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Mayday Family Package I – Emergency Safety Preparedness 72 Hour Kit And Pet Survival Kit For Dogs – Disaster Survival Gear Kits For Home, Work, School, And Office And Prepare For Hurricane Storm, Flood Evacuation, Fire, Or Terrorist Attack

Prepare the entire family, you and your pets, with this combo package for a four person household and the family dog. This Combo package the deluxe 4 Person Emergency Kit AND the Pet Survival Kit for Dogs. The deluxe emergency Honey Bucket kit has everything you need for 72 hour emergency relief and comes in […]

The 38-piece Doggoneit Kit for Dogs Emergency Disaster Prepardedness

These pet kits contain the recommended items to keep your pet alive and happy during a disaster. They have the same 5-year shelf life as human kits with a special emphasis on your dog’s health and safety. 2 Food Bags, 1 Blanket, 2 Lightsticks, 2 Dog Bowls, 1 Tennis ball, 1 3gallon Bucket with lid, […]