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Brunton 27 LU Compact Pin-On Mirrored Compass With Luminous Points & Sun Watch

Brunton’s compact, pin-on mirrored sighting compass brings you plenty of navigation in a small package. Get a rotating azimuth, luminous points, and even a sun watch. Feature Details2.3 inches x 1.6 inches x 0.3 inches 0.8 ounces Pins on for hands free operation 5° C graduations Luminous points Protective cover with sighting mirror Inch scale […]

Brunton 15TDCL Compass

Probably the most famous compass in the world, this is the original model 15 mirrored map compass. Not just a compass, the 15 is declination adjustable, wears luminous points and features a clinometer. This is a must for any outdoor enthusiast. Feature Details3.9 inches x 2.5 inches x 0.8 inches 3 ounces Declination adjustable 2° […]

Brunton ComPro Pocket Transit International Compass with 0-360 Degree Scale

Amazon.com Developed using color-impregnated composite materials for the body, the ComPro Pocket Transit International compass is a lighter, more affordable option than Brunton’s Geo Pocket Transit, but still delivers the same great results. The compass incorporates a cast NdFeB rare-earth magnet that’s precisely balanced on a sapphire bearing. The powerful magnet, which resists demagnetization better […]

New 16in1 Survival Bottle Emergency Kit Whistle Compass

New 16 in 1 Survival Bottle. This bottle includes essential survival tools for camping: 1- Bottle 1- 7 in 1 Whistle (Storage Compartment, Thermometer in Fahrenheit, 5X Magnifier, Mirror for signaling, White LED Light and Compass) 1- Magnesium Fire Station 1- Emergency Blanket 1- Expandable Towel 1- 5 in 1 Multi Function Knife (Nail File, […]

Brunton Classic Compass

The ideal beginner compass, the 9020G is another Brunton signature. With an optic green baseplate and tool-free declination adjustment for easy reading and more convenient navigating. Feature Details3.5 inches x 2.5 inches x 0.5 inches 1.1 ounces 2C° graduations Declination adjustable 0-35° C inclination scale Inch and millimeter scales Lifetime warranty The Brunton Green Baseplate […]