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130608-110102Sitting in the office of son-in-law’s shop, borrowing some Ethernet  No Net at the house…it’s way rural. WAY rural. In many ways, we’re just “off the grid” for now. Sometimes you do just have to disconnect to recharge. Family reunion and bonding time? Priceless.

Just in case you were wondering why I have dropped off the face of the planet for the last week…

Currently in the southeastern corner of Colorado at my daughter’s home, on a two week family vacation. My youngest son Kenny drove in from Nashville, and we’re having a quiet, relaxed, and a bit noisy time (4 grand kids in one room…go figure). 

Here’s the news so far.

Daughter Laurie had her latest sonogram Thursday afternoon. We’re expecting to see our latest grandchild in October…a little girl…Lila Nicole Taylor. Happy news.

Son Kenny, as always, is doing great. He arrived here late Wednesday night. He brought the latest news on his musical odyssey with him…(as an example…here’s one of the new Coke commercials…that’s his music playing, with his voice singing in the close of the commercial ).  He’s happier than he’s ever been and nothing is slowing him down. Annie and I are very proud of him.

Son Robert is back in Rawlins, Wyoming relaxing while his three kids are away (with us here in Colorado). He was out riding his dirt bike in the scrub a few days ago (his apartment back porch opens to MILES of open high desert country that stretches north towards Casper, Wyoming…130 miles away), when up over a rise in the range land comes first a Fish and Game truck, followed by county Sheriff’s truck…both with lights flashing. Then he saw why. They were chasing a black bear TOWARDS him…a 250 pounder, they said. Needless to say, when HE saw the bear coming his way, he pulled a 180 and tore home as fast as he could pedal that motorcycle.  

We’re spending this afternoon swimming in the Arkansas River that passes along the northern fence line of the property this evening, and will continue relaxing and having a great time until we head home a week from today. No disasters here, although in this quadrant of Colorado, many of the storms that have hit Oklahoma so hard have started their massive buildup to severe level while passing over our heads, dropping grapefruit sized hail, tornadoes, and massive flooding all points east of here. Our county here is always in the latest severe weather zones in the westernmost outskirts of the potential storm areas…but nothing happens. Just straight line winds, a few very minor showers, and lots of blowing farmland. Hmmm….reminds me a lot of my home back in Central Wyoming in Riverton, 600 miles and most of the horrible liberal state of Colorado away from us.

Gotta tell you though, after a full WEEK with NO internet access, it’s not quite been the hell I thought it would be. I’ve finished reading three books from beginning to end (and several more to go), written several articles to come on site here in the next few weeks, and knocked down my” loose notes pile” (ideas, website projects, real world projects, etc.) by half way…that’s 3/4″ of loose paper, post-it notes, scribbles, URLs, phone numbers, etc., that I’ve been compiling for many, many moons. All digitized and added into a single, handy Word document that when freshly printed out will be double-sided, 4 column, collated, and organized by topic…for MANY upcoming projects. Been wanting to get these notes caught up forever. Never knew how easy it would be to make headway when Facebook, Google, and ALL my website projects I work on on a daily basis require a drive into town, a key to a shop, and crawling under a desk to move the ethernet cable to the laptop to actually get online.

SurvivalCD SiteOne of my biggest projects, the complete redo of (killed in the Hack of ’12) is back and incredibly updated and unabashedly full of useful info to tempt you into purchasing your very own SurvivalCD MasterPak set. In case you haven’t had a chance to really notice it yet, you can see it at the new SurvivalCD site up, here…

My CD/DVD project of 11 years is now up to 13 disks. 3.2 million printable pages, over 24,000 ebooks, with over 30 gigabytes of data when everything is unarchived and installed.  I’m quite proud of it…and there’s plenty more coming to add to that package. Take a look, buy a set, and let me know what you think.  4 different packages, for 4 different needs. Get absolutely everything in the MasterPak for $45, and you will have a lifetime of reading, survival and preparedness data, and information that will increase your knowledge and abilities to their limits. 

Finally, please consider supporting our Summer 2013 Fund Drive for SurvivalRing. There is real cost in hosting, domains, hardware, software, and everything else it takes to run this website. Whether it’s a few bucks, a fiver, a twenty, or a Franklin…EVERY dollar donated goes back into keeping the doors open, the lights on, and the content coming. Tell me one other site that offers THIRTY GIGABYTES OF DOWNLOADS, and keeps ADDING to that file collection…every month…every year.

SurvivalRing is now in it’s SIXTEENTH year, and we’ve been hacked, we’ve been shot at, cut up, and left for dead…but we keep coming back…keep getting bigger…and keep getting stronger. It’s all here…for YOU. Take a moment to ponder what it really takes Just One Guy….me….to invest so much, for so long, for so many…to give away for free.  Support us…and we will ALWAYS be here for you.

That’s enough news for now. I have to get back to work. A weeks worth of my email is about 2,700 emails or so…and they’re all sitting out there waiting for me to get them taken care of so I can go back and get ready to hit the river.  Thanks for hanging in there, and for letting me take a short family vacation. I’ll be back.



Updated: June 8, 2013 — 12:43 pm

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