Emergency Program Manager programs. He is an award winning videographer, winning an international Telly Award in 2005 for a public service video on helping teens avoid substance abuse and alcohol problems, produced with the Riverton, Wyoming Police Department, and has met with the former Governor Dave Fredenthal and First Lady of  Wyoming several times.

As a production assistant at Wyoming Public Television, he assisted in live and remote TV productions using advanced technology satellite television truck skills, and has worked on several state legislative programs, as well as two special events that included the Vice President of the United States, Dick Cheney. Rich also ran the station’s Master Control  for Wyoming PBS, and was on-air talent for radio station KTRZ 93.1 FM in Riverton, Wyoming for 2004 and 2005.

Rich served as Student Operations Manager for KCWC FM Radio on the campus of Central Wyoming College from 2005 to 2008, and trained and helped develop new students in all areas of audio and video editing, live on-air radio work, news production, and other skill sets of electronic media, while producing weekly music shows.



Rich won several academic awards in his return to college, including being named the New Century Scholar for Wyoming in 2006, and being named to the All-USA Academic team for community colleges in 2006 as well. He has served as student body president at Central Wyoming College, student Senator, chaired several student committees, been involved with several academic committees for the college, and earned the following academic accolades.

  • Collegiate All American Scholar (2004,2005,2006)
  • USAA National Collegiate Student Government Award (2006)
  • CWC Presidents Honor List and Deans List on multiple occasions
  • National Deans List
  • Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society
  • PTK Alpha Lambda Chi Chapter President
  • Student Body Representative to CWC Instructional Technology Committee
  • Nominated for Wyoming Community College Conference state-wide Student Leadership Award (for 2006 and 2007)
  • President CWC Tutor Club
  • Certified College Tutor (2003/2008)

Annie is currently finishing up her classes at the University of Wyoming, for her Bachelors degree in Social Science. Rich will soon return to academic study to finish his degree in the same area. He hopes to follow that with a Masters in History as time allows.[break]

Use the CONTACT US link to send me your message.

Thanks for visiting, and I look forward to getting YOUR package in the mail as soon as you order.


It won’t just be the disks in sleeves. The package is the full set of everything.

  • Printed documentation.
  • Two presentation class multi-disk DVD cases, with full cover artwork.
  • 6 CD roms, 7 DVD Roms, 1 DVD video
  • A set of gift certificates to share with family and friends
  • 5 year online membership to premium SurvivalRing content.
  • FREE Priority Shipping via the USPS

Stay tuned. This page is currently being COMPLETELY updated this week.


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Rich is the founder of SurvivalRing, now in it's 24th year, author of multimedia CDs and DVDs, loves the outdoors, his family, his geeky skill-set, and lives in rural southern Wyoming, just below the continental divide (long story, that...). Always ready to help others, he shares what he learns on multiple blogs, many social sites, and more. With a background in preparedness and survival skills, training with county, state, and national organizations, and skills in all areas of media and on air experience in live radio and television, Rich is always thinking about the "big picture", when it comes to helping individuals and families prepare for life's little surprises.

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