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10 Ways SurvivalRing is changing direction this fall.

Site History of SurvivalRing SurvivalRing, as a web entity, has been online since November 1st, 1997. It started as a webring, and in the run-up to Y2k, it made the top 100 of 80,000+ rings existing at the time. During this era, I was running my original Blast Shelter website which started on AOL homepages, […]

Recent SurvivalRing updates & News

Hi again, my friends… I’ve been busy on SurvivalRing this week, and have added new download areas to the website, as well as started posting some great classic government produced civil defense documents right here on the SurvivalRing Blog. Here’s a summary of the updated download areas… All Hazard library – A vast collection of […]