SurvivalRing Doomsday – Hack Attack – October 15th, 2012

SurvivalRing Doomsday – Hack Attack – October 15th, 2012

  • First Things First…Repair has started
  • The Attack – Information on who and why…proof.
  • Status Report and Action Plan for Repair and future maintenance issues
  • Repair and reupload plans and schedule
  • Planned changes to the overall structure of the SurvivalRing website
  • Factors to consider to avoid a repeat of this disastrous event
  • Bottom Line.

First Things First…Repair has started.

I have started the rebuild of the entire SurvivalRing website. A new temporary front page has been setup, which you are of course now viewing, and  which will be used to update all visitors to the site during this time of turmoil, to bring all up to date of what is happening.

Development and implementation of the hardened SurvivalRing main site has also begun. All data from the original main site has been dumped from the database, and is currently being uploaded to a new database. This will take a few days…430 megs of SQL code was downloaded, and it will take a while, and probably several tries to get it all re-uploaded.

The Attack

Hacker found… some ass hat named “tr0jan32”

This has been positively identified as an Islamo-facist attack…something I HAVE seen before in many previous attacks, hacks, and site defacements during the past 15 years.  This is the same kind of defacement that previous hackers have done to SurvivalRing in past years.



Proof of who compromised the SurvivalRing website can be found at

Look for the fourth entry down on 10/15/2012.

Here is a screen capture taken last night, at about 8pm MST.

 (click image to view full size)





(click image to view full size)

This evidence proves I am not the only target of this day’s attacks, but that the attacker IS known, and that I and my entire website were very definitely targeted.  Again, nothing I can do on my end but rebuild. I will be sharing everything I can find on this event to warn others.

I just hope this targeting doesn’t enter into my physical realm…that will get real bad…real fast. I do, after all, work in Corrections/LEO.

This is a very bad thing….but should be a wakeup call for ALL of you…who do whatever things that you do…to help others…to do the right thing…at the right time…for the right reason.

There are people that WILL shoot you down…including (however unlikely it would have seemed yesterday…) terrorists who want to personally kill you in any way they can…and EVERY way they can…because you stand for what is right…and what is just.  Liberals…beware.  If this can happen to me…it can SURE AS HELL happen to you. No one is immune.

Status Report

On October 15th, at approximately 0008 EST (just past midnight), the main website of was compromised by an unknown attacker or attackers, leading to root access via a Web Shell program (such as C99), or potentially more serious, via planned attack of known server or PHP program vulnerabilities.

Nearly every file, every folder, and associated graphics, scripts, and in some cases content, were deleted completely from the server.

A several hour search on the (my hosting company of 11 years) server system by tech support provided no complete backup sets available, possibly due to a server move last year to a more secure server (not much help, eh?).

The last full back up to my own home desktop computer (of over 40 gigs of files at the time) was last done in February 2010. As of this past weekend, SurvivalRing had over 75 gigabytes of file storage on the server.

With this amount of data it is impossible to do a TOTAL off site backup via my home internet service provider on a regular basis (my home is 25 miles from the nearest small town, limiting my internet bandwidth capabilities.

NOTE: EVERY DOWNLOADABLE FILE that existed on my website IS LOCATED on my home computers. Now it is just a matter of re-uploading them to the proper locations (or in many cases new locations) to return the site to normal operations.

All databases, which hold 90% of the content (not the downloadable files) are still intact. This is a good thing. It will help with repair of most website areas and systems.

Unfortunately, ALL of the thousands of downloadable files will have to be re-uploaded from my computer system over the next several weeks, and perhaps couple of months.

The good news is, nearly every single file available for upload IS backed up on my desktop computer.

Sadly, beginning immediately, my search rankings for all my websites will take a huge hit, which is not a good thing. All DB connections will have to be rebuilt and/or reprogrammed for each site on my system. Time consuming, to the extreme.

Repair and re-upload plans and schedule

The first repairs will begin this evening. The main site of will have a fresh install of the CMS software installed this evening, and the DB connection repaired to enable main site access to all incoming traffic. This will also provide a running commentary of site access and status of all the rest of the site repairs as we start this very long process.

Extreme security measures will be implemented into the CMS, in essence locking down all downloadable files to only those users who are logged in. No More ANONYMOUS file access, which I have offered since 1997.

15 years is a long time to offer completely free and open access to one of the largest survival and preparedness libraries on the Internet. We now see what happens when unfettered access is given to the world…it makes a target for the evil of the world to wreak havoc on other people’s good intentions.

No More. More on the download issues below.

Recreation of the sub-folders for the entire site will take a few days (remember, I do work a full time day job as a state employee, limiting me to about 4 hours a night of daily repair work for the foreseeable future.  During the time that these folders are created file sets will start to be re-uploaded of the downloadable PDF files, and MANY of other file sets over time. Links will be provided as each section of the site comes back online.

Planned changes to the overall structure of the SurvivalRing website

  1. Most notably, the “free for all” access to the main SurvivalRing project files will require any user to be logged into the website, after registering a free account. This is a massive change from my historical settings, but due to the circumstances, a required change. You will still be able to read every open area on my site as before, but downloads will be secured.
  2. Fewer actual websites on the main SurvivalRing project…means less potential vulnerabilities for hackers to break in. This also means more potential areas within the main SurvivalRing main site.
  3. New software to track attacks, attempts to circumvent protection, and any other similar occurance will be part of the upgraded system software. Sadly, this is PURELY for self defense. I hope you understand that this website has been my life’s work for the last 15 years.
  4. It would be easy to walk away now, but I don’t take shit from script kiddies, domestic terrorists, evil corporations, or even Alphabet Agency employees. If I can shed light on evil, via this or any other site, I WILL. I have no idea who or what was behind this assault, but rest assured, I will not rest until I fix the damage, nor until I find the people responsible for this. We have indications now that this individual potentially resides in Palestine.
  5. Some areas may not be fixable, but I will not know what until I try to repair them. I will start from scratch with those areas that are thusly affected.

Factors to consider

Starting with my move to a paid host in 2001, after my “free” host deleted my site two weeks after 9/11, directly because of web traffic created by the attacks, I had to begin an enormous exercise in battling the hackers of the world. I’ve received over 100 attacks of all kinds since then. Only one other attack, in 2004, resulted in a devastating loss such as this event.

It’s still an uphill battle. I’ll have to play my cards much closer to the chest in all website programming for the foreseeable future. Hidden CMS designators….encryption of logins where possible…email confirmations of signups to site functions, to PROVE you’re a real person (which I had already been doing for the last couple of years. The ante is now upped. It comes with this territory.

Bottom Line, and future plans to avoid another catastrophic website event.

  1. Support – Having provided this service for many years, I ask that each of you that have received benefit in any way from SurvivalRing please consider supporting this repair work in the coming months.
  2. Time – I can not give a definitive time frame on the repair of the site. Know only this. I will be working on it every day for the foreseeable future to bring it fully back to life.
  3. Money –  My sole source of site income this past year has been CD and DVD sales through my SurvivalCD.comwebsite, which was also completely decimated.If you can please make a PayPal donation of ANY amount to my email of donations of ANY amount of $20 or more receive a full package of all 12 multimedia disks I have created to date, including premium website access to members only sections for *5* years.ANY and EVERY donation that could possibly be made, via PayPal, would be MOST APPRECIATED AND NEEDED to get things back to normal, including upgrades to an SSL Certificate ($100 a year), and an off site, complete mirror of the ENTIRE site ($180 a year).   This will provide TWO servers with the exact same file set, but in two different locations in the US.
  4. Help – At this time, all that needs to be done HAS to be done by me. Once I’ve got site functionality back, your assistance in posting content, feedback, and info would be most appreciated.
  5. Your time and patience – Yes…it is going to take a LONG time to restore everything. Please bear with us as we rebuild.
  6. Your suggestions – for future changes, security ideas, and so forth would be MOST APPRECIATED.
  7. Backups– Future backups of the entire site will occur in an programmed method of operation. Weekly backups of new files, and Monthly backups of full sites (yes, multiple gigabytes) will be done.A complete mirror of the entire 75 gig site will be kept on my desktop computer, my laptop, and backed up on a 120 gigabyte USB pocket drive AT ALL TIMES.


My sincerest apologies. The entire SurvivalRing website has been attacked by the worst kind of hackers…the kind that delete EVERYTHING. This really sucks.

Years of work, thousands of hours invested, and more make this current state of the website so very painful to me.

I have spent hours on the phone with my hosting company tech support team. I’ve been with HostRocket for 11 years,  since 2001, two weeks after 9/11.  I”ll have more info later on potential full backups of 70 gigs of files.

PLEASE PASS THIS INFORMATION ON TO EVERY PREP, SURVIVAL, SELF RELIANCE site you have access to, to site owners, to forums, and to Facebook and other social sites, to see if we can hunt down this COMPLETE and TOTAL asshole…

Mr. tr0j4an32 “RubberBoy” dipshit…

If you know  of ANYONE or ANY OTHER GROUP that claims responsibility for this attack, please contact me IMMEDIATELY, at .

  • Know this….WE WILL BE BACK
  • At this early point in time, we are not sure of the gravity of this attack, other than tens of thousands of files have been deleted.
  • Stay tuned for updates regularly at this address.

We’ve been online for 15 years…we have ALWAYS come back from EVERY Hacker attack..EVERY ONE.


Updated: November 6, 2012 — 10:52 am

The Author

Rich Fleetwood

Rich is the founder of SurvivalRing, now in it's 24th year, author of multimedia CDs and DVDs, loves the outdoors, his family, his geeky skill-set, and lives in rural southern Wyoming, just below the continental divide (long story, that...). Always ready to help others, he shares what he learns on multiple blogs, many social sites, and more. With a background in preparedness and survival skills, training with county, state, and national organizations, and skills in all areas of media and on air experience in live radio and television, Rich is always thinking about the "big picture", when it comes to helping individuals and families prepare for life's little surprises.

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