New Download: A critique of some technical aspects of civil defense 1969

A critique of some technical aspects of civil defense 1969



The various subcommittees of the Advisory Committee on Civil Defense agree that changes in the national civil-defense policy are required if substantial improvement is to be achieved in the U. S. capability to protect the population in the event of a nuclear attack and to recover from such an attack. Implementation of such changes need not wait on new research results, although research is essential to maximize effectiveness and reduce the cost of programs which would implement new policy. Furthermore, we believe that the present very restricted national civil-defense policy will continue to lead to reduction in the depth and scope of civil-defense research, whereas an increase in such research is required both to support existing programs and to prepare for an adoption of future policy of much broader scope.

With regard to research emphasis, we disagree with the policy of putting most of the research effort on “improving the capability for estimating cost-effectiveness and feasibility of alternative civil-defense programs of the future.”* Instead we think that at least as much emphasis should be put on developments for new programs and for capabilities for rapidly and effectively implementing them as in estimating their cost-effectiveness.

We have concluded that the OCD research on shelters is appropriately and efficiently supporting the currently approved operational programs, i.e., protection from fallout. We also believe that research is providing inputs to the studies and evaluations of alternative future civil-defense programs. We do not, however, believe that current research is leading to a satisfactory growth in the actual capability for protection against prompt-effects of fire, or for crisis actions, or for construction of shelter, particularly under imminent threat.

A critique of some technical aspects of civil defense

Author(s): Office of Civil Defense.
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Publication Data: Washington, DC : National Academy of Sciences. Advisory Committee on Civil Defense. 1969
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