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Packing Iron: Gun Leather of the Frontier West (Hardcover)

Western gunleather is an icon of American frontier lore. Packing Iron celebrates the artistry and innovation of the craftsmen who designed the gun rigs of the old time cowboys, troopers, lawmen, and Hollywood heroes. This unique art form is fully described and richly illuatrated with more than 300 exciting color photographs and nearly 100 rare […]

Stohlman Step-by-Step (How to Carve Patterns in Leather) (Paperback)

This book features detailed, illustrated explanations of how to carve patterns from the Al And Ann Stohlman Personal Pattern Portfolio. As a special bonus, this book includes photos of original pencil drawings and images of some of Al and Ann’s finest work never published in their books. Heavily illustrated! 25 pages. (more…)

Craft, Industry and Everyday Life: Leather and Leatherworking in Anglo-Scandinavian and Medieval York (The Small Finds) (Paperback)

The latest addition to the very popular series on “Craft, industry and everyday life” which offers accessible and thorough coverage of important evidence of artifact finds from York, setting them in their broad social and cultural context to explore details of their manufacture, distribution and use. This volume provides a general outline of the methods […]

Introduction to Leather Working

Review This is a great video! Very helpful for the beginning leather-crafter! I really feel like I have a good solid understanding of the basics after watching this! Highly recommended, can’t wait for the next in the series!! Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! –www.leatherskills.com Leather Skills is pleased to offer Introduction to Leather Working, the […]

The Art and Craft of Leather: Leatherworking tools and techniques explained in detail (Hardcover)

Creating handsome leather products is an enjoyable and rewarding hobby, but it’s a craft that requires training and specialized tools. This attractive volume presents beginners with the information and instruction they need to get started. Following a brief illustrated history of leathercraft, the authors describe how animal hides are processed into various types and grades […]