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Going BinaryHi Folks,

Yes, I’m still alive…and recovering from the holidays. Lots of projects got worked on the last few weeks, and I’m going to be talking about them on my good friend James Talmage Stevens’ “Doctor Prepper Show”. It’s already started, but his first guest is on right now, and I’ll be up next, and will be closing the show.

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Here’s some of the topics I’ll be covering…

A) information on the new disk titles, and upcoming availability of HUGE content additions, SD Ram chips package, SD Micro Ram chips, and even the 1 terabyte pocket hard drive package full of open source and public domain data on every aspect of rebuilding a civilized world, for if and when the lightning (electricity) goes away….are in the offing for 2015 by Summer.

Three new disk titles with historical and new content will be …

a) Crisis relocation (the real world of what bugging out is all about, including from the federal government perspective) with manuals, reports, etc, as well as several new ebooks authored by me that will be available NO WHERE ELSE (except Amazon Kindle)

b) Ebola Resource package– a wide ranging collection of various government files on what the disease is (and other hemmoragic diseases), how to identify, how to deal with it, how to avoid it, and the full range of preparedness steps for all levels of groups and communities.

c) The third disk will be added this spring, but it will be a video tutorial on how to use SurvivalRing, how to use each of the disks in the SurvivalCD package, and where to find more…pretty much a step by step video DVD of how to get the best and specific use of ALL the data in the 3.2 million page, 32 gigabyte, 25 thousand title library…a resource like the world has never seen.

The following topics are the areas I would like to discuss on the show, after covering the background info about SurvivalRing and its history, and where it’s going in the near future. SurvivalCD is the best way to build a vast personal library for every aspect of survival and preparedness, and is the best way to catalog and safely keep the SurvivalRing knowledge-base for any and every family out there. The two sites are one and the same, and forever connected.

Topics for discussion…

a) let’s review a short history of the Prepper/survival movement, going all the way back to the 1960s.  What is signal to noise ratio in this genre?  Who are the players? What are the scams out there?  Is the government REALLY a threat to the average family? What has the genre turned into?

b) Prepper Information Management….why you need it, what it looks like, where to start, and why you need to be good at it. Digital, paper, etc. It’s all good.

c)  Prepper Crap – Ads for credit card knives, lifetime matches, blinding flashlights, survival food companies. Who can you trust right now? Are these gadgets any good?  Is that food storage really going to be the way to go when you get hit by a regional catastrophe?

d) Simplify, Simplify …Thoreau and his message. How it applies. Why you need to think minimizing most areas of your prepping projects, Give a fish, teach to fish ideas…

e) Every Day Carry.…What does that mean?  Why you want to learn this. Using the least, to get the most. Multitasking your prepping.

f) Finally….GTD (Getting Things Done) Planning, prioritizing, researching, applying, and living it. Plan your work, work your plan. Why preppers need to focus on reality, skills, and tasks. Don’t be an armchair quarterback. Don’t waste money on things you won’t know how to use, when the time comes to use it.

Hope to see you on the show tonight.


Updated: January 9, 2015 — 5:19 pm

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