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Primitive Wilderness Living & Survival Skills: Naked into the Wilderness (Paperback)

Review “–the best.—Only book I have reviewed that actually work.” — Keith Burges, Outdoor writer and book reviewer, Australia “I have bought all eight of the previous volumes in your series, and use them regularly in teaching prehistoric/aboriginal technology…” — Prof. John S., Dept. of Anthropology Harvard University “This is without doubt the best training […]

Saving Freedom: We Can Stop America’s Slide into Socialism (Hardcover)

The United States—the world’s great bastion of freedom—is sliding toward socialism. Recent high-profile bailouts show the walls between government and the private sector are getting thinner each day. Federal control now extends in various ways to education, healthcare, financial markets, real estate, businesses, and religion. And as out-of-control government spending and debt increase accordingly, America […]

Catastrophe: An Investigation into the Origins of Modern Civilization (Hardcover)

Amazon.com Review Everybody knows the Dark Ages weren’t really dark, right? Not so fast, counters archaeological journalist David Keys, maybe it’s more than just a slightly judgmental metaphor. His book Catastrophe: An Investigation into the Origins of the Modern World, based on years of careful research spanning five continents, argues that sometime in A.D. 535, […]