Keeping on keeping on…programming updates, podcasts, and donations. SurvivalRing is STILL growing after nearly 20 years…

I’ve spent some time today correcting some old code on SurvivalRing, including many of the news feeds. Some have died, some have changed, and several have been corrected or reformatted for easier reading.

See all the feeds here…

codingI’ll be resorting them and creating a better link tree, or in other words, putting all the weather feeds together, putting the quake info together, and so on.
I’ve also updated the UPDATES page, with what’s going on in the background.

Not had much spare time until now, so doing a lot of background updates and coding changes. RSS feeds definitely need attention, so have upgraded feed displays, and currently updating feed addresses. Will be creating a Feed Tree, so that all weather feeds are together, all news feeds, etc. Will make more sense to you when you’re looking for specific BREAKING news.

I’m also creating an updated theme for the entire site, hopefully less crowded, a bit more streamlined, and a more low key, Prepper style of presentation. It’s coming online this week.

Political things are out of hand, and my focus is going to be more on lifestyle, self education, factual documents (as in the thousands of government created preparedness publications from the last 75 years of US defensive stuff).

And, Yes, I still have hundreds of original civil defense documents to put online that have NEVER been available digitally. You’ll get first access here at SurvivalRing.

Podcasts — FINALLY!  Yes, I’ve got two college degrees in broadcasting AND web development, and I’ve been doing online web radio and podcasts with my good friend James T. Stevens (author of Making the Best of Basics) for several years now. I am doing shows live, and weekly, at Freedomizer Radio, on the Critical Preparedness Resources Talk Show, on the air every Friday from 4 to 7 pm central time, and will be posting shows every week (3 full hours for each show). James and I discuss current events, answer questions from the Prepper community, and focus on how we should all respond to the things that are happening in the world around us. I think you’ll like what we have been doing, and I hope you’ll become a part of the show.

Finally, I’ve got big changes to my life happening this year, beside knee replacement surgery. Planning a move to Tennessee with my dear wife, for the next chapter of my life. Yep, leaving a job with the state of Wyoming. Why?  To spend full time writing, creating audio and video projects, and publishing a lot more unique and useful content. It’s time I made a living with what I’ve been doing on the side for nearly 20 years. Hope you’ll hang around for that. More later. Thanks for dropping in.


Currently sorting out a lot of personal items to put up on 10 Trades, and taking pictures of these cool tools and such…even a bed that fits in a bag. If you’re on Facebook, and local, GRAB IT WHILE YOU CAN. If you see something you want and you’re NOT local, private message me on Facebook…we’ll work something out on shipping.

Cleaning off shelves, and taking a pile of stuff out of the shed, with tons more to come. Anyone interested in Hi Mountain Seasonings? Have a HUGE box full to find a new home for, most of it is unopened, great stuff.

On the  fundraising front, I am still WAY behind on the yearly fund-raiser to keep the SurvivalRing website online. Our goal of $1,500 for the year, so far has raised $50.  I need MORE…seriously. Please help us fund the hosting, domains, and hardware that allows continuous updates, digitization, and all the things in the background that I’ve been sharing for nearly 2 decades.

Come on folks, NO OTHER SITE has the massive amount of HISTORIC and GOVERNMENT PRODUCED survival and preparedness information online AND for free download. You know what I have…and most of you have downloaded countless files from SurvivalRing. Be the difference.

Every dollar helps, so donate what you can, and be assured, when I get the redesign finished and online, YOU will be the FIRST to get access to it, and all the new files.

More to come today. Stay tuned.

Updated: June 11, 2016 — 5:12 pm

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