OPINION: There will be blood.

Take a look at this news story of last week…


I shared my thoughts on this story on my FB page this afternoon and said…

I say let people live where they WANT to. 

When you force things like this, you wind up with Katrina and Rita refugees moved by the tens of thousands to Houston and Dallas, both of which created HUGE increases in crime, homicide, corruption within municipal government, and similar events. 

For those areas that are truly segregationist, then sue them into complete and utter destitution. Simple…and the government is VERY good about that suing part….REALLY good. 

What Obama is REALLY planning here is completely diabolical insertion of socialist operators into the historically conservative areas to AGAIN put all the votes needed in ALL precincts into his pocket to illegitimately change the election outcomes…again.

….but he’s calling it this bullshit name of “stepping up racial standards”.

Am I the ONLY one that sees what’s really going on here?

 This *new* effort of the government to FORCE, what amounts to INTEGRATION, where it’s NOT needed in most of these Unites States, is a complete and utter sham. 

Think upon the evil that was perpetrated in the election of last year. Look at the maps of the most dangerous counties (homicide counts) in the entire US, and lay that map over the counties that went to put oh-blow-me into a second term.

2012 Elections. Blue counties went to Obummer. Red counties went to Romney. Blue equals high poverty rates, low income housing, huge welfare contingents.

2012 Elections. Blue counties went to Obummer. Red counties went to Romney. Blue equals high poverty rates, low income housing, huge welfare contingents.

Blue counties represent the highest crime rates, most violence, AND strictest gun laws in the nation.

Blue counties represent the highest crime rates, most violence, AND strictest gun laws in the nation.

Notice an uncanny resemblance?  A huge mass of humanity BRIBED to vote for the incumbent, with welfare, food stamps, Obama phones, and extended unemployment benefits. Where’s the money coming from to pay for all this?  Nowhere. It’s being printed as fast as our politically run government printing presses can run…and because of that, you’ll see triple digit inflation within 5 years in the U.S…if not sooner.

Now, read this from the heading of the story above… 

“Make no mistake: this is a big deal. With the HUD budget alone, we are talking about billions of dollars.”

— Shaun Donovan, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, in a July 16 speech to the NAACP about a new regulation and database aimed at adding “protected classes” into predominantly white neighborhoods.

This is not about “adding protective classes”…it’s about upsetting, EVEN MORE, the ability for conservative areas to vote their wants and wishes, by going FEDERAL on the method of GERRYMANDERING (look it up).

This particular story is TYRANNY WRIT LARGE. 

Stop a moment…think on those three words above. 

It continues…every day. 

It hastens…the overthrow of our republic. 

It SUCKS away more freedom from each of us…with every hour that we do nothing.

I have mentioned before that “Nothing will stop them from total tyranny…unless we Americans stand up ….and die….for it” in other places on the web. That comment now stands out ever more so…to each and every one of us. 

Regular folks…honest folks…former operators…current operators…retired vets….current active duty…and of course, all our public safety workers coast to coast…and all the rest of we constitutional conservatives….we must stand for what is right, just, and true in this time….in OUR time.

I want to take you on a little journey into the past. 

The year? 1649. The event? The execution of a king. It’s called “Regicide”.


Visit this page, and you’ll see the definition of that word as… 

“The broad definition of regicide (Latin regis “of king” + cida “killer” or cidium “killing”) is the deliberate killing of a monarch, or the person responsible for the killing of a monarch. In a narrower sense, in the British tradition, it refers to the judicial execution of a king after a trial. More broadly, it can also refer to the killing of an emperor.”

 Note the list of victims of this method of execution, but particularly Charlie the First. Clicking on the link below his name takes you here…


There’s a big, long list of folks that signed his death warrant, including (unbelievably) one of MY ancestors…
No, really…he did!

Examine, if you will, the list of signees of the death warrant for Charlie…

There were 59 participants of the tribunal, which “was composed of three hereditary peers, four aldermen of the City of London, twenty-two baronets and knights, three generals, thirty-four colonels, the twelve judges of the High Court (who all declined to serve), three sergeants-at-law and representative members of various principalities and the House of Commons.”

Scroll down to number 45. 

Yep…that’s one of my ancestors…right there…

George. He signed that warrant, and helped put Oliver Cromwell into power (and if you don’t know who he is, again, look it up). 11 years later, Cromwell “went away”, and the restoration of the monarchy occurred. Check out what happened to those hapless fellows who pretty much signed away their lives years earlier… 

“At the English Restoration in 1660, six Commissioners and four others were found guilty of regicide and executed; one was hanged and nine were hanged, drawn and quartered. In 1662 three more regicides were hanged, drawn and quartered. Some others were pardoned, while a further nineteen served life imprisonment and three already dead at the time of the Restoration had their bodies desecrated.” 


Fast forward to the founding fathers of the USA. 


You know what happened then…we became a nation….after war with England, the deaths of thousands of Americans, and the events that transpired afterwards, to each signatory of the precious constitution and eventual Bill of Rights…


While some prospered, many suffered for their support of the creation of this great nation…

SO…getting back to the POINT of this post…

I am, in NO way, shape, or form….suggesting or doing ANYTHING BUT pointing out that history, going back hundreds of years, suggests that we do things the hard way to create a better world for our children and descendants….SOMETIMES.

As the particular history above shows, making huge investments of our lives (as our ancestors did above) to change the course of history because of evil, powerful, vicious tyrants who rule ruthlessly through mandate and force…sometimes does require signing away one’s life to help move the right movement forward, even if we can’t or won’t FULLY comprehend those checks our bodies will have to cash eventually….just as the modern, and historical, military soldier does every day of service of their lives.

Current events in this great nation of ours, are trending towards the evil that men will do, to a subservient, easily manipulative, populace…the Low Information Voter…as Rush mentions so often everyday. It is creeping upon us, and many of us sit here, watching it approach, sitting in our homes or bugout locales, hoping the mess that IS coming, won’t make it as far as WE are away from the Golden Hordes. 

Believe me, if it goes down, there will not be a square mile in this nation that evades the hell that will come, when the crash goes full retard. 

Understand THAT…and adjust YOUR plans accordingly. You’re meat for the grinder, either way…either overrun, or defending all that you have, against an endless mass of crazed humanity. Lone wolves will disappear from the planet before it’s over. It is really going to suck big time. I can’t tell you just how much I *don’t* want ANY of this to happen. 

I know my family history going back hundreds of years, including the fact that my g-g-g-g-grandfather Zachariah had TWO land grants in 1838 in the REPUBLIC of TEXAS  (in 1838 he came to Texas as a 17 year old and applied for a Republic of Texas land grant. Original certificate #287 of Houston Co., Republic of Texas was issued Sep 7 1841 for 320 acres. This certificate was later replaced and augmented to 640 acres because of his marriage and issued as # 350 on Oct 29 1846.)…that is, when Texas was a NATION. 

I have an ancestor named William the Recorder who served the monarchy of England decades before Grandpa George. I’ve got ancestors from England, Scotland, Ireland, Scandinavia, and even Switzerland, only three generations back…my mom’s, mom’s, dad. My great grandfather Dominica Fuchs, who emigrated from Switzerland, coming into the country via the port of New Orleans.

I’ve had ancestors fight in every war fought by the US since we became a country, as do many of you. 

Hell, my younger brother spent 26 years in the AF, now works for a contractor, and goes in country 3-4 months out of the year…sis served as well, and my work was in defense electronics throughout the 80s, supporting our military with the tools they needed to do their jobs. 

A leg injury in a 1975 wreck kept me out of the military, even though I finished Army ROTC in high school. Sucked, but I still did everything I could in my life to help support others. 

You would be surprised that, even at this very moment, I am personally helping two homeless vets to keep moving forward. That is how much I support these guys that do what must be done. 

Here’s the bottom line. As that award winning movie about the oil era a few years ago was titled, “there will be blood”. 

The media wants it.

The tyrants want it.

The multi-term Politicians expect it.

The many and various regimes of this and every other nation, large and small, PLAN for it.

It comes down to one thing. You.

What side will you be on?

What will you be willing to do when The Horror comes to your town… and comes breaking over your neighborhood like a giant and uncontrollable tsunami of demons and soulless humanity?

Are you going to invest in saving this nation, or let it go…just like a throwaway comment to an already forgotten question?

We all know shit’s about to get real. That’s why we’re here…in this place…at this time…in history.  We, we unfortunate few, we proud and courageous Americans, are on the cusp of a paradigm shift like this world has NEVER seen.

The date? Now. Tomorrow. Fall 2008. It’s already happening. Look around and try to convince me otherwise…

Again I say…What will you do?

By the way, Grandpa George luckily evaded being hung, beheaded, and drawn and quartered, unlike many of his compatriots. He spent many years in the Tower of London. He eventually was released, and disappeared into America…where my story begins. 

Keep watching the news…ALL of it. Figure out how to use YOUR Spidey sense. Learn situational awareness. 


Think of those 19 volunteer firefighters that died recently on that horrible afternoon in Yarnell Hill, Arizona, when nature did something completely unexpected, even though that crew had a good and well trained lookout watching the growing flames, and who had set trigger points for the team, that when the fire/wind/whatever reached a certain point, he could give them the heads up to get out of the danger area. 

Those crews down in the gully could do 2-3 miles an hour hiking up to the point. They received the warning to get to safety. The flame front that hit them was going 50 miles an hour…an unheard of, much less expected, speed of travel in wildfires. They died, because they were in a bad place, on a bad day, doing what they were trained to do. The survival shelters they each carried, just for such an occurrence, were just not enough for the heat in those flames. 

Nature had absolute control, and Arizona lost 19 of its bravest that sorrowful day. 


You need to figure out what YOUR trigger points need to be…for you…for your family…for your life. You need to be able to act on those trigger points. You need to be able to follow through…completely. 

If you don’t, won’t, or can’t…well, you already know the outcome.

Let’s hope that all those supposed FEMA guillotines that the conspiracy theorists are always clamoring about…really don’t exist. 

Your turn. What say you?


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