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First of all, the author considers problems of effectiveness of any Civil Defense program. This has to do with the capability of a program to attain, to a reasonable degree, its own objectives. Secondly, he looks at the impact of Civil Defense upon the Cold War. These, as it were, are effects which we may buy by adopting measures to protect our population. They have to do with the fact that some national resources may have to be diverted from other programs; that conflict between peace and war-preparations may exist in reality, or in perceptions of people (cognitive dissonance problem); that Civil Defense may contribute to deterrence either directly or through its effect upon credibility of use of nuclear weapons; that it may increase the prospects for war. Thirdly, he considers the effects of Civil Defense upon Americans and upon the nature of our society. These are key standards against which the feasibility, worth, and meaning of alternative programs have to be evaluated.


Civil defense and society

Author(s): Brodie, Dorothy V., Krochmal, Donna J., Nehnevajsa, Jiri, and Pomeroy, Richard H. ; Office of Civil Defense.
Description: 609 p.
Publication Data: Pittsburgh, PA : University of Pittsburgh. July 1964
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