HOT TOPIC: Homeland Security, at the Personal Level. PLEASE Help! Next 24 hours.

SUBJECT:  Citizen involvement in getting FEMA/DHS focus on nuclear preparedness/updated Civil Defense program…

Title: Teach Practical Family Nuclear Civil Defense Strategies and Tactics…
What: National Dialogue on Preparedness (FEMA, Dept. of Homeland Security)
Who: Idea proposed by my good friend SHANE CONNOR, of

When: NOW NOW NOW!!!   Before midnite tonight [Friday, 9/10/10]
Why: Our nation needs to rebuild our civil defense system from the ground up.
Hi Folks,
If you are reading this before midnite on Friday nite, I need your immediate help.
Just a few minutes of your time, with your words of support for a government preparedness focus group on bringing citizen focused support and updated training on the topic of nuclear preparedness.
Short version…
[a] Go to this link…
[b] In the upper right hand corner, click on REGISTER.  Just an email address and a password.
[c] You’ll get sent a confirmation email. Open it, and click on the link to CONFIRM YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS.
[d] Upon confirming, you’ll be taken to your PROFILE page, On the right side of the window, you’ll see a drop down box for AUDIENCE. Select CITIZEN, and then hit the SUBMIT button.
[e] Once you’ve done that, click the link above, or just below
[f] This will take you to the very topic we need. What I want you to do it VOTE YES on this idea, and if you could, PLEASE post a short message of support in the COMMENTS box at the bottom of the page.
Long version…

Shane Connor posted this idea on the National Dialogue on Preparedness website, an official government website set up to get insight and support from citizens, groups, professionals, and other supporters.
Here is his IDEA…

The disarmament movement for decades has hyped that with nukes; all will die or it will be so bad you’ll wish you had. Most have bought into it, now thinking it futile, bordering on lunacy, to try to learn how to survive a nuclear blast and radioactive fallout.

Unfortunately, most govt officials have, too, as they are focused on #1- Interdiction, and #2- COG (Continuity of Govt) for when #1 fails, and have largely ignored #3 – Civil Defense training of the pubic, so they might be better prepared to save themselves from the first second of the flash of a nuke explosion.

For instance, most people now ridicule ‘duck & cover’, but for the vast majority, not right at ‘ground zero’ and already gone, the blast wave will be delayed in arriving after the flash, like lightening & thunder, anywhere from a fraction of a second up to 20 seconds, or more.

Today, without ‘duck & cover’ training, everyone at work, home, and your children at school, will impulsively rush to the nearest windows to see what that ‘bright flash’ was, just-in-time to be shredded by the glass imploding inward from that delayed blast wave. They’d never been taught that even in the open, just laying flat, reduces by eight-fold the chances of being hit by debris from that brief, 3-second, tornado strength blast.

Then, later, before the radioactive fallout can hurt them, most downwind won’t know to move perpendicular away from the drift of the fallout to get out from under it before it even arrives. And, for those who can’t evacuate in time, few know how quick & easy it is to throw together an expedient fallout shelter, to safely wait out the radioactive fallout as it loses 99% of its lethal intensity in the first 48 hours.

The greatest tragedy of that horrific loss of life, when nukes come to America, will be that most families had needlessly perished, out of ignorance of how easily they might have avoided becoming additional casualties, all because they erroneously thought it futile to ever try to learn how to beforehand.

The Good News About Nuclear Destruction! at dispels those deadly myths of nuclear un-survivability, empowering American families to then better survive nukes. For as long as nukes exist, these life-saving insights are essential to every families survival!

And, as a bonus, all our nations’ First-Responders would be many magnitudes more effective when there are tens of thousands fewer blast & radiation casualties to later deal with.

The govt should be in the lead getting this information out to all, as it’ll save many more lives than doubling the number, and funding, of First-Responders, at a fraction of the cost and time to implement!

Shane Connor

I have posted several comments already on this page, as has Shane, and many other experts in the field of preparedness. We’re down to the wire, as this idea ends comments and dialogue input tonight at midnight.
If you are a professional, first responder, military, law enforcement, public safety, an educator, retired from any of those, or simple a citizen passionate about self reliance and community safety, PLEASE post a comment with your support of the idea, any credentials or training you may have, and why you think Shane’s suggestion is a good idea.

Currently, “Teach Practical Family Nuclear Civil Defense Strategies and Tactics…” is ranked NUMBER ONE, is the MOST POPULAR, and the HOTTEST  IDEA on this government website.

We need to CEMENT, SOLIDIFY, and LOCK IN that number one spot, to actually GET THE ATTENTION of those in charge of nationwide preparedness, and truly obtain action towards that goal.

That is why Shane and I NEED YOUR HELP, and NOW.

It doesn’t cost anything, it just takes a few minutes, and could possibly save the lives of millions SHOULD ACTUAL TRAINING get started, BEFORE a terror nuke is detonated on US soil.

I don’t send these emails out lightly, and I think this may be the BEST chance we’ve ever had to GRAB OUR AGENCIES attention on a deadly serious topic.


Take a few moments of your time to TAKE ACTION and become personally invested in a truly good thing.

Finally, PLEASE share this message with your family and friends as much as possible. Every vote for support means we will get the attention of the nation’s safety and security personnel.

Thanks for reading this, and please let me know if you have any questions.


Updated: September 10, 2010 — 1:15 am

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