Download Set Three- FEMA’s *Last* Shelter Plans

Free Civil Defense Fallout Shelter Plans

Free Fallout Shelter Plans

These 6 PDF files below have been available on this website, SurvivalRing for over 15 years, but the last few days of March 2007  saw an enormous increase in downloads, with over 3,000,000 (three million) hits in just 3 days, from two different websites.

Shane Connor, of, and other similar websites, has always been welcome to link to these files, and I have been glad to host them.

Other websites have also hot-linked to these individual files, and have been stealing my bandwidth without giving me ANY credit for sharing, hosting, or otherwise being THE SOURCE of these documents.

I’ve forwarded ALL incoming links to these individual files, to this webpage on my SurvivalRing website, to do the following:

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Please show your support for our work, by sending a donation of any amount, to help cover our expenses for hosting, hardware, software, more original documents, and everything we need to keep this project going…for another 17 years

If you find these files useful in any way, won’t you please consider making a small donation to help us keep adding new files to the SurvivalRing website? Use one of your favorite services below to help support our many years of work in the past, and many more years to come.

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Get All 6 plans, PLUS two more BONUS documents in ONE 9.5 megabyte archive file HERE…and please, support our work…every little bit helps.

Now….here is your free download!
Click below…

Underground Shelter (646k pdf file)

Aboveground Shelter     (819k pdf file)

Modified Ceiling Shelter     (537k pdf file)

Basement Block Shelter     (226k pdf file)

Basement Tilt-Up Shelter     (326k pdf file)

Lean-to Shelter     (288k pdf file)

MORE files…


These files are in zip format containing HTML pages and various associated graphics –   Backyard Blast Shelter –     (349k size) –  Below Ground Fallout Shelter –   (260k size) –  Above Ground Fallout Shelter –   (255k size) –  Increasing Blast and Fire Resistence in Buildings –   (266k size) –  Standards for Local Civil Preparedness –    (82k size)




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