Update: Current Weather events…Tornadoes, Shelter, and Safety.

As we’ve seen the last few weeks, this year’s stormy weather is breaking records across the nation. This week’s storms in Joplin, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Texas have wreaked havoc with hundreds killed, thousands injured and damage in the billions of dollar range. Sadly, many of these deaths could have been avoided, and potentially most of the injuries, by having adequate storm shelters at home and work places.

On April 27th, the massive outbreak of deadly twisters sent tens of thousands seeking shelter, when over a dozen tornadoes pounded Alabama, killing over 300 people, injuring thousands, destroying thousands of homes and businesses, and doing over $2 billion of damage at last estimate. Other tornadic events across the great plains, the south, and east coast, having taken many more lives, created massive breaks in infrastructure, and caused FEMA to request help from Congress to be able to provide financial assistance and recovery to hard hit areas.

Personally, SurvivalRing.org traffic has spiked immensely with each new major tornado hit, including the St. Louis airport, Joplin, Alabama, and other news stories about them. People who live in tornado country are truly worried what tomorrow’s weather may bring, and are looking for answers.

Thankfully, this website, online for 14 years, provides shelter information and actual plans that can be used SPECIFICALLY for storm shelter. Yes, fallout shelters work GREAT for shelter from tornadoes, high wind events, and can also be used for backup shelter for when a home becomes unlivable because of storm damage.  Here are several plans to start looking at for potential shelter ideas for your home.

Many dozens more fallout shelter files can be found in our many downloads areas.


If you have specific shelter needs, please use the CONTACT ME page to get with me, and I’ll be glad to help in any way I can.

As site statistics have shown the last few weeks, there is a VERY great need for STORM SHELTERS. Plans, sources, vendors, builders, supplies, ideas, kits, and more are available. I will be creating a few new pages on SurvivalRing in the next week to provide easy and quick access to all the information home and business owners need.

Any questions, comments or suggestions on specifics you would like to see in this new section, PLEASE let me know as soon as possible.

As a side note, while thinking about preparing for storms and disasters such as we’re seeing nationwide, now would be a REALLY good time to prepare and make 72 hour kits, check (and purchase if needed) emergency weather radios (with the ALERT feature), and create or update a disaster plan for your entire family for the most likely disasters in your areas  (tornadoes, flooding, fire, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc) including maps, phone numbers, and locations to meet before, during or after a local disaster.

Dramatic video of the OKC tornado yesterday…


Updated: May 25, 2011 — 9:18 pm

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