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Are you aware that failure to bring something may cause your death during a dangerous
situation? Yes, I said it right.

Sometimes you forget to bring the most necessary materials that will help you survive in the
midst of danger. Thus, to make sure that you won’t forget the materials you need in your next
adventure, I list down the survival must-haves that you may not have thought of, yet have
exceptional benefits.

Remember that these materials must-haves will not only keep you alive but also give you

Without water for a long time, you’ll die. There is no chance for survival! You need water to
drink, to cook, to wash your hands, to take a shower, and more. Go to the wilderness without water, and you’ll go thirsty. If you go hiking, a hydration system is essential. From drinking water, you’ll get the

energy you need to survive. Thus, you should have easy water access.

Always carry with you a bottle of water or a water hydration system. I’m sure these will provide
you easy access to water.

Compass and Map
In a survival situation, don’t just rely on your Global Positioning System (GPS). It’s important to carry a compass and a local map so that you’ll find it easy to navigate going back home safely.

Map and compassA compass contains a magnetized pointer that will show your direction while a map is a
representation of the whole or part of the area, so you’ll know where you are at. It will also help
if you will carry a roadmap as well as a topography map to facilitate your travel.

Remember that carrying a compass or map is not enough. You should have the necessary skills on how to read maps and navigate using your compass. It will be easy and comfortable to bring a compass and a map because they are lightweight.

Rubber Hunting Boots
When I was a beginner hunter, I used rubber shoes. However, after a long time of walking in the
wilderness, my feet started to hurt. One time, I stepped into a body of water, and my feet got

From that experience, I learned that good rubber hunting boots would make me comfortable
and safe. So, from that on, I don’t have to worry about stepping in a puddle or water bodies. It’s
rubber, so I’m confident that my feet won’t get wet. I make sure that my boots have the following features:

  •  has multi-purpose use
  •  nice shaft height
  •  good insulation
  •  nice tread and traction
  •  waterproof
  •  has fresh scent
  •  lightweight

As a whole, I am free from cuts, bites, and other foot hazards. Thus, I feel safe, gentle, dry, and
comfortable whenever I’m using boots.

First Aid Kit
A first aid kit is necessary if you’re in a wilderness or any disaster. You’ll need it in unexpected
situations where you are in danger. So, afford to bring this aid with you.

The first aid kit is useful in the following situations:

  • If debris has fallen on you
  • You step on broken glass or narrow objects.
  • Other emergency situations

When you are outdoors, accidents are unexpected. Being prepared reduces panic.


You may not have thought of bringing a knife, but a knife is one of the necessary things that you
should bring in the wilderness. The knife has several uses in your everyday camp activities. It is
the reason why I always bring a knife with me in times I get to enjoy the nature.

Below are some uses of a knife:

  • help create weapons
  • assist in opening a package
  • useful in cutting a rope
  • makes it easy to start a fire
  • use to build emergency shelters
  • aid in cutting bandages when first aid kit is unavailable

I use a fixed-blade knife because it’s more durable and resilient compared with the folding knife
that doesn’t have a mechanical movement. So, a fixed-blade knife is better than a folding knife in
cutting large materials of objects.

Despite the benefits that a knife can give, it may have a hazard. That’s why general safety is a
must. Remember not to cut toward yourself. Also, see to it that there are no people around your
hand circle when your arm is extended.

Your knife also needs maintenance so make sure to clean it before you put it in your pocket. You
can use a damp towel or a rag to wipe off the dirt. Do not leave your knife wet because it may
cause it to rust.

Make sure that your knife is sharp before you leave your house for the camp or trip. I’m sure that
in the middle of a survival situation, you’ll have a high chance of taking the edge off. Pick up a whetstone or sharpening tool to keep your blades sharp and ready for any needs, and use it as often as possible.

Another essential thing for survival is a rope or a cord. A rope is a thick wire or cord made by
twisting together thin wires. Ropes have many uses.

Some of these are below:

  • crucial in making an emergency shelter
  • need in tent repair
  • help to trap during hunting
  • useful for climbing
  • aid in making a splint for broken bones
  • hoist food in keeping it away from wildlife
  • use as fishing line
  • tie tools and items or gears to your backpack
  • use a tourniquet
  • functions as a belt if you have a loose pants
  • can be a ladder to use
  • can make a sling if your arm is injured
  • help in making a hammock for bedding

When it comes to choosing a rope, I prefer Paracord. I like its strong and lightweight
features. This type of rope is great for many activities. That’s why I included it in one of the
must-haves during survival.

Signaling Devices
The signaling devices are tools that can signal and let other people know that you’re there. In
times of survival situation, you don’t have any way to contact someone. If you check your
cellphone and you see that it still has service, you’re not yet in a survival situation.

In a time that you are caught in the middle of surviving or not, you don’t have any means to
report what’s happening to you to your family, friends, or even in authorities. Thus, you need an
alternate means to communicate with other people.

The following can be a signaling device in the wilderness:

  • mirror
  • whistle
  • flashlight
  • matches or lighter

The flash coming from a signal mirror is noticeable by the pilots of the aircraft even though it’s
miles away. When you flash it across the sky is a pattern, a pilot may realize that a person is in

Whistles can be used to catch the attention of the people. Because of the sounds that the whistle
produces when you blow, it can give a signal to any person in the wilderness. Thus, bringing a
whistle in your camping trip is useful. Check out this video to learn how to signal using a
whistle.  The flashlight is also a good indicator that there is a person in need of help.

Now if you don’t have any of those I mentioned earlier, you can make a fire as a signal. You just
need a match or lighter.

My Final Thoughts
One of the things I enjoy doing is going outdoors. I love its benefits, but though I enjoy every
little thing of it, I don’t risk my life to the point that I don’t have any escape. That’s why I make
sure that I bring the must-haves during my escapade.

Now that you know the survival must-haves that you may not have thought of before reading this
post, I hope that you’ll remember to bring them next time on your adventure.

Let me know if you want to add to the list of must-haves. Post your comment below.


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