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There have been many, many dozens of documents created, by the United States and many other nations, regarding the area of Civil Defense. Some were created for circulation within government management circles, some for public safety workers and coordinators, and even a few for the average citizen on the street, around your neighborhood, or even YOU.

The reason for these documents was, of course, to share knowledge on areas of concern to many, many people, especially during WWII and the Korean and Cold Wars. Threat of attack on many fronts was a worry to all levels of governments, and in fact many different nations. The largest groups of documents I’ve seen, and actually personally have many of in my possession, are from the U.S. and Canada. I am sure that there exist other national civil defense programs, most notably Swiss and Israeli systems, that help the average citizen be aware, and stay safe, in times of peril. My goal is to collect every document I can get my hands on for this project, called Civil Defense Now!

This page exists to ask YOU, the average guy on the street, the one who helps the world go ’round, the person that others always depend on to get things done….to help with a project with global implications. Every page of Civil Defense data that can be put online, thru this website or others, can save uncountable numbers of lives in the future. Every idea or suggestion that someone put in historical works, however unknown or rare, worthwhile or not, can make the difference to the person who would NOT have known needed info before…if put into a place that can be found through research and categorization, and put into the right context.

Here is what I ask of YOU, if you wish to help with this project. First, if YOU have documents or similar works as what I am looking for on my DOCUMENTS WANTED page, then I wish to request of you a copy, either original or xerox, to place on this site, in digital form. I will do my best to digitize it and promise to put it online as quickly as time allows. Better yet, if you yourself can digitize it in any format ( page image scans, Acrobat PDF format, or OCR format into text I can quickly convert into html webpages ) this would be the best. I can do many things with it, to get it digital as needed. My problem is time required in the actual conversion from paper to digital. It is much faster for me to convert from digital to webpage format, by orders of magnitude.

Another possibility for those that may not have access to any original documents that I already have, nor know of any others, but STILL wish to help, is to help ME scan in any of a NUMBER of titles of I now have in quantity. Several are large reports with anywhere from 50 to 300 pages, and ALL are worthwhile to have for students of Civil Defense, National Security, and National Preparedness. What I can offer those that help me is two fold – If you help you get to KEEP the report or document you scan in for me, as well as get a CD ROM of the LATEST set of documents I have available on the site, including many items I have, that I DON’T have online webspace for.

IF you have hardcopy documents (original, xerox, or even on loan to be returned which I will personally verify to you ) related to Civil Defense you can and will send me, send to THIS mailing address:

Richard Fleetwood
Civil Defense Now! Project
P.O. Box 729
Riverton, Wyoming 82501

If you have documents you can digitize in ANY format, you can email zipped or archived files to me in any archive format (zip, arc, rar, etc.) to me at my email address of :

and I will get it online much quicker.

TO EVERY PERSON who provides one or several documents for this project, I will send you a CD ROM with this entire website on it, as well as every Civil Defense Document I have digitized and available at THAT time, and including the above mentioned items that won’t fit online. I’ll pay for the blank CD ROM and postage. It is my thanks to you for helping, and many more than I will thank you for your assistance in this valuable project.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas to further this project, please feel free to email me at ANYTIME.

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Richard A. Fleetwood
Founder – SurvivalRing and Civil Defense Now!

Updated: August 8, 2009 — 8:31 pm

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Rich Fleetwood

Rich is the founder of SurvivalRing, now in it's 24th year, author of multimedia CDs and DVDs, loves the outdoors, his family, his geeky skill-set, and lives in rural southern Wyoming, just below the continental divide (long story, that...). Always ready to help others, he shares what he learns on multiple blogs, many social sites, and more. With a background in preparedness and survival skills, training with county, state, and national organizations, and skills in all areas of media and on air experience in live radio and television, Rich is always thinking about the "big picture", when it comes to helping individuals and families prepare for life's little surprises.

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