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  • All Hazards – Downloads – One of our larger collections, with 534 documents, covering every hazard from 1st Aid to Nuclear War. Also includes many classic outdoors-based text books. Many are of great historical significance.
  • Bunker – Downloads -This library focuses on nuclear threats, fallout, sheltering, radiological threats, the nuke testing years, radiological equipment manuals, and much more. Over 230 unique documents
  • Field Manuals – Downloads – A smallish collection out of the vast library of available military documents, these particular titles are my most highly recommended documents from the genre.
  • Civil Defense Classics – A newer file archive, but containing 338 Civil Defense Documents. From all ages of the US Civil Defense Program, this collection deals with scientific facts of shelter and sheltering, emergency management before, during, and after nuclear detonations, technology, usage, management and design of fallout shelters, and much more. Also available on DVD..this IS Civil Defense Classics
  • All Shelters – Downloads – A new collection on the SurvivalRing website. these 126 documents focus tightly on all things shelter-oriented. Not just fallout shelters, but safe rooms, shelter systems, habitation, national shelter programs, and much more.
  • Pandemics – Downloads – The fear of H1N1 pandemic and global spread has mostly passed us by, yet the historical records of our nation, and others, in dealing with widespread human disease contagions and their effects still need a thoughtful and concerned viewing by families, groups, and communities. 46 documents from all over the world worth reading and considering for future threats.
  • Nuclear Attack Planning Base 1990 – The full text of this classic Cold War document, as published by FEMA in 2005, through the FOIA request placed by good friend Alan Thompson. Maps, population affected, county layouts, and more…for every state, in a theoretical nuclear attack on the American Mainland. Based on 18 months of work by our nation, in trying to prepare us for the unthinkable.
  • 1977 Effects of Nuclear Weapons – The final edition of five, starting in 1950. The full text of this document tells you literally everything you would want to know about nuclear effects, including health risks, blast and thermal data, EMP, and more. Get this title in paperback if you can.
  • NBC Preparedness – Downloads – A collection of government documents on all areas of nuclear/biological/chemical terror, and how to deal with them at local, state, and federal levels. This set came online only two weeks after 9/11.
  • Download Set One – Some of the earliest files I put online…many years ago. Always free here, but hundreds of thieves put them on CD roms and sold them on Ebay the last 10 year or so. Only 65 files here, but some good stuff, including HS4. Check it out.
  • Download Set Two – My second big file archive, which made up most of my CD number 2. More than 6,300 printable pages.
  • Download Set Three – Simply fallout shelter plans; the last plans that FEMA published for Americans, all in one small archive, with a couple of bonus (and useful) files.

More Coming Soon…

There are always new downloads coming onto this website. In the near future, we’ll be adding podcasts and videos, including archived classic footage on all areas of preparedness and civil defense.

…and don’t forget…

If you have ANY civil defense documents, either hardcopy or digital, in your possession, that you don’t find on this site, PLEASE consider contacting me and helping me get them online for the rest of the nation. It’s a GOOD thing.

Thanks for your interest, and support.


Updated: September 16, 2018 — 11:21 am

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