Summer begins….and some more background…We’re still growing…

Good Things are rolling forward, as the heat index here keeps dancing around 110 or so.

A few storms have rolled through, but thankfully no severe weather. Its an amazing phenomena….when this tranquil and beautiful sky….

Can turn into this maelstrom in minutes….

But, this is how the weather can change over the midwest. To the right in the above image behind that tall tree is the mighty Mississippi. This storm, and many like it in recent weeks, come blowing over, and just when I think they’re gonna drop a flood on us, the wind carries it away and we never see a drop.

Storms are just part of the season…

Just a couple of weeks ago, a very major frontal system brought several tornado warnings directly overhead and all around the St. Louis area, and while funnel clouds were seen, no one actually caught any video of one reaching the ground. Lots of straight line wind damage, huge trees down, power out for thousands of folks, and houses and piers destroyed.

I heard the sirens even though I was in a local hospital that evening, and I warned the staff that they were going off, a full five minutes before the hospital went into “Code Black” (tornado warning), moving all patients away from windows, closing doors to hallways, and making sure no one was in danger in case any flying debris occurred. The main TV was on, and the local weather guys were on top of it.

Knowing where YOU are, when things happen AROUND you

Knowing where the potential tornado echoes where on the TV radar, seeing the county outlines, and knowing the movement of the storms, I knew within a few moments that even though I heard the warning sirens, our location was in no danger from the storm. We were on the west end of one of the three counties with active warnings, and the closest supercell was on the far east side, moving away. My storm spotter experience calmed those around me, as I explained to the others what was going on around us.

Know Your Threats…every day…

I’ve only been home since the first of May, from my job driving around the country, and that’s been because of the accident I mentioned last post, causing back and back injuries. I visited my orthopedic doc next yesterday, and after 6 weeks of physical therapy, my lower back is still too tight, and I suspect disc issues. The doc says it’s time for an MRI, this Thursday.

In these short few weeks home, I’ve been around the surrounding countryside, learning the highways and minor cities all around, the counties and their borders, and where to find the good stuff…when you need it. Situational, locational, and spatial awareness are things that keep you safe, when you’re out of the safety of your own home.

The other stuff

In other news, I’ve got all other SurvivalRing related websites up and running, including several new domains. Content still needs writing, but it’s going great. Major site building in progress

The other major issues to all the website files at SurvivalRing are pretty much taken care of. A lot happened on the road, that I didn’t have the ability to fix from cheap hotel wifi networks, but we’ve already covered that. It’s just a flesh wound. I’ve had worse.

So, what’s coming up?

New sites that expand what SurvivalRing has been doing for over 20 years. New downloads for the file sets already online. New podcasts, shorter and more topical, as well as succinctly SurvivalRing related, such as reviews of many of the thousands of manuals and reports you’ve had access to, but never really dug into. INFORMATION!

We’ll talk about WHY you need to, where to find them, and why you should be much more aware of the world around us, and why you REALLY need to get off your duff and get some prepper skills going. Practice, practice, and more practice.

I started this website, this project, and this lifestyle of sharing, because I LIVED through so many bad things in my life. I wanted to help anyone else avoid a lot of the crap that life throws at us. Our government began really preparing itself right after WW2 started, and it was a tough row to hoe, as we had to make it up as we went along after Pearl Harbor.

From the damage that was World War, we became the supreme nation on the planet, and each and every American then, until now, have had opportunities abundantly available…if we would just take the time to actually do something with it.

With that said, take a gander at this image…

Another way of saying, if you think you’re prepared for the inevitably of whatever you fear, and you don’t practice “what if’s” with your family and friends… well, you’re going to suffer, bleed, or die.

Not a pleasant thought, is it? Because if you’re not practicing for the disaster(s) most likely to mess with your zen, then your family isn’t either…and they’re going to suffer, bleed, or die…BECAUSE OF YOU.

Get off your ass, learn what natural or man made disaster(s) is/are most likely to occur in your area, do your research on what you need to be prepared, and just fucking do it.

If first responders and public safety personnel have to save you and yours in a mass casualty situation, that means someone else may suffer, bleed, or die…again, because of you.

It takes ACTION…not WORDS

Why would you do that? Why would you wait until the last moment to do, what you’ve really needed to be doing ALL YOUR LIFE???

I’ve been a prepper and survival skill oriented man all my life, yet I have missed so many things that I should have been able to avoid if I’d done my manly duty.

My family has paid in blood, sweat, and tears because I made poor life choices on those days I wasn’t prepared, and those memories and costs are what put me on the path I’m on right now.

Not just talking about it, not just thinking about it, but actually seeking, building, and USING the skills that make the difference for every single person that crosses my path, ANYWHERE.

Develop Your Mad Skills…at every opportunity

Fixing cars, repairing houses, pouring cement, wiring new things up, shopping for the most cost effective ANYTHING. I can frame and roof a house, pour cement and concrete, wire and plumb and insulate it, and close it up tighter than a drum…because I’ve done all those things in my life until now.

I can change out engines and transmissions, rebuild both, rewire, repaint, and redo anything automotive…because I’ve done THOSE things too…ALL MY LIFE. Made a living building one of a kind vehicles way back in the early 1980’s.

Alone in the Wilderness..a great story about HOW TO DO IT.

I can woodcraft, hunt, fish, clean, cook, and live without a roof over my head, because I enjoyed that so much in my youth.  Fishing multi-thousand acre lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, and more. Hunting from blinds, and traipsing thru the undergrowth. Trapping and using what I got. Making my own gear, by hand, because I’m good at it. It’s a lifestyle.

Much like what Dick Proenneke, in the oft played Alone in the Wilderness, shown with a lot of PBS pledge drives, I’ve done bits and pieces of his 30 year experience. In my youth, I dreamed of doing just this kind of lifestyle, from reading a lot of books by folks like Bradford Angier, and many others. It was my heaven.

I then went to high school, after learning that my interests and abilities leaned me more towards game warden. I joined ROTC in high school, but two weeks into my first semester, was the life altering moment of being struck by a drunk driver and nearly killed, spending weeks in the hospital, thankfully not losing a few parts of my body that were badly damaged. Life went on. 17 years of living in the place that is Wyoming helped assuage some of that teen angst on what I thought I had missed.

You Are what you DO.

My family, meaning my wife, children, grandchildren, brother and sister, and dear Auntie M, have the capacity to take care of themselves, but a couple of them DON’T… and crap runs down hill.

You are what you do, not what you SAY you do. My middle child has disowned me because I stopped enabling his bad behavior, and he went to jail, the state hospital, and prison for acts of felonious nature.

I tried…oh God, how I tried…to help him see the way to man up, but he wouldn’t. His children and wife suffered his stupidity. You can fix ignorance, but stupidity is just as bad as leprosy. It don’t get any better.

He says he does a lot of things, but I don’t see him DOING IT, and until he grows up, owns the pain cast upon us, and truly apologizes and makes amends, he’ll be stuck… out there.

Still, the rest of my family…needs me, and I need them…

What I’ve done, and have for the last several years, is have his three children, my beautiful, intelligent, and amazing grandchildren from Wyoming, spend most of summer the last several years with my wife and I.

Giving them joy, good memories, hugs, laughter, and blessings to just be kids, is why I am walking this earth right now. Everything else is secondary to my five grandkids.

I’m not perfect, and by God, I’ve got some major life issues right now to overcome physically, mentally, and career wise.

A bad time…in a far away place…off grid more than you could EVER imagine…

Spent the last week of June in a hospital, because I had lost sight of some very important things, including my own life. A time out and reboot back to simpler things, and I have firm ground under my feet again. There’s off grid, as in living off the land, with no need for hookups to infrastructure, because you have all you need, and then there’s OFF GRID, where you have paper clothes and a stubby pencil.

Never in my life did I see that coming, but it’s done, I’m better, and I’m moving forward fearlessly. With a lot of stuff I’ve seen on the web the last ten years in the prepper, survivalist, doomsday genres, I really have to see that WAY TOO MANY folks need the same kind of reset in their lives as well.

Rules have changed, dreams have been stripped back a bit, and most things in my life have been simplified.

I’ll still be doing a lot of the things I’m passionate about, but in more moderate measure.

Priorities, abilities, endurance. That’s the key.

What matters now is preparing for potential retirement, and limited fixed income. It’s going to suck, but hey, that’s life these days…for every single one of us.

I’ve got numerous plans in work to make things better with multiple streams of passive income. I’ve got 20 years of writing to use and redirect to other media formats, and I’m good at that.

To all who have shown me heartfelt care the last year, I’ll never be able to repay all of you fully, but I’ll do what I can, as I can, when I can. Thank you so much.

Now, here’s your call to action.

Do the things you’ve been MEANING to do.

Get the prepping gear you NEED to already have.

Practice the REALITY of what it would be like to live without electricity for a week…or a month.

Really and truly understand the actual meaning of the word RESILIENCE.


Study Yesterday…Prepare Today…Live Tomorrow.

That’s been the motto of SurvivalRing since day one. That’s why I have THOUSANDS of free downloads of HISTORICAL SURVIVAL DOCUMENTS. See that little menu link above in the main menu, that says DOWNLOADS?  That’s all for YOU., based on my 14 disk set of files, giving 32 gigabytes, 25,000 titles, and 3.2 million printable pages to YOU for a very inexpensive price, is one of those many projects above that is getting updated.

New formats, which I’ve already mentioned. Instant access via the cloud. The entire library on a single Micro SD RAM chip the size of your pinky finger. A package that INCLUDES a tablet, WITH the library already on the 32g chip installed, including a solar panel, so you can keep it ENDLESSLY useful, no matter WHAT the future brings.

THOSE are the things I’m continuing to do…for ALL of you.

If you’ve read this far, I have a favor to ask.

At this time, most of what I have left, after downsizing and minimizing, BEFORE the move from Wyoming to Nashville last year, sits in a storage unit, including my desktop systems, all but one of my external drives, my CD/DVD duplicator, my hard drive duplicator (10 drives at a time, from one master drive) and all my books, and BOXES of never before scanned in government created Civil Defense and Survival documents.

Current living and working conditions are a single comfy chair, part of my closet, and my side of our bedroom. We’ve got money in the bank for a sizable downpayment on a home in the very near future (my retirement funds from a decade working for the State of Wyoming). It’s secure, and I can’t and won’t use it for anything else.

Without my paycheck, which I’m not getting because I’m not working, because I was not offered sick leave, annual leave, vacation, holidays, ad infinitum (a contract job, in other words), I can’t get a few tools that I need right now…SPECIFICALLY for helping create the IMAGE files for each of the new forms that will offer.

What are those things? Two FIVE terabyte external hard drives. That’s it.

I’ve got a nifty new HP color printer that had been a display model at Walmart, that prints in color, has a auto feed scanner, and I can print to wirelessly, from any computer, AND my phone. Total paid? $36 at the clearance isle at the St. Charles, MO Walmart on I-70. Works great. I also have a LaserJet and a heavy duty color printer in that same storage unit, inaccessible as well.

Don’t need software, nor any other hardware. Do need blank media, but not until I’ve got the packages ready for production and selling and shipping.

The button below is to donate whatever you can spare, to help with those two production storage drives.

Here’s the big news. will be changing over to a Patreon based system, with each of the potential storage device packages available to you, in whatever format you prefer, at a certain level of cost, directly related to your patronage and support of SurvivalRing/SurvivalCD.

As I mentioned the last year, I’ve got several books from all my material of the last twenty years that will be coming out for Kindle, and paperback (POD) for those interested.

Anyone that has ever purchased a set of disks from me, and I’ve got yearly PayPal dumps for the last 10 years, will automatically get each book FREE. These won’t be PDFs of scans of civil defense stuff like the massive downloads.

No, this will be life-changing information, learned and experienced in a life of 40 adult years, building vans for Roger Staubach and Danny White, bagging groceries for Tony Dorsett, rubbing elbows with the Governor of Wyoming several times.

How about being the main camera operator the day that Vice President Dick Cheney came back out into the world, after nearly shooting a friend to death in a quail hunting accident?

Hundreds of little stories in between. A LOT of non-fiction how-to books, based on evidence based research, connected with science and history, of which I’ve got more than anyone.

There are a butt load of prepper books out there, some ok, some short, some well researched and some full of regurgitated bull shit.

My books will be real, exciting, useful, and in some cases, very hard to read (think emotional honesty).  I’ve been doing this lifestyle since I went to Davy Crockett Elementary School, where I began my exploration of the huge park and woods, surrounding the National Guard base, at the end of Centennial Drive in Sherman, Texas.

What memories I have are just like yesterday, including the very green grass snake that wrapped around my leg, while riding my bike on the trails down by the creek, when I stopped to catch my breath. My first holy shit moment, at age 7.

Anyway, please, if you see the value in the downloads, in the library here, in my words, in my coding, and in my passion that is SurvivalRing, click the Buy Me A Coffee button below, and give in what ever way you can. Thanks again.

The Author

Rich Fleetwood

Rich is the founder of SurvivalRing, now in it's 24th year, author of multimedia CDs and DVDs, loves the outdoors, his family, his geeky skill-set, and lives in rural southern Wyoming, just below the continental divide (long story, that...). Always ready to help others, he shares what he learns on multiple blogs, many social sites, and more. With a background in preparedness and survival skills, training with county, state, and national organizations, and skills in all areas of media and on air experience in live radio and television, Rich is always thinking about the "big picture", when it comes to helping individuals and families prepare for life's little surprises.

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