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–>  By Richard Fleetwood + 9.29.09 + Fall 2009 <–

[Volume TWO, Edition One]

SurvivalRingEzine: ISSN 1548-7504

Hello to all my friends and SurvivalRing supporters,
I have a LOT of news to share with you, so let’s get started!
Massive updates, new websites, upgraded software, some collectible hardware, and more.

In this SurvivalRingEzine newsletter…

* SurvivalRing UPDATED!
* SurvivalRing Community Center Upgraded
* Bugout Buggy Build – Follow along as I build my own “G.O.O.D”  B.O.B.
* Latest SurvivalCD news
* Need Input...Send me your questions, for my upcoming Podcasts on SurvivalRing Radio
* On the web – Website news…SurvivalBlog, James Westley Rawles, and a new book
* Get your papers, get your papers…right here! Yes, NEWS!
The Day After Disaster…Nuclear Attack…on the History Channel
* Rad Equipment…Dosimeters kits
* The Socialized Survivalist…Facebook, Twitter, and more…
* * * * *

First things first.

The SurvivalRing Website has FINALLY been UPDATED!  The new design, with tons of new features, can now be seen at
Some of the features in this upgrade, to SurvivalRing 5.0?
  • Comment on ANY story, post, page, or article
  • Rate any story, post, page, or article with 1 to 5 stars, and/or a thumbs up or down
  • Subscribe to any page that you comment on, so that you can continue an interactive discussion and be notified when other visitors add their opinions to your favorite stories
  • Print a PRINTER FRIENDLY copy of any site page, posting or article, complete with clear, easy to read links to any sites mentioned on that page…great for keeping hardcopy of useful prepping information
  • See an estimated reading time for each story if you are just scanning for information
  • Get to ANY page on the SurvivalRing website from the cross-browser compatible drop down menu
  • Different functional areas of SurvivalRing (such as the forums, the chat room, and other features) are now part of the complete website design, look, and feel. You’ll know where you are at all times
  • An upcoming SurvivalRing Membership area brings gigabytes of premium content directly to the new members only area. No more multiple logins for various areas…it’s all going to be in one place
  • New articles, reviews, how-tos and more will be coming, now that the website is automated and database driven. Concentration now goes into high speed content creation mode.
  • Audio and video media will be easily added using our new site software. You’ll be able to watch or listen when YOU want to.
  • Registering for a SurvivalRing user account gives you access to commenting on any content, writing or sharing your own articles, reviews, and more.  Contact me if you’d like to be a SurvivalRing contributor.
  • Link management, advert management, affiliate management, and other site section management tools are all built into the new system
  • Many news feeds will be added to our news area, so you can keep tabs on world situations
  • Auto updating dynamic site map programming helps you find just the page you were looking for
  • Built in site search features allow you to search any page, post, or article for EXACTLY what you need
  • Built in Google map controls let certain areas of SurvivalRing, such as the Nuke Target page, take on a whole new level of educational interactivity.
  • SMS alert system will let me contact you for national or internation alerts, developing threats, or very specific news, if you choose to subscribe.
  • Easy to find download sections help you find a huge part of our download library of files
  • Over 1,000 more downloads have been added to the newly upgraded SurvivalRing Community Center
  • Web 2.0 features have been added directly in to the website design, including Facebook, Twitter, bookmark services and more.
  • …many more features and tools are built into the UPDATED SurvivalRing website.
What are you waiting for?  Click on the link to go check it out yourself!
* * * * *

SurvivalRing Community Center Upgraded

After a very busy summer, mostly spent dealing with the illness, and subsequent passing of my mother, with three trips so far to Texas and back, as well as another trip coming around Thanksgiving, I was able to do some major updates to the SurvivalRing Community Forums ( http://www.survivalring.org/SR_forums ), bringing them to the latest version release of Invision Power Board ( IPB ) forum software.
Cutting edge social web 2.0 features are now part of the Forum experience, including friends, private messaging, networking and more. IPB is one of the most powerful, and community supported, forum message systems on the internet, and our system also includes the Invision Download Manager to handle those 1000 – plus downloads.
The SurvivalRing Chat Room is also directly available from the Forum homepage, and we’ve got a few folks on there almost every evening. Hope to see you there!
Drop on in, register your username (if you haven’t already) and let’s have fun.
* * * * *

Bugout Buggy Build – Follow along as I build my own “G.O.O.D”  B.O.B

Over the years, I’ve had a plethora of different kinds of vehicles, each with specific uses or specialties, or just a project vehicle that let me get my hands dirty either fixing or modding it, and expanding my gear head skills.
During this time, I’ve had three 4×4 off road trucks. The first was a 78 Blazer, needing some axle work, which I traded a Sony indash CD tuner for. The second was a 74 Toyota Landcruiser, which I traded a $200 Dodge Van for (it was for my brother in law, and I got that van for $200 without an engine…had a 360ci ready to drop in).
The latest, and by far best of the bunch is my new Nissan Xterra. It’s a 2000 model, loaded, and has bulletproof drive train gear. This truck is my “G.O.O.D”  B.O.B (Get Out Of Dodge Bug Out Buggy), except, the Get actually means GOT out of Dodge. I’ve only had it a few weeks, and have already started modding it, getting it ready for real Wyoming Wilderness expeditions.
As I prep this buggy into a state of the art BOB, I’ll document the effort, with pics, video, how to’s, and commentary. Having spent part of my life actually building custom vehicles for a living, as well as a wonderful hobby, I’ll get you up to speed on things YOU can do to your wheels, including factors, tools, and skills that make a BOB a GOOD BOB.
Visit my BugOut Buggy Blog at http://www.mongox.com . By the way, I’ve nicknamed my truck MONGO…because he’s only a pawn in my game of life.
Got ideas, questions, comments or needs in BOB areas?  Contact me and we’ll get you up to speed.
* * * * *

Latest SurvivalCD news

My SurvivalCD website ( http://www.survivalcd.com ) was recently updated with a new look and feel, and I’ve added yet another DVD project to the mix of potential library survival and preparedness material for YOUR home.
I’ve spent another portion of the summer creating a brand new DVD creation for Shane Connor of Ki4u.com (http://www.ki4u.com ). This DVD creation is an expansive update of my HazardPak DVD, but with tons of new data, media, and ALL of Shane’s Best of Class FAQs and radiation protection information available OFF LINE exclusively on this disk. I’ve even created an online mirror of the entire DVD, which is free to access at http://www.survivalring.org/shane .
The DVD version can be purchased directly from Shane, or myself, for only $35, or you can get the disk FOR FREE from Shane, with any order of $100 from his website.  Videos, Mp3s, and more are also on both versions, for your educational enlightenment, in a fully context driven presentation.
Again, see the online version at http://www.survivalring.org/shane .
Finally, I have the HUGE package of 6 DVDs, and 5 CDs, in my Massive Preparedness Primer.
(yes, disk number 11 is YOUR copy of the Shane Connor HazardPak Digital Survival Library, FREE)
What’s in this package?  Let’s take a look…
  • Five (5) CD Roms of hundreds and hundreds of Preparedness and Survival ebooks, many EXCLUSIVELY digitized and made available ONLY from SurvivalRing.
  • Five (5) DVD Roms of more of the same, including over 4000 Appropriate Technology ebooks of information on 4 disks
  • A ONE YEAR subscription to the SurvivalRing Community Center forum, with our BRAND NEW download areaover 1000 new files
  • A ONE YEAR membership to the SurvivalCD Digital  Download Membership center, with downloadable CD images of current and new release CD Projects from SurvivalRing and SurvivalCD.
  • An authentic Original Hardcopy Document, from FEMA, Department of Civil Defense, and many other cold war sources.
  • FREE USPS Priority shipping of your Package.
  • FREE Technical Support and replacement of defective media
  • A Gift Certificate Set to share with your family and friends, offering $35 of DISCOUNTS on our products
  • Full printed instructions on how to install your CDs and DVDs to your computer.
  • Your VERY OWN original and authentic Post Office Department Safety Notification Card, dated 1959…for use Post Nuclear Attack to reconnect survivors nationwide…NEVER used. A true piece of Cold War history, just for you!
  • Oh, did I mention the MASSIVE PACKAGE DISCOUNT?
A $424 Value, PLUS the free Shane DVD, totals up to $459  worth of life saving information.
Your price? $100. Use the link above…or better yet, read below about the Dosimeter packages and a special offer.
* * * * *

Need Input...Send me your questions, for my upcoming Podcasts on SurvivalRing Radio

As I’ve promised for a couple of years now, SurvivalRing Radio is about to go live!  I’ve listened to dozens of other prep oriented podasts of all kinds of quality and direction, but have found nothing to MY liking. And, since I am a content expert, an experienced live radio geek, and a computer wiz, I’m going to create the BEST prepper podcast yet.
I’m going to need your help….I know a lot, but a GOOD producer opens the doors wide to find solutions to common, or specific problems. Send in your ideas, questions, comments, suggestions, needs, or offerings, to my email at rafleet@gmail.com . Use the subject line of SURVIVALRING RADIO, and include contact info for me to verify your needs.
I’ll also be looking for sponsors for the show, if you have a business or product that you’d like to reach a VERY targeted audience with.  Again, same subject line, but add SPONSOR to the topic.
I’m starting with a weekly prerecorded show, that I eventuallyhope to go twice a week, and even do live call in talk radio.  Keep an eye out in this space (the SurvivalRing Newsletter), for the latest news and availability.
* * * * *

On the web – Website news…SurvivalBlog, James Wesley Rawles, and a new book

By now, MOST of you reading this have heard of James Wesley, Rawles (JWR). He is the creator of SurvivalBlog ( http://www.survivalblog.com ), author of several fiction and non-fiction books, and devoted husband and father, and advisor to site visitors, global media, and good friends. I’ve followed Jim since the 90’s, starting in the old misc.survival Newsgroups via AOL..a LONG time ago.
Sadly, Jim lost his beloved wife of many years to a serious illness a few weeks ago, and his son has put up a memorial page for her at http://www.survivalblog.com/memsahib.html . Please say some prayers to help assuage his families loss, and if you’re able, send a donation to their favorite charity, mentioned on that web page.
I’ve always valued Jim’s perspective, his incredible breadth of knowledge in all things survival, and his ability to community to a vast range of readership. His latest publishing venture hits the shelves TOMORROW.  It’s called How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It: Tactics, Techniques, and Technologies for Uncertain Times” . He’s hoping to move the book right up the bestseller charts by doing a BOOK BOMB, in which he asks all that are going to buy a copy, to buy it ALL ON THE SAME DAY.
I’ve known a few other authors who have used this process with great success, and if anyone can, JIM can.
Tomorrow, September 30th, Jim is scheduled to be guest on the Laura Ingraham syndicated talk radio show tomorrow (Wednesday), to discuss preparedness topics, from 11:15 AM to 11:45 AM Eastern Time (8:15 AM to 8:45 AM Pacific Time.) She is heard on more than 300 radio stations, XM Radio, and on the Internet in live streaming and podcasts. Try to catch it.  (UPDATE: The show appearance was postponed. Please check SurvivalBlog for the latest update on this opportunity to listen to Jim.)
As for the book, I’ve been reading an early copy, and all I can say is “Wow.”
Having read hundreds of books on self reliance, self sufficiency, and prepping and survival, I can honestly tell you that this is by far the BEST, and most assuredly covers topics that earlier tomes never even considered. The book is a STEAL at only $11.47 at Amazon. You’ll want to read it over and over again, and will want to keep a copy in YOUR bugout bag as well. PLEASE buy a copy, at this link, TOMORROW….not today.
And, while you’re at it, get his first book, Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse, as well. It’s right below the first book’s image, at the link above.
I will admit, in my daily web routine of the rounds of a small set of websites I check everyday, several times a day, SurvivalBlog is right up at the top, literally.  Do yourself a favor, and visit and bookmark Jim’s website, and make it part of YOUR operational awareness routine.
* * * * *
Get your papers, get your papers…right here! Yes, NEWS!

I’ll bet a good stiff soda that most of you have heard of my friend Bruce Beach over the last ten years or so. And, I’ll bet most of you also are aware of his occasional newsletter releases, his fears of inclimate nuclear weather, and his somewhat different takes of daily, weekly, and monthly global news. Bruce is a character, but like myself, he means well…and only does what he does to help as many people as he can who will heed his call of REALLY DEEP preparedness.
Bruce wrote and published a newspaper several years ago, called RECONSTRUCTION AFTER NUCLEAR WAR. Dozens and dozens of cases of these newpapers went out across North America, and were handed out freely to interested folks. Over the years, the availablity of thes papers dried up, as there was only one very costly printing of I believe 10,000 copies.
My few boxes of papers were handed out over the next few years, one by one, with a copy going into EVERY CD package I mailed out.  Sadly, I ran out of my stash last year, and have been looking for leftover copies ever since.
Well, I’ve hit the proverbial jackpot. Through Bruce, I made contact with a gentleman named Mark, who had I believe the last 12 cases of Bruce Beach Newspapers. They’ve been shipped, and should be in my hands shortly.
Once they arrive, I’ll again be shipping copies to everyone who orders anything from me.  If you’d like JUST the newspaper, I’ll be posting the details about how you can get your very own copy directly from me.
Stay tuned. Oh yes…you can read the digital version here….
* * * * *

Rad Equipment…Dosimeters kits

Occasionally, I come across some great deals, on many interesting and useful prepping tools. This time I have picked up some original Radiation dosimeters, WITH chargers, I have ten full sets, with one dosimeter charger, and 6 dosimeters per set.
Want a set? Get one of the ten sets available, for only $60, which includes shipping. All you have to do is Paypal me $60 at rafleet@gmail.com .
Or, save $10 and buy my Massive Preparedness Primer AND a dosimeter set for $150 total, by Paypaling me $150 at the same email address.
Only TEN will will be available, and no more. Any payments after the ten are gone will be fully refunded.
Get yours now, while you can, and while I have these to share. As of now (Wed., Sept. 30th), three sets are spoken for.
* * * * *

The Day After Disaster – Nuclear Attack on DC

This was on twice last night, and will be rebroadcast this coming Sunday, October 04 06:00 PM

Against a morning sky, a mushroom cloud spirals heavenward. A nuclear bomb has detonated in the heart of Washington D.C., incinerating 15,000 residents in just 15 seconds. More than 50% of the population living within a 1/2 mile radius of the explosion is either dead or severely injured. The next 24 hours will determine whether the rest of the city lives or dies. To survive this horrific ordeal they will need a plan. And lucky for us–there is one. But will it work? For the first time on television, the Department of Homeland Security reveals the most detailed and comprehensive plan to save America should terrorists go nuclear. This chilling two-hour special delves into the complex and highly secretive world of disaster planning.

Rating: TVPG
Running Time: 120 minutes
You can buy a DVD copy here:  http://shop.history.com/detail.php?p=108497
My review? Actually quite a good telling of the events that would follow a real event, in this real city. The science is quite good, the effects are regular high quality CGI, but the bottom line that is presented in this documentary is that if you were involved, YOU would be on YOUR OWN. The government would have its hands full with Continuity Of Government procedures, dealing with the dead and injured, and starting the hunt for the instigators.
My suggestion? Watch it, record it, review it, and TEACH others with it. It’s about as close as we Americans are going to see regarding civilian defense in a real nuclear nightmare, especially with our Socialist leaning administration and congress right now.
Now…an important UNOFFICIAL Public Service Announcement, from a good friend, who is knee-deep in DC/Virginia preparedness,  regarding this very TV show…

“…someone stupid in this world is going to do something nuclearly stupid and soon. The history channel show you mention-that’s not TV… it’s a civil defense message being pushed -hard-for the citizens.”
Chew on that tidbit of salacious info…
You’re on your own.  Prepare for THAT.

* * * * *

The Socialized Survivalist…Facebook, Twitter, and more…

Note that title…Socialized….not Socialist.
As the world wide web, the internet, smart phones, and even cars, appliances, and music systems become one with each other, the ability to communicate, find like minds, learn new things, and keep in touch 24 hours a day is ever increasing in all areas of human activity.
Tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and hundreds of other web services are bringing people closer together than ever before.
Families, friends, fellow employees, college and high school buddies, and even complete strangers (if you like that kind of thing)  spread across the world, can communicate, share news an images, comment on family doings, and find long lost relatives with Facebook.
Twitter lets users post tiny 140 comments about what they’re doing, where they’re going, and what they think about the journey…from any cell phone…anywhere.
LinkedIn lets users network with fellow employees, potential employers, networked organizations, and many other things, in secure and trusted ways.
These and many other like-minded web tools are the cutting edge in web activity and growth. Like anything, these tools can be abused. But, like anything, these tools can also be used to network and find trusted friends who live far apart, and share content, news, and interesting observations, that all in your small  group can use to focus your own situational awarenss (there’s that phrase again).
As a computer geek, web developer, programmer, and all around nerd, I am an early adopter of many kinds of technology and tools. I see MANY very good uses in the preparedness genre for using these tools, techniques, and systems. I will be using them in several projects on SurvivalRing in the coming future, and would suggest that even if you’ve never tried these tools, to sign up and take them for a test drive.
Interested in where I’m going with this theme?  Follow me at the links below for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  You’ll see what I am talking about.
* * * * *

In Closing…

Events and threats are coming at this nation, and the planet in general, at an every increasing cycle. Just this week, a kilometer sized asteroid missed the earth by only 700,000 kilometers. Sunspot activity is low, global warming is a potentially devastating long term event, and Axis of Evil activity is speeding up (think Iran and Nukes).
Oh, and did you catch the reports  of the 8.0 earthquake near American Somoa with a deadly tsunami,  followed half a day later by a 7.9 in Sumatra? Who gets it next?
It never ends…there will always be natural disaster, especially when YOU least expect it.
What do you do?
Prepare. Learn. Educate. Practice. And Be Aware.
Know what threats are possible, or probable…where YOU live. Get ready for THOSE, and then think about the larger disasters of life, like the economy, deaths in the family, unemployment, or another Katrina or Sumatra.
Be the difference, and ACT.
No one’s going to do it for you. It IS up to you.
“Do or do not…there is no try.”
Until Next Time,

//* —– Who I Am —– *//
Richard Fleetwood
Founder/Director – SurvivalRing

Follow me on…



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