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PART ONE – Article Proposals

First and foremost, we would like to offer a resource and publishing opportunity to all who want to share information that would be appropriate to the SurvivalRing website.  Before you submit an article for our website, please use this Proposal Form to let me know what you would like to share with us. The form is self explanatory, and is a must before actual article submission. This saves time for both you and I.

Article Proposals Form

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PART TWO – Article Submissions

Please note:   I mainly accept articles written by fellow bloggers in the survival / preparedness niche, or who are a member of the SurvivalRing webring.  I will consider other authors on a case by case basis. Use the Proposal Form above.

Guest bloggers add more depth of information to my blog and more value to my readers.  You are welcome to submit a one-time guest post, or become a regular contributor.  Familiarize yourself with the scope and style of this blog and the following guidelines.   Doing so will increase the chances of your article being posted.

Submission Guidelines

  • You MUST send a PROPOSAL before submitting an article. Use the form above.
  • Your post or article must be your own original work.
  • You must be registered as a user on SurvivalRing.
  • Your submissions should contain tips or inspirational content relevant to the ideas of survival, preparedness, self reliance, self sufficiency, disaster response, real life stories, tools and products related to these areas, and similar genres.
  • We also like list posts (e.g. The Top 5 Natural Hazards, 20 Must-Haves for your Bug Out Bag), a humorous article, or lessons learned from personal experiences. Be sure to comment on each list item to give depth and personal observation to each.
  • I reserve the right to edit, but request that you edit your submission for correct spelling and grammar.  Your submission may not be published if too much editing is required.
  • Affiliate links within your article are allowed.  Please keep these links to 3 MAXIMUM.
  • Splogs, article networks, and any spam content will be absolutely refused. Do it yourself, and not through automated submission services.
  • You may use a pseudonym, but if you would like to include a link to your own blog or website, it will be included.
  • I’m an equal opportunity blogger.  Submissions by guys and gals are welcome! Also, target specific demographic segments if you have the material to back it up (teens and survival, children and disasters, taking care of grandparents, prepping for pets, livestock survival, etc)
  • Submit your article within the Article Submission form below, or use an email with a Word attachment.
  • Images are allowed, but limited to 2 per article. You MUST be the owner of the images/graphics provided.

You will be notified upon receipt of your article.  If there are any editorial or revision issues, I will try to contact you within one week.

Send proposals and completed articles to or complete the Proposal and Article Submission forms.  I’ll give you a heads up when your article will be posted so you can promote it on your own blog or website, via Twitter or Facebook,or just by emailing all your friends!

Once your article is approved, I will email you with a link to the article page. If you wish to provide Adsense Account info for author sharing, please use the Note to Webmaster box on the bottom of the form below.

Article submission Form

You are welcome to submit an article to the SurvivalRing blog if you meet the criteria listed below. Please be sure to read the  guidelines above BEFORE submitting.

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