KITS: What Is An EDC Bag And Why Should I Have One?

NOTE from Rich: Over the years I’ve had many variations of EDC bags. They each had a unique and specific purpose. When I returned to college in 2003, I carried my laptop, text books, snacks, some geek gadgets, a couple of useful multi-tools, and items that helped me manage my 20 credit hour semesters, and 3 part time jobs in a heavy duty, nylon/plastic/and zippered backpack. I lived on campus, in a dorm with my wife and three children, all taking classes at the same time, and it might be hours and hours before getting back home.

That bag saw me through three college degrees, and some temporary physical therapy when I loaded too much in it and messed up my right shoulder’s rotator cuff. Still, it was there when I needed it, it provided any tool or supply or item I needed during some long 24 hour days (classes, tutoring, classes, running the student radio station, student senate, committee meetings, more classes, and then 3 day weekends running master control for Wyoming Public Television on the graveyard shift). I never got much sleep, and while I could have, the EDC just wasn’t workable as a comfy pillow. (Idea…add blow up pillow to next EDC kit)

Before that, I had a smaller pack that carried a much small set of gear for a completely different job…that of running a restaurant as a general manager.

And, before that, I was a truck driver, taking loads coast to coast, and since I lived on the road, my EDC was actually in large tote buckets, like you see in Walmart these days, because I’d be alone in the truck for weeks at a time…meaning days of meals, changes of clothes, meds, reading materials, and a CD library that kept me sane, and awake, while “driving my life away”.

Now, working in Corrections/LEO, I have an EDC that is specifically related to my job at hand, because sometimes I’ll spend most days at my desk managing data, emails, and phone calls, while others will find me working anywhere over the 1000 acre facility, checking on inmates, bringing errant cows back onto the property after jumping the fences, or counting the hay stacks to get weekly inventory of tens of thousands of bails used for over 600 head of livestock. I might throw hay bales, help move animals, track down specific inmates for caseworker or security needs, or simply spot check work crews in various locations during a normal day, that might be 100 above, or 30 below. I have to be very flexible, yet able to find data, documents, records, and people in a moment’s notice. The EDC might sit under my desk, or in the front seat of my work truck…depending on the day.

After five years, and massive policy and procedure changes, it can be a pain to make sure my EDC is safe, complete, COMPLIANT and has JUST what I need to do any of my given job tasks.

So, with all that said, this article will give you a little background on basic EDC kits, and why you should ALWAYS have something like them in your possession, as a Get Home Bag, a vehicle breakdown Survival Kit, or a Get Out Of Dodge Quick kit. Call it what you want, based on your gender…if you need to.

It’s a kit…it can be a man purse, and italian shoulder bag, or gym bag…or whatever. Give it a name, pack it with what YOU need, or on the rare day, MIGHT need, because you’ve had to in the past, for a specific kind of need. Don’t pack everything in it…just the tools and supplies that get you to safe, secure, and known safety and shelter when needed.  The article below is a two parter, so be sure to read both to get the most out of this informaton.

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What is an EDC bag?

This is an example of an Everyday Carry BagWhile some of us already have our bug out bags in order it can pretty much guaranteed that most of them are always left at home mainly because they are too big, heavy and bulky to lug around everywhere we go.  An EDC bag, also known as an “every day carry” bag, is a smaller version of your main bug out bag that is meant to be carried with you at all times wherever you go whether it’s for a walk, a hike, a bike ride or to bring along in your car when you go to work.  It’s purpose is to store all of the survival supplies needed to enable you to get out of harms way and/or get back home if you were to ever find yourself caught in an accident, disaster or shtf scenario.

Why do I need one?

civil unrestWhy you should have one should be a given.  I can’t stress how important it is to prepare and keep one of these these bags with you at all times.  All you have to do is look around you.  Accidents and disasters are happening all around us and can strike anytime and anywhere without warning. 

We keep hearing on the news how natural disasters, riots and terrorist attacks are on the rise and quite honestly with the way our world is going down the tubes it only makes sense to have one.  Regardless if it’s for something minor or serious, chances are you will probably end up needing it at one point or another and you’ll be thanking yourself that you took the time to put one together and had it with you.

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