Crisis Relocation: When you HAVE to leave home.

Since the middle ages of the Age of Civil Defense, there has been great talk and massive discussions of how to save people in regional (or catastrophic) threats or disasters. You know, a dam is about to burst upstream, and public safety is trying to get all the people living downstream to safe ground. We saw with Hurricane Katrina, one of the nation’s worst ever natural disasters, that the potential for evacuating tens of thousands of people from CERTAIN death (downtown New Orleans being 20 feet BELOW sea level), was a good idea…but obviously wasn’t activated nor put to any use. Hundreds of school buses and city buses, meanwhile, where unusable when flood waters filled bus parking areas all over the city.

In the days after the storm passed, and tens of thousands were bussed from the afflicted areas to host towns and cities all over the mid and south west, many other problems occurred, with crime, injuries, even death occurring in the locations where the relocated victims took up residence in school gyms, hotels, armories, and the like.

In other words, a flat out, cluster fuck, of incredible proportions. (pardon my french, but it is what it was).

classic crisis relocationMany books have been written by a wide array of authors, some scholarly, some tripe, but very few with objective review of practices and creation of workable solutions.  Oh, and hundreds of reports on crisis relocation, from all over the emergency management and academic spectrum of ideas. Can we learn anything from any of these writings?

I think so. I’ve collected dozens of historical, government produced records in PDF format, and will be posting them on SurvivalRing the next few weeks. I would ask you, that if you ever have concerns about “bugging out”, or even “bugging in”, that you review these reports over the next few weeks, and learn what Big Brother still might consider applying to the populace, should another Katrina size event approach any portion of our great nation. Why?  So you can stay ahead of the curve of “victim of a disaster”.

I’ll start posting the first reports tomorrow. Comments and discussion are welcome.


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