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Surviving Nuclear Disaster Film: Survival Under Atomic Attack (1951) – Vintage Civil Defense Propaganda Short Narrated by distinguished Journalist Edward R. Murrow (1951)

Survival Under Atomic Attack is a 1951 Civil Defense film which focuses on what the average American can do to protect himself if caught out in the open or at home during a nuclear attack. Narrated by the magnificent journalist Edward R. Murrow, the film shows clips of actual nuclear bomb tests interspersed with dramatizations […]

Atomic Alert! Nuclear attack survival for children (1951) (1951)

Produced by Encyclopedia Britannica Films, this video seeks to educate American schoolchildren on how to take cover in the event of a nuclear warning or attack. The child safety tips are dated and hilarious, consider what little help covering up is against a nuclear weapon or a nuclear explosion. Three different situations are shown, including […]