Never forget….Never Forgive…

Wednesday, September 11 is the 12th anniversary of the terrorists attacks that took the lives of nearly 3,000 men, women, and children. 

Visit’s 9/11 Commemorations and Memorials to learn about:

  • Memorials in New York, NY; Washington, DC; and near Shanksville, PA
  • September 11 as a National Day of Service and Remembrance
  • Photos, recovered objects, and eyewitness accounts from 9/11 
  • Emergency preparedness efforts

This single event in American History is one of our darkest hours, yet one that proved our astounding resilience as a nation.

never again

Please help all the people in your life to remember to take a moment of silence for those we lost on this sad day, and say some prayers of support for those in our nation still working to bring the evil to an end, which allowed this to happen in the first place.  

Never forget…that we were attacked on our own soil in an orchestrated, determined, and effective attack that decimated so many. 

Never forgive…those that helped make this event occur, or supported those that did. We’ve made great headway in finding many who supported it. We still have a long way to go to catch the rest. But…in a world full of strife, war, and terror…we can never forgive those that kill the innocent.

Never, never, never, never give up (as Churchill said during World War II)…even when things get darkest. To think that what occurred on 9/11/01, could never occur again, is strikingly ignorant.

As the Iraq, Afghanistan, and other middle eastern wars and battles show us, with Syria now appearing in our cross hairs (no thanks to Obama), the sheer numbers of collateral damage deaths while hunting out the bad guys, is now in the millions.

We, as a nation, NOT you and I, have created huge numbers of foreign nationals who see the USA as a predator…a behemoth…and imperialistic machine that can not be stopped…except by lone wolf terrorists, suicidal maniacal walking bombs, and the evil henchman that will lay IEDs all over the middle east, and if given the chance, the entire land mass of America.  

We’re creating more terrorists, by political hacks and graft making decisions based on wrong thinking, and personal enrichment and wealth manipulation, instead of OUR national security. It’s all about “Continuity of Government”….NOT safety and security for each and every citizen of our nation. That idea changed in the late 1960’s, and BOTH parties are responsible for the result.

Who suffers, and will suffer, because of these selfish, narcissist, arrogant assholes playing with OUR lives?

That’s right. You and me.

Never forget what happened 12 years ago. 

But, never let it happen again. Stop those that bring death to our doorsteps. We’re the only ones that can. The biggest thing that 9/11 proved to the world?

We’re on our own to deal with terror, when it gets by faulty and lackadaisical security and military measures. 

Think about that the next time terror hits these shores, whether it’s a skyscraper and a plane, or a Muslim doctor in Fort Hood. It’s terror…and it must be stopped…by us.

Updated: September 9, 2013 — 8:09 pm

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