2015 SurvivalRing Fundraiser…we still need YOU!

!Our Annual message to ask for your donations

200x251DonationJarWelcome!  Thanks for being a regular visitor to SurvivalRing and continuing to make our site one of the most useful prep and survival sites on the web. Every year, we are in need of support from our regular, and even new visitors to help cover the cost of keeping SurvivalRing on the web, and always growing. For 2015 we’ve set a goal of only $500, and we’re counting on you to please help us reach our goal, with a donation of any amount. Use the links below, or the SR Fundraiser donation widget at the top of the page to support us in any way you can.

Here’s some suggestions…or Donate any amount…and be sure to read the notes directly below.

  • 1) Buy me a cup of coffee  – $5 Donation
  • 2) Buy me Lunch – $10 Donation
  • 3) Buy me a dinner – $20 Donation
  • 4) Buy me new site software – $35 donation
  • 5) Fill up my gas tank – $45 donation
  • 6) Buy me a 500gb pocket drive – $60 donation
  • 7) Buy me an external network storage drive (2 to 3 gigabytes) – $100 donation
  • 8) Buy me a new printer (we do need an upgrade, ours is getting worn out at 4 years old – $300 donation
  • 9) Buy me a years worth of website domain costs – $260 donation
  • 10)  Buy me two years of hosting and an SSL Security Certificate – $200 donation
  • 11) Add to my advertising fund savings account, so we can buy advertising and spread the word about SurvivalCD , with NATIONAL big time magazine and conservative radio ads- $500 donation
  • 12) Health fund – I need my right knee joint replaced (and have since 1999) because it’s crippling me – $1,000 donation

P.S. – We can now accept Bitcoin and Litecoin payments as well…ask us how.

ANYONE WHO DONATES $35 OR MORE GETS MY SURVIVALCD.COM PACKAGE MAILED TO YOU. The bigger the donation, the more I can throw in bonus survival items, books, tools, and more into the package you’ll get.


  • #4 – Most of the software I use requires annual updates,
  • #6 – I’m planning a 500 gigabyte compendium of Survival data, and your purchase of a drive, let’s me buy one to FILL up for you and send back…to YOU…
  • # 7 – half my external drives in my 7 terabyte storage array are 5 to 8 years old, and need replacing, before I lose data,
  • # 8 – My malfunctioning printer has done a tremendous job of handling everything I throw at it (disk labels, documentation for SurvivalCD mailouts, DVD case labels, etc), but it’s getting worn out…and rather elderly…just needs retirement.
  • #11 – I’d be glad to spend money to go big-time with my SurvivalCD system, but unless I can truly enter the marketing world, and go full time with SurvivalRing, instead of working in the real world 50 hours a week, I can’t afford running with the big dogs yet.
  • #12 –  At age 15, I was nearly killed by a drunk driver who almost took off my right leg in the accident. After 39 years, the only medical relief I can get for the pain and mobility is to replace the knee joint (I do have full health insurance, but can’t get the operation until I’ve got the deductible in hand to start the surgery planning process rolling…no thanks to 0BamaCare).

Below, you’ll find site updates, site stats, and SurvivalRing trends…and upcoming additions…

We continue to add new files, build new associated websites to enhance SurvivalRing offerings (see below), and create new CD and DVD offerings every year. We have six new disks to add to our digital offerings, and have started shooting HD video projects exclusively for SurvivalRing supporters, and the prepper world at large.

Ever since SurvivalRing went online, we have invested nearly every penny earned from your SurvivalCD purchases and all donations received, into SuvivalRing infrastructure. We have hundreds of hard copy documents to scan in and add to our vast download section (one of the most unique, and literally largest collections of authentic government produced survival literature in the world). We have tens of thousands of files over our entire website system based around SurvivalRing. We have the ability to produce thousands more.

I cannot stress enough the most IMPORTANT fact about SurvivalRing…

We offer one of the most inexpensive, yet truly value packed tangible preparedness products on the market, with the SurvivalCD.com system. And as SurvivalRing enters  our SEVENTEENTH year online, we are setting records for longevity and quality content in the online survival world. For example, where else can you find the largest fallout shelter file collection on the planet, and all compiled in one place…and all for FREE? I’ll mention again…EVERYTHING on my 13 disk set can be downloaded for FREE from the website…the set saves you months of downloading, years of sorting, and added programming and bonuses that NO other Survival Information Package has EVER offered….me.

Here’s REAL demographics about the entire SurvivalRing network…The BIG news is that traffic has increased by over 30% in the last two months. WOW.

  • Updated – As of End of AUGUST 2014
  • Average Page views 22,486 per day /  684,374 per month
  • Average Daily Users =  3,754 per day
  • Annual Sites = 427,943 referred to SurvivalRing
  • Annual Visits = 1,371,446
  • Data downloaded Annually = 5,2587,799,957kb (5.2 terabytes)
  • Pages Served Annually = 8,212,483
  • Files Served Annually = 14,336,968
  • Hits served Annually = 19,331,051
  • Google Page Rank of 4
  • Social Rankings – 4,963 FB friends,
  • Twitter  1224 TWEETS,  2,001 FOLLOWING,  782 FOLLOWERS
  • Klout ranking of 62 (as of 4/12/14)
  • Listed in the TOP 50 Survival Sites  =  #41
  • SurvivalRing has been online for nearly 18 continuous years
  • Interviewed by national and international global mass media over 150 times since 1998.
  • Leading source on the internet of authentic government produced survival information..,including information the Government has NEVER put online. Ever. I’ll repeat that. EVER.
  • (IMPORTANT: several websites are run from the main SurvivalRing server, all within the same genre)

With only occasional mentions in several social media sites last year, we sold only 19 sets of our SurvivalCD library in all of 2013. We received 11 donations in last year’s fundraiser. Total funds raised did not cover total website funds spent. I cannot tell you how much your support does to keep SurvivalRing alive and online. I know the economy is killing all our abilities to get things done, with choices between rent, groceries, or gas being the hardest decision we ever make each month…and I’ve been there for years. In fact, last year, my wife and I moved back into town to save on rent, utility, and gasoline costs, because we didn’t have any more income to stay at our homestead.

We made the decision, and the move cost us nearly a thousand dollars more than we had, meaning I had to sell several large tools, our window a/c units, other equipment, and even things we thought we couldn’t live without. We downsized to a place 1/3 the size of the old homestead. Staying afloat meant giving up a lot of things we never thought we had to.

Last spring, I spent a long five days rebuilding the top end of my engine with hand tools, because it was cheaper to do it myself in my own driveway, taking 3 days of vacation, than to take my truck into the shop and pay nearly $1500 in labor…which I could not afford. Talk about self reliance…massive tasks like this engine rebuild are one of those things that just have to get done, and these days, get done completely by myself, since friends are having to work long hours like me, and can’t spare their precious time off away from their families, suffering the same thing we all are from this near-depression of a  national economy.

In October 2012, the SurvivalRing website suffered a horrific hacker attack, completely destroying every part of the website. The hackers were tracked back to middle eastern, Islamic facists connection, and I provided proof of the source to both the F.B.I, AND website visitors.  We were back to 90% of full service within three weeks, restored completely by late November, and have since added much new material, schedule full site backups every week (55 gigabyte archive file when done), and watch our back end of the site like a hawk…watching for bad guys weaseling their way in. We did not have a single hack in all of 2013…and that is a first, and I vow to KEEP it that way.

Our CD and DVD package known as the  SurvivalCD.com DIGITAL FAMILY EMERGENCY PREPAREDNES LIBRARY is exclusively unique, and ONLY available from SurvivalRing. This vast collection of survival, preparedness, civil defense, and historical prepping materials contains nearly 25,000 unique titles, 3.2 million printable pages, and nearly 30 gigabytes of readable, classic, useful, and in many cases rare documents, manuals, reports, and more. Wait until you see what’s being added this year.

Click through for the complete details on our library, as well as more about the future of SurvivalRing


Take a look…see what I have to offer YOU. We will be adding sales video content, how to training for the library, and interactive planning needs for creating your very own hard copy master book based on all the intell within the library.  All to help you learn more about how YOU can be prepared, using your own time, your own needs, your own skills, and our vast databank of valid and realistic information on every possible threat to the American Citizen…you.

Another HUGE project still under construction, with global implications, is my USA Target List website , viewable here…again,mostly done, still needing content completion…but well worth a few moments of your time. (Check out Alabama and Wyoming…all other states are still needing work).


But, back to our IMMEDIATE needs. 

PLEASE consider a donation at this time, to help us take care of OUR infrastructure needs to keep SurvivalRing online. We’ve been working on this project since 1997, having created and authored 13 CD/DVD multimedia titles, and offered over a hundred terabytes of downloads to millions of visitors since we began. Help us continue doing that.

It’s by no means a free ride for me. It’s taken thousands of hours of personal time investment, thousands of dollars of hardware and software purchases, and thousands of dollars locating, purchasing, and receiving the raw resources of information I’ve collected over these past 17 years…making every digital file I create a useful, shareable, and valid source of true information.

I went back to college 11 years ago and earned three college degrees as well as many local, statewide, and national scholarly accolades…and put myself $18,000 more in debt in student loans…and I’ve put those new skills to work, in continuing to design, build, write, and author so many new prep and self reliance sources that you’ll take years catching up on ALL of them. So much still to come to you as well.

Donate NOW.   If possible, please use PAYPAL.…and send your donation of ANY AMOUNT to my email address of RAFLEET@GMAIL.COM . You can also use the DONATION WIDGET on the top the site in the box labeled SR FUNDRAISER.

Only you can prevent downtime. Don’t let us fade away. EVERY dollar helps. If you want to mail a donation to us, please use this address.

Rich Fleetwood
SurvivalRing Unlimited
PO Box 729
Riverton, Wyoming 82501

Time is of the essence. We need your help now.

WHAT DO YOU GET IN RETURN for ANY DONATION?  Every online donation via PayPal gets access to our Digital Download version of the library. I’ll give you access to 49 CDs worth of downloads…all the files that make up the MassPak and Appropriate Tech packages….downloadable directly from my website.  Every donation gets this access. And, I’m adding full ISO versions of EVERY disk either currently in the library, and every disk to come…so that you can burn your own disks with very simple and free software tools.  If you donate $35 or more, you get the vast SurvivalCD package mailed to your home or business.

Our hack 2012  caught me off guard…and it won’t happen again…and hasn’t

Due to the hack in 2012, and the time invested in rebuilding and strengthening the website and associated tools, I didn’t have much time to invest in marketing the CD and DVD packages late last year, with the only big movement the entire second half of 2012, coming during the website recovery when I offered the full 13 disk package to anyone who donated $20 or more to help with the site rebuild and upgrade.

I had 35 takers on that package, and I just barely broke even on costs…but it DID help us get back to 100% much more quickly.   There were a couple of sites that web trolls and never-do-wells hang out at that claimed I did this crash to myself, and was going to try to profit from it. Right…I don’t play that kind of crap.  I am not now, nor will I ever be, a DOOMER, nor a fearmongerer. Why would ANYONE lie about getting HACKED?  (I’ll have to assume these kinds of people have no idea how to run a website, nor have every been hacked, id-thefted, worm infected, or trojan loaded…in their lives. It’s ok…they’re time will come…from the bad guys, not me).

A reminder…SurvivalRing is my own home business and passion. Contrary to what most people think, I do have a regular full time job as a state employee of Wyoming, in Corrections/LEO for the last six years…and that is what I do most of the time, keeping busy doing good things in community safety and security. It’s a good job and I love it, but it’s not one that pays highly.  SurvivalRing has been my personal passion and life’s work for a several years now. As a regular reader to these rare emails, you’ve probably heard that a few times by now.

As mentioned last year, I have a surprise. My dear wife Annie has just finished her Bachelor’s degree in Social Science, and is coming on board as a coauthor on SurvivalRing. We will both working on numerous web and book projects over the coming months and years, and this will offer a tremendous new area of resources for SurvivalRing, and you, the returning SurvivalRing visitor.

We’ve been married 34 years as of June this year, and our lives have been lived as preppers for most of that time. Frugality, perseverance, Do-it-yourself, and long term goals are what we live each day. She has been my rock through thick and thin, and has a gift of great common sense and support for most of my creative projects. Look for more on this later…

Again, thank you for all the years you’ve been with us. Help us keep doing what we’ve been doing for so long.

Thanks to every consideration, penny, dime, and dollar you can spare.

Let us know that you care…that you find the vast resources of SurvivalRing useful. We do it out of love and care…we do it for you.

It will make the difference for us.


Updated: June 19, 2015 — 5:38 pm

The Author

Rich Fleetwood

Rich is the founder of SurvivalRing, now in it's 24th year, author of multimedia CDs and DVDs, loves the outdoors, his family, his geeky skill-set, and lives in rural southern Wyoming, just below the continental divide (long story, that...). Always ready to help others, he shares what he learns on multiple blogs, many social sites, and more. With a background in preparedness and survival skills, training with county, state, and national organizations, and skills in all areas of media and on air experience in live radio and television, Rich is always thinking about the "big picture", when it comes to helping individuals and families prepare for life's little surprises.

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