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News on Rich, SurvivalRing, Security, my career, local events, latest SurvivalRing Radio Shows, and getting ready to move across the country.

Wait an hour and the weather will change

Hello again from the middle of nowhere, Wyoming, where one day we have flash floods after chinook winds melts over a foot and a half of snow from two winter snowstorms, and the flooding took the life of one of our neighbors, and the next day we get 14 inches of of brand new snow.

Not too many posts on SurvivalRing the past few weeks, as I am packing the house up by myself, after moving my wife to St Louis, MO the first week of December, to help our daughter get through a divorce.

During the last two months, I’ve fully recovered from my knee replacement surgery of October 2016 and I’m getting around just fine. I’ve sold most of our furniture, including my beloved over-sized and very comfy recliner, our wood framed platform bed, and the washer and dryer , leaving only this computer desk I’m sitting at, and a full size 22″ high air bed which is remarkably solid and comfy.

I have been busy on the social networks ( Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn ) in the little bit of off time between packing boxes, moving things around, and sorting through 40 years of my life I’ve been dragging around since Dallas, and getting rid of those things that I just don’t need. I’m being harsh in what I’m taking, but I’ve been working on this move, which hinged around the knee replacement surgery getting done, since the summer of 2015. It’s just over 1 week away as of today.

Have one tiny bedroom to move all the boxed items out of,  into the living room, which is the staging area for the move. That includes what used to be a full book shelf and a half of my civil defense library, nearly all of which is getting repackaged into smaller and lighter boxes for the move. Most of my other library of books are being extremely downsized, and given to a few coworkers with similar interests.

Walking away from a State Job…not easy.

I’ve turned in my resignation from my job the first week of March, for my job with the Wyoming Department of Corrections, Honor Farm Facility, where I’ve worked since December of 2008. March 30th, 2017 is my last day…just 7 days away.

This job has been one of the best things in my life, because working in a correctional facility, you have to manage every single inmate every day, and do it with a positive attitude, that at times becomes a “take no shit” attitude in a moment’s notice.  Keeping things in perspective, I’ve learned much more about my abilities, improved my skill sets, greatly enhanced my people skills, and set high standards of honesty, integrity, and positive redirection of negative attitudes.

For the vast majority of time here, I’ve helped change lives, helped the portion that needed positive mentor-ship and direction and actually used it, and helped  keep the WHF Ag program moving forward, with the BLM Wild Horse and Burro program, the Beef program and the Farm program, all interconnected, raising all the feed needed for both the horse and beef herds.

In my position as Information Specialist at this facility, I’ve helped track YEARS of crops, fertilizer, field production, beef herd health and costs, and managed and produced all the paperwork and documents needed for the Farm to have up to 5 Wild Mustang adoptions a year. I’ve managed purchase orders and cost tracking all the farm machinery, tractors, implements and their associated repairs.

Expectations, reality, and Changing Dreams

I’ve run hay crews of up to 40 inmates picking up bales of hay all throughout three summers, helped run the adoptions on site, managed all the official government paperwork needed to do what we do, and set up from scratch a spreadsheet system for tracking all inmates pay, when the state system went from monthly, to hourly. The system I setup for Ag was then used by all other supervisors at our facility. Same thing when the WDOC made changes to policy that required hourly census of very inmate, every day in their work areas. Again, used by other supervisors for managing their inmate crews.

I’ve also worked front desk, reception, and phones for months at a time, run the kitchen crew a few times, taken inmates out to pickup highway trash around the facility, and many other non-Ag tasks. Truly a wide range of duties for an admin guy, wouldn’t you say?

So why leave a nice state job, where I work for a great supervisor, who works for the warden, who works for the WDOC Director, who works directly for the Governor of Wyoming?

Maybe you’ve heard of the Wyoming state economy crashing down because of historically low royalties on all energy products (oil, natural gas, coal, etc), meaning a glut in storage, and too much available in the pipeline.

Yep, THAT’S the reason…

That’s me in the upper right, on the stage, wearing suspenders….and a knee brace

Here come the changes….Nashville?

What does this mean?  Starting about 3 years ago, the state government saw the shortfall coming, and starting making adjustments in every area possible. State employee’s pay rates were frozen, promotions were frozen, and most unfilled and vacant state jobs were removed from the jobs system, saving close to $3 million, where the shortage was still close to $300 million.

Most state employees haven’t had cost of living raises for the last 4 years. Kind of sucks, as gas, groceries, utilities, etc have risen quite a bit in that same time frame. My last raise was March 10th, 2010. Seven years ago. Yet, I’ve excelled at my job, received high marks on my reviews, was non-uniformed employee of the quarter 2 years ago, and made a lasting and positive impression on all the staff and hundreds of inmates flowing in and out of our facility over the last eight years.

Time to change the dreams, and go a different route. That means go all out, move to one of the rising cities in the US in the tech industries, use my skills in management of dozens of inmates at a time doing hard labor, three fresh college degrees, and 35 years of computer skills, and try to go full time with SurvivalRing, SurvivalRing Radio,, writing, producing videos, consulting, and doing media gigs as a freelancer. I’ve got years of experience in radio and TV production, and plan on being a talking head when it comes to preparedness stories, when regional or national stories occur and local media is looking for someone to help their audiences prepare.

So why not?

The SurvivalRing Website, updates, and changes

First of all, you might have noticed that we are now secured with a SSL certificate. That means anything from your browser, to my website, and back to your computer, is encrypted. This gives you privacy, security, and safety, when using the website via https protocal, as in . It also helps keep the bad guys at bay, and it’s been 4 and a half years since our last hack (from actors outside the USA, tracked down to Lebanon, and directly associated with Hezbollah and Hamas script kiddies, who thought they had found a government website). Nope, just little old me. October 15th, 2012. Worst day of my life. I got better.

I’m working on the following for SurvivalRing in the coming weeks…

  • A Brand new theme, responsive to any kind of device used to view the website we know as SurvivalRing.
  • Final updates to get SurvivalCD Packages ready after the last year of updates, between surgeries and other health issues
  • New downloads. LOTS of new downloads
  • Enhanced security protocols to keep the SurvivalRing website up and available 24/7. We have had some issues the from July through October with lots of downtime requiring quite of bit of research to fix. All done now, and our up time the last few months has literally been 100%
  • Video projects on the upcoming SurvivalRing YouTube Channel
  • More guest posts from a wide range of sources.
  • More radio shows, besides SurvivalRing, including Small Biz ideas, WordPress & Prepping, and single episode audios on a variety of other topics
  • Books. Many, many books, published on Amazon’s Kindle system, and also available as print on demand. Lord knows I have the content on SurvivalRing to create thousands of titles, each one unique and fascinating
  • Adventures in moving a household to a new location, and starting over in a new career, because…it’s time.
  • Finding a job in a new big city (new to me!). It’s going to take everything I have to make it work. I’ll share how I get it done…

Radio Shows

SurvivalRing Radio Podcasts – as host

February 17

SurvivalRing Radio Talk -Survival, Preparedness, and Self Reliance – 02/17/2017 – Trump, Intell, EMP, Power Outages, Shelters, Gray Man, and more

February 24

SurvivalRing Radio Talk -Survival, Preparedness, and Self Reliance – 02/24/2017 – on Today’s show… News, Threats (Weather & Storms), 72 hour kits, Power Outages, Getting Home (self-recovery), and more

March 3

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March 17


SurvivalRing Radio Talk -Survival, Preparedness, and Self Reliance – 03/17/2017

Minimizing my life

It’s very popular and trendy to downsize and simplify your life. That’s what this move from Wyoming to Nashville is all about.  I’m taking literally 1/4 of what I moved from our last residence, to our current home in town. One 24 foot Uhaul truck, with our car on a trailer, driving 1700 miles east. That’s it.

Last move, took multiple trailer loads, and twenty plus trips with the Xterra. Five antique pieces of furniture is all we have left. Many boxes and totes of clothing, books, cookware, and heirlooms. The rest is thoroughly gone through and sorted out, sold, or donated.

Keeping computers, printers, duplicators, the massive hard copy civil defense library, and a fraction of my other library with me. Also, my tools, gadgets, recording gear, and the like. I am a geek…and not completely minimizing THAT part of my life.

Looking for guests, authors, thought leaders, and other folks to interview on SurvivalRing Radio.

My predecessor on Freedomizer Radio was my old co host James Talmage Stevens. He did 8 years of radio shows on three different networks, and a boat load of interviews. 7,000 hours of prepper radio shows.

My 9 to 5 job, going away next week, has left precious little time to contact authors, hosts, website owners, and other similarly minded folks to see if they’d like to join me on the radio and move to the next level. I’ll start working on that when I get settled into my new home in Nashville.

If you’re one of those kinds of folks, let me know what you want to talk about, and we’ll record some interviews beforehand, or do them live on the show. I’m good either way. Email me at to get the ball rolling.

Feedback. Yes, I would love FEEDBACK from you, the visitors of SurvivalRing.

I’ve had a few Facebook posts from a handful of listeners liking the content of the show. No call-ins since mid-February.  It’s ok. I’ve done radio for years, I know there are people listening out there. Give a few shows a listen and tell me what you think

Full Time SurvivalRing?

That’s the goal. That means many posts per day, instead of many posts per year. Yes, that many. Using Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social networks I want to put all the stuff in my brain, or on my planning system, out to every one of you. You would not believe how much I have stashed to share on SurvivalRing. That includes all kinds of media as mentioned above.

What do YOU want to see SurvivalRing offer, besides GIGABYTES of downloads???

SurvivalRing will be online a full 20 years, as of November 1st, 2017. What other Survival oriented website can claim that?  I intend to keep the website online, updated, and moving forward for at LEAST another 20 years, God willing.

Final Thoughts…yesterday’s ISIS terror attack in London

Blood flows on the streets of London, from yet another ISIS related lone wolf terror attack. It’s not stopping, and only going to get worse. Do you have a plan to work with, should the same thing happen in your town, right in front of you?  We’ll be talking about that on the SurvivalRing Radio Talk show tomorrow afternoon, March 24th, 2017, live at 4 pm MST.

Listen here,

or here,

SurvivalRing Radio Talk – Survival, Preparedness, and Self Reliance – 03/24/2017

Meanwhile, I’ve got more packing to do…


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