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The first postings to our guestbook were in late 1997.  Guestbook postings after 2006 are in the current active Guestbook software.

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10.11.2006 05:31am

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09.11.2006 12:48pm

See you later…thanks good stuff to help me take care of my family

09.11.2006 09:00am

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07.11.2006 02:13pm

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07.11.2006 02:12pm

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06.11.2006 11:36pm


05.11.2006 09:29am

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05.11.2006 03:57am

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Isulong Seoph
22.08.2006 11:34pm

Good stuff…thanks.

03.08.2006 08:23am

Great site. Linked here from Time Bomb. Thanks for all your hard work. Love the wealth of info here but praying that we never have to use any of it.

13.07.2006 03:54pm

Nice site. Thanks for making it!

30.05.2006 12:34am

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30.04.2006 04:02pm

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29.04.2006 01:02am

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14.03.2006 06:21pm

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10.03.2006 06:10pm

Hi there! I’m just browsing and came across with this site. i thought i’d drop by and say hi. 🙂 Hopefully spammers won’t find their way here. Good luck to y’all!

28.02.2006 11:28am

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22.02.2006 05:18pm

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