He’s alive…and part titanium! Plus, the very core of preparedness

Me after no sleep after surgery…19 hours later…

I wrote the below about 6 hours ago while trying to find some semblance of sleep. Considered it a brain dump towards that goal, and found I needed to thank a lot of folks on Facebook who knew this surgery was hard-fought for, difficult to reach, and mind-boggingly near impossible to actually get to…but I did. 

Surgery for replacing my badly worn right knee joint was successful, and now the fun part of rehab and recovery begins. Already took my first steps 4 hours after surgery yesterday afternoon. Expect a lot more today, including steps, so I can go home tomorrow.

Not as painful as I thought it would be, so very surprised there, but I was also still under a spinal block and nerve block in my upper thigh, which wore off for the most part late last night.

Given that info above, read the info below, about how doing good things for others, gets returned to you many times over…from *my* personal real-world experience. A lifetime of choices, comes down to 6 simple words.  You’ll see them below.

Why share my Facebook post here on SurvivalRing? Because, I give you guidance and sincere belief in how to live a good life. I want to thank more than just my 5,000 Facebook friends. I want *you* to think about where you are in your life. 

My knee surgery is part of my family long-term survival plans, and I have excellent state of Wyoming health insurance ( but not for long…read the news about the death spiral of the health care industry). Now or never, in other words.
Enough of now…read my earlier brain dump, and take notes…seriously.


10/27/16 a 2:12 am

Time to get some sleep. Had my meds, pills, IV bag of antibiotics, some crushed ice, and my iPod is charged and ready to play some soothing night time relaxation tunes. That and the two oxycodones should let me get some soul resting sleep tonight.


Again, thanks to ALL of you for your prayers, blessings, wishes, ribbing , sarcasm, taunting, shenanigans, needling, meddling, kind words, mean words, stickers, smileys, unsaid words, love, support, true concern and thoughts.

It’s been hard most of my life to ask for help, which is why I’ve learned to do my own mechanical work (engines, transmissions, brakes, axles, etc), education (6 years of computer work BEFORE the internet on a 48k ram computer got me a job running VAX mainframe clusters), framing, concrete, electrical, programming, and so on over the years. 

Being under-employed with no college degree and a family meant minimal income, doing without, and living the frugal life to the max.

On the positive side, those skills I’ve learned have helped me personally help hundreds of other folks in my life, and literally MILLIONS over the nearly twenty years my website has been online and growing. Add TEN years of Facebook on top of that, and holy crap do I have some connections.

So, the help with *this* surgery from my coworkers, friends, neighbors, friends and fans on Facebook, and in our case complete strangers as we downsize and they come by the house to pick up furniture, shelves, gadgets, books and more…really shows *me*, personally, that what goes around comes around, that paying it forward at every opportunity REALLY works, that KARMA is not just a bus occasionally driven by either Jesus Christ, the Grim Reaper, or Bob the Walmart greeter, and that HUMANITY has an inherent and innate goodness that cannot be stomped down, taken out, or really honest to God manipulated away from us over eons of time.

A positive outlook, even on the worst of days, PAYS OFF, not always how you want it to, not always how you expect it to, and most definitely not always when you NEED it to…but it does come your way in the most wondrous and unexpected opportunities that will eventually cross your path.

Expect nothing…when you do something good, for you, your family, your coworkers, total strangers, or the world in general…either with intent to be seen seen doing it and meaning it, or helping someone who will never know YOU helped.  

Then, anything received, down the road, is a blessing…A BLESSING. 

It took me years to see this, understand this, and be able to communicate it with considerable ease now. I live it, breathe it, want it, and trust it enough to give my whole life to it.

You, yes YOU, reading this right now have just *shown* me, that it just works.




All of it.

Thank you, totally and completely, from the bottom of my 3 sizes too large heart, to every single one of you.

I will be returning the favor to each and every one of you in the coming weeks and months and years.  

Somehow, someday, in a way you may or may not recognize… I will put you on a path that leads to good things for you or someone you love.

*** Do good. Be kind. Simply care. ***

That’s all there is to it.

I vow that I will continue doing this until my dying day, which thank God, was not 4:45 pm on September 19th, 1975, the exact moment, day and time, when this whole knee thing started as I lay in the middle of the intersection one block north of Williams High School in Plano, Texas, having just been literally run over by a drunk, him driving a pickup truck while I was going to deliver the Dallas Times Herald on my motorcycle, suffering a broken right femur, knee cap hanging by a thread, and my whole right shin skinned. Head and neck injuries, right thumb and pinkie nearly severed… 

HOW the hell did I survive that?

I think I know.

Right here, right now.  

Right thing, right time, right reason.

Think about it, share, pass it on, and become part of it. 

Good night, my friends. I intend to start mine now.

P.S. That is a sleeping mask on my forehead, and yes, I could use a shower, but I *did* get a haircut 3 whole days ago…so point and laugh at me, if you must, but know this…with my shiny new titanium knee joint, I will be able to do some serious ass-kicking, if I must, sometime next year…uhh… eventually. Now, GO TO SLEEP. Yes, I am talking to myself now. Imagine that!

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