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Brunton Vapor AF All Fuel (liquid and butane) Expedition Stove

After winning about every major award, from Outside’s “Gear of the Year,” to Backpacker’s “Editor’s Choice,” and Popular Science’s “Best of What’s New,” we decided it was time again for Brunton to unleash the next icon generation of liquid fuel stoves. Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you the ultimate stove, Vapor™ AF. Not only does […]

Brunton Canstand For Butane Canisters

Amazon.com Tired of your butane fuel canister wavering unsteadily while your Brunton lantern or stove pumps away? Turn to the CanStand, which locks underneath a standard canister to give it a rock-steady base. The CanStand sports three splaying legs with rubber grips, helping it stick to large rocks, stumps, and any other relatively flat camping […]