REQUEST: Photographer looking for Fallout Shelters in New York City Area…

This kind of thing would be a great project to do in every city across the entire nation…create history preservation groups such as this Washington, DC  inventory of fallout shelter signs (hmm…a great way to find SHELTERS), to take it a step further, and actually make sure the shelter signs have viable and stocked and ACCESSIBLE shelter space

 Today I bring you the latest request from a journalist looking for assistance with a project that most preppers would probably want to know about, considering what our Commie-in-chief is doing to our nation

Ms. Phyllis Dooney, a photographer in the New York area, contacted me today in regards to the subject above. I recommended to her to start with any and all emergency management agencies about any potential shelters in the NYC metro area. 

Through my own research over the past several years, I’ve found it extremely hard to find ANY up to date information on any *specific* shelter locations, that the public could use in a future radiological emergency.

Hell, the government has published NOTHING since 1990 that gave the average citizen ANY info about fallout shelters, potential nuclear targets in the US, or any related information.

Personally, I do have three of the ONLY target lists the government ever put together in my possession, two of which you can download from this website…FEMA 196 – Risks and Hazards, State by State from 1990, and the Nuclear Attack Planning Base 1990, published in 1987…both of these are available for free download from the DOWNLOAD link above. 

Read the following message and please share far and wide. If you just happen to have a fallout shelter yourself, and would consider helping her with this project, please do. Your anonymity would be protected.

Dear Survivalists & Preppers;

 I am a local NYC photographer and I am interested in photographing your shelters. My intention is to create a series of photographs that showcase how Americans are preparing for disaster — be it from a storm, an attack of sorts or otherwise. 
I realize that you may want to keep the location of your shelter private and am fully prepared to maintain this privacy. Per request, my photographs will showcase only the interior of your shelter and you can choose whether or not you would also like to be in the photograph. I will not disclose the location or your identity under any circumstances if that is your preference.
Now, more than ever, private citizens feel the need to create a back-up plan in the form of a shelter and provisions should disaster strike. This is a common fear that many of us share today and I believe it will be a provocative body of work to capture and present these forms of self reliance.
I look forward to hearing from you! Please contact me at if you are interested in sharing your story. 

Phyllis B. Dooney


I’ve been working on a new sub-site of SurvivalRing, building on the US Nuclear Target list posted many years ago, which would be an excellent place to post PUBLIC fallout shelter locations  across the entire nation, as I have it set up to use live Google maps with zoom capability, and adding specific addresses would be a piece of cake…you can see the project website at .

Anyway, if you’re from around any part of the NYC metro area, NY state, or even the tri-state area, and you can assist Ms. Dooney in this project, please make an effort. 

In this world of growing wars, growing terror networks, and an inefficient response organization who really wants to stop terrorists, but have so far failed to do so, preparing for this eventual incident in our future falls to each and every one of us to take action and gather the materials and information where ever we can, and know what we can do to take care of our families and ourselves, should nuclear terror come our way.

Thanks for reading, and please spread this message if you know someone in the NYC area. 


Updated: December 2, 2013 — 8:35 pm

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