FAITH: How Faith Can Help Us Get Through In Times Of Calamity

How Faith Can Help Us Get Through In Times Of Calamity

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Hi readers! As preppers, we are taught how to value life by means of preparing for the worse. That’s is why most of us have mastered the use of certain survival tools and are equipped with an array of survival skills to help us stay alive when the shit hits the fan.

But have we considered making our mental and emotional preparations at some point? Have we ever considered calling the assistance of a Supreme Being if the situation is too much to bear after bugging out?

We know it very well these aspects can play a vital role in our survival especially when we are losing the grip to keep going. In this guide, we are going to talk about how faith can help us get through in times of calamity and know the role of spirituality in challenging situations as this can also save lives!

Pray To Him And Strengthen Your Will To Survive:

Before we proceed further with this interesting topic, I want all the readers to know that I’m not promoting any kind of religion as all the details we are going to tackle here are very applicable whether you are a believer of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, and etc. So have fun reading this guide as all the information I am going to share will prove to be very useful to your behalf.

“We got to pray just to make it today…”

These are some of the words from MC Hammer’s third single entitled “Pray”. Most religions taught us that God is above all things, that He is greater than any form of challenges, and that we can only be saved through Him. In other words, His supremacy transcends upon all things and He is always there to help us if we call upon Him. But how can our spiritual beliefs help us manage any form of disasters or survival events? Here are the 5 ways our faith can help us get through in times of calamity and use it to your survival advantage when the unthinkable happens:

  1. Faith helps to keep our sanity in check – As humans, it’s very easy for us to lose our minds whenever we face a life-threatening situation. The thought of going through these tough times can be scary that emotionally unstable individuals can go crazy at any point. But if we constantly pray and stay connected with our faith in God, the possibility of going insane is not longer there as our will is empowered further to keep holding on. Having a sound mind is very important in these times as we have to make crucial decisions to help us stay alive. There’s no room for errors or we are only digging our graves if we don’t think straight.
  2. Faith helps us to stay in focus – Being focus is also critical during times of disaster as this can also help us to make rational decisions. The fact is, it is very easy for us to forget our principles and do whatever we want (rob, steal, rape, etc. ) knowing that the rule of law may longer apply. But we can avoid being like this if we remain true with our faith as this will serve as our moral compass to help us see the light of justice and continue to do things which will benefit the good of everybody.
  3. Help us to think less about suicide – Our minds are so frail that sometimes we often choose to entertain the thought of committing suicide when faced with a very difficult situation. If we are faithful to God, we can omit the possibility of taking one’s life as most religions consider life as something sacred and therefore it should be taken care of as much as possible. We are obliged to follow this rule without any exception or face the consequences of burning in the fire pits of Hell. Hence, suicide is not an option regardless how hard and hopeless the situation can be.
  4. Helps us to stay positive – While it’s very easy for us to feel bad and lose hope when the unforeseen happens, our spirituality actually teaches us to think the other way around. Faith fuels our hope to survive as we know that there is a Supreme Being out there who is ready to help if we remain faithful to him. And if we follow this line of thought, then we remain pessimistic all the way until we are found by the rescue team and taken to the safe zone.
  5. Helps us to persevere – Let’s say you are a renowned adventurer who is a master of all survival stuff and is very proficient in outdoor skills. You have survived any kind of extreme condition and you have proven yourself out there on numerous occasions. But what if you are stranded in the wilderness alone and all you have is nothing? If this happens, we can pray to God and reinforce our will to stay alive. Faith helps us to persevere and cling to the idea that there is God. And if we have these, we can face any challenges with ease because we know that there is Someone who is with us in our times of difficulties.


Was this article helpful to your cause as a prepper? Does faith really help us reinforce our will to survive? Please let us know by leaving your comments here.

Updated: March 28, 2015 — 4:28 pm

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