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Emergency Survival Disaster 10 Person Home / Office Bucket Kits

The 10 person Bucket Home / Office Kit (1) Dynamo flashlight Super Bright LED Flashlight – LED bulb provides over 100,000 hours of emergency light FM Radio – Receives excellent reception for tuning into emergency broadcasts Hand Crank Power – Built in generator allows you to charge the internal battery by cranking with your hand […]

The Complete Book Of Underground Houses: How To Build A Low Cost Home (Paperback)

From Booklist According to Roy, underground or “earth-sheltered” houses are unexpectedly livable. Judging by his book’s attractive pictures, that’s easy to believe. The house he bases his point-by-point guide on is indeed a showplace. Its homey touches are just that, though, and Roy’s main concern is creating such a house, from drawing up the plans […]

How to Implement a High Security Shelter in the Home (Paperback)

HOW TO IMPLEMENT A HIGH SECURITY SHELTER IN THE HOME by Joel M. Skousen. SUMMARY: The book, which includes full architectural drawings, covers design, layout, construction, ventilation, filtration, 12v lighting, escape exits, water tanks, sanitation, solar electric systems plus controls and wiring, EMP protection, radios, antennas, radiation meters and effects, concealment, stockpiling and barter Lists, […]

Recent SurvivalRing updates & News

Hi again, my friends… I’ve been busy on SurvivalRing this week, and have added new download areas to the website, as well as started posting some great classic government produced civil defense documents right here on the SurvivalRing Blog. Here’s a summary of the updated download areas… All Hazard library – A vast collection of […]