GUESTPOST: The Essential Checklist for Bugging Out

Article By Naomi Broderick 

I have done a lot of research on prepping, preparedness and the bugging out (particularly assembling the bag). While there is a great deal of emphasis (and information for that matter) on the previously mentioned there seems to be a lot less on the point A to point B, chiefly on the point B part.

You have the knowledge down, the “what to do in this sort of situation” information, a disaster is ensuing and you it’s time to high tale it out of Dodge to… to… where? The hills? The wilderness? Below you will find some essential questions to ask yourself before trekking out into the hills.

Going the Distance

During a SHTF situation your bug out location shouldn’t be any further than a trip you can make in your car without having to stop and fill up. If you have your eyes set on a location that is further than your 14 gallon tank can take you, it might be wise to reconsider its location. 

After you have established where it is you will be going you next need to make sure you location will be accessible during a major disaster. While it is impossible to say what roadways will and won’t be functional some landmarks like bridges and highly populated highways should try to be avoided if possible.

Know Your H20

Outside of being able to safely access your bug out location you will also want to make sure there is a source of water nearby. While you will want to have a decent supply of water both on your person and at the location, it is essential to think long term. Is there a fresh source of water nearby? Is this water source something that is static or will it be depleted over time? Is the location you are looking at situated in such a way that you will be able to catch any falling rain?

Safe from Prying Eyes

Not only will you want to have secured a location that is able to be travelled to on one tank of gas and with proper access to water, you will also want to make sure your bug out location doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. When a SHTF situation is in full effect, how easy would it be for trespasser to stumble across your property?

You will also want to make sure you aren’t fighting against the land. What I mean by this is you don’t want to struggle to conceal your dwelling if it is in the middle of a treeless valley or has a bright red roof on a rocky mountainside. It might also be wise to think about how easy it would be to secure the location if worse comes to worse. How many methods of entry does it have? Are there multiple roads leading up to it?

Preparing for Long Term

In addition to making sure adequate water is nearby you will also want to make sure that the land that your location is located on can support long term living. Does it have access to proper sunlight to support a solar powered generator? Does the immediate vicinity hold enough firewood to supply you and your family warmth during cold weather? Will the land hinder your ability to plant and harvest food? What does the wildlife around your location look like?

The prepper lifestyle is one of constant preparedness. We thrive on operating during the unthinkable and excelling when everything we have come to know is collapsing around us. Make sure you have all your bases covered and leave nothing to chance.

Naomi Broderick is a prepper who works with ADT Security San Antonio Texas.

Updated: January 30, 2014 — 4:28 pm

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