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We hadWhat a normal hacker cretin looks like in their natural  environment. another web site attack this past weekend, one of the worst yet. Digital fingerprints left by the hackers point back to eastern Europe, and specifically Latvia. Why?  I have no idea. This particular attack created a hidden directory, containing 932 folders, each containing web page code that accepted, then forwarded traffic from other websites to malware delivery locations in the locale of Latvia. Google blacklisted the site for a few days (and users of Firefox using the safe browsing plug in as well), and the webmaster tools section of Google Labs was instrumental in alerting me, and helping resolve the vulnerability.

The site was repaired and back to full capacity Monday morning, July 5th. This attack never had access to any personal information, and only forwarded traffic to bad sites. New site software installed before the attack helped protect major site areas, and no damage was caused to any files. Historically, mid to late summer has always seen an increase in hackers and script kiddies trying their best to destroy and vandalize websites like this one, with the only truly damaging site attack happening in 2004, resulting in thousands of deleted files.

My apologies to any site members or visitors who were affected by this downtime, but rest assured, I will continue to keep SurvivalRing, and all of its assets, online and available no matter how many speed bumps, hacks, or evil intentions try to decide otherwise.

In other news, the next SurvivalRing newsletter will be online in less than 2 weeks. If you have any questions, comments, or topics you would like to see covered, drop me an email with your requests, or use the CONTACT page to let me know your thoughts. I’ve got several more great articles from Leon Patenburg coming online in our blow, and a couple of new websites to tell you about as well.



Updated: July 8, 2010 — 12:21 am

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