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  • Posted on: Mar 23, 2014 

Prepography contributor Grumpy G and I have had several rounds of correspondence lately discussing budget prepping and prepping when money is tight.  Preparedness doesn’t have to be expensive, but there’s no denying the fact that many facets of preparedness do cost money and with the economy getting tougher and tougher in many areas it sure would be nice to have some windfall or unbudgeted money to put towards your preps.  That got me to thinking about ways the Top 10 Ways To Find Extra Preparedness Money.

With one exception I’ve used each of these techniques to find extra preparedness money at some point.  If you have techniques you’ve used that you can add let us know in the comments:

  1. Garage SaleHold a Garage or Yard Sale:  I hate getting everything together and sitting around the garage all day but it’s a sure way to make an extra couple of hundred bucks in a few days and replace things you no longer use with things that you hope don’t end up in the next garage sale.  Don’t forget to put an ad in the newspaper and make sure to put signs up from the nearest major intersection(s) if your community allows it.  Consider timing your garage sale with your city or neighborhoods annual garage sale and you’ll be even more successful.  If you live outside of town borrow a friends garage or participate in a multi-family garage sale in town for more sales.
  2. Turn the Tables on Amazon:  Did you know that Amazon buys back music, books, electronics and all sorts of other stuff.  You generally make garage sale prices but don’t have to sit in a hot garage all day.  I’ve done this enough that I’m starting to get a better idea of what brings the big bucks and it seems to be collections (anthologies) of books, graphic novels, music and recent electronics.  Amazon pays you in Amazon gift cards which means you can buy just about anything but firearms, ammo or misplaced Russian nukes.  Amazon even pays for shipping.  CLICK HERE if you’d like to learn more.
  3. Join the Reserves or National Guard:  This one takes more than a little more commitment but the pay is good, the cause is honorable and it comes with lots of built in training that has preparedness value.  The education and health insurance benefits are tremendous even for the “Reserve Forces” and will help you prepare mentally and physically for the unexpected.  Reservists and Guardsman typically serve one weekend a month and two weeks a year after initial training.  Contact your local military recruiter for more information.
  4. Take a Part Time Job:  Seasonal work is often available so it need not be a long term commitment.  Some jobs also come with employee discounts that can help stretch those prepping dollars…think hardware stores, grocery stores, gun stores, farm stores, pharmacies or big box stores.
  5. Put Forward Extra Effort at Work:  If you work for tips or commissions think of ways to bring something extra to your customer’s experience.  If you’re a salary-man or woman,work hard and earn that next promotion…if you are an hourly worker volunteer for overtime.
  6. Start or expand a Small Business:  Turn a hobby into a business…even better if its a preparedness hobby.  If you already own a business add a product line, buy out a competitor or move into a new territory.
  7. GunSell a Firearm:  I’m not sure I’m capable of selling a firearm without regretting it…and they almost always appreciate in value but selling a firearm is a great way to make some quick cash because there’s always a buyer.  Make sure you do so legally and consider using an online service like Gunbroker.  If selling a firearm to a stranger make sure you meet safe like the parking lot of your local police station (tell the desk officer what you’re doing and he/she will keep an eye on you).
  8. Buy Wholesale & Sell Retail:  I once bought a couple of pallets of ammo cans from Government Liquidationbecause it was a cheap way to get the large number I needed.  The extras went into a garage sale or were traded to a local gun shop for store credit.  Make sure you buy what you know and have a good feel for what you can sell it for.
  9. Join a Barter Network:  This is actually the one way to find extra preparedness money (I know…no ‘money’ involved but it has the same end effect) that I haven’t tried but I have cousins that have participated in barter networks for years.  In a barter network you trade your skills or excess capacity from your business for the skills of others (or excess business capacity).  The secret to making the barter networks work is that they aren’t one on one exchanges… you receive a credit for the time/skills or goods you contribute to the network and debits for the time/skills you withdraw from the network.  As an example of how these networks work…my cousins owns a doughnut shop and trade doghnuts for trips, car rentals and meals but you could just as easily barter for preparedness skill training, garden work or fresh honey.
  10. Donate Unused Items to Charity:  This last method takes a little lead time but is much easier than any of the methods listed above.  Round up all your unused items and donate them to your favorite charity and pick up a charity receipt.  Claim the donation when you file your taxes and pay less taxes.  You win, the charity wins and Uncle Sugar is going to borrow three times what you would have paid him anyway so he won’t be doing without…trust me.


p>These are my Top 10 Ways to Find Extra Preparedness Money…what are yours?

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