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[ Updated As Of February 24th, 2002 ]

Since this page was created many months ago, nearly ALL the documents mentioned have become unavailable from FEMA, either due to titles being OUT OF STOCK, OUT OF PRINT, or generally NO LONGER AVAILABLE. All titles here are listed in FEMA’s latest PUBLICATIONS catalog, and calls to FEMA at the 1-800 number below will still be answered, but getting the documents may be difficult, if not impossible. ALL titles mentioned here will eventually be scanned in and uploaded to THIS website, but no dates or guaranteed access can be promised. The FIRST title below, FEMA 196, IS now available in PDF format, from the main page of CIVIL DEFENSE NOW. Go there and grab it and MANY OTHER MEGABYTES of files, consisting of THOUSANDS of pages of information….for FREE. THAT section of this site will continuously be added to in the future with these type of files. Thank you for your interest, and my apologies for FEMA’S lack of follow thru. It is a shame when an organization of THIS size, in THIS nation, under THESE circumstances of national alerts on a weekly basis of MORE terrorist activity, is NOT PREPARED to share lifesaving information as it used to….Just My Thoughts…

The titles listed below are a GREAT resource for you to have in your preparedness and survival library. Some titles are fairly easy reads….others are graduate college level discourses, while some contain very high level technical details in many areas. ALL are wonderful for YOU to learn more about RISKS you “might” have to worry about someday, and reading all you can will help you be that much farther ahead than the next guy down the road who has absolutely no concept of preparedness, and who considers parking his brand new pickup or Lexus downtown a real “risk”.

Get the books below while you can…some titles you could get before no longer are offered by FEMA, nor any other organization I am aware, other than on the used or collectible markets.

Title: Risks and Hazards-State by State
Description of book: A complete book with all natural and manmade hazards and hazard zones overlaying maps of the US. Includes all types of weather threats, including tornado, hurricane, earthquake, tsunami, volcano, snow and extreme cold, and even includes potential Nuclear targets for the entire US, as well as possible fallout patterns based on theoretical attacks based on shifting wind patterns. Each state has its own map showing details for each weather threat, as well as nuclear targets detailed down to the county. Also shows nuclear plants, operating or planned in each state. Click either of these links to see a sample of the maps you will find for EACH state of the U.S. (a) Alabama Nuclear Targets(b) Alabama Natural/Manmade Threat Zones There are also maps for the entire US using similar layouts and color breakdowns.
Date of Copyright/Printing: 1990 
Author/Gov.Order Number: FEMA 
Number of Pages: 130 
FEMA Item Number: 8-0897 

Title: National Geographic Hazard Maps
Description of book: a wall poster printed both sides, containing historical references for all kinds of Natural Hazards. Was created and attached to the July 1998 Monthly issue of the magazine, which also contained a great source of further information. Includes tornado, hurricane, hail, drought, volcanoes, earthquakes, and population density, as well as a large map on the reverse side with historical data and dates for all disasters overlaid on one map. 
Date of Copyright/Printing: July 1998 
Author/Gov.Order Number: National Geographic Society 
Number of Pages: 2 (poster size, approximately 24″x36″, printed front and back) 
FEMA Item Number: 9-1372 

Title: Wood Gas Generator System
Description of book: “Construction of a Simplified Wood Gas Generator for Fueling Internal Combustion Engines in a Petroleum Emergency” is the full title. Has plans, operating instructions, parts lists, principles of operation, and historical information on its use and capabilities. A great source of info ‘just in case’. 
Date of Copyright/Printing: July 1989 
Author/Gov.Order Number: FEMA Interagency Agreement number=EMW-84-E-1737 
Work Unit: 3521D 
Prepared by Oak Ridge National Laboratory 
Number of Pages: 68 
FEMA Item Number: 8-0835 

Title: Markets, Distribution, and Exchange After Societal Cataclysm-Final Report
Description of book: This report identifies constraints and opportunities for the restoration of economic exchange after nuclear war. Four survival scenarios are postulated based on high or low levels of damage to (1) institutions that signal trading opportunities, reduce transaction costs, and regulate and enforce contracts, and (2) resources that are used to create and define wealth. The four scenarios are Best case, Worst Case, Resource Abundance, and an Institution Intensive case. Discussed in depth are such items as property rights, barter, currency, trust, credit, supply and demand, and trust as related to authority. Very interesting reading. 
Date of Copyright/Printing: March 1990 
Author/Gov.Order Number: FEMA EMW-84-E1737 
Number of Pages: 168 
FEMA Item Number: 8-0873

Title: The Effects of Nuclear Weapons
Description of book: This volume is recognized worldwide as THE authoritative source on all nuclear weapons effects. Lots of technical data on what a nuclear detonation does to the surrounding environment, people, places, things, and more. Lots of pictures, tables, and loads of data on how to protect something from the effects of one of these weapons 
Date of Copyright/Printing: 1977 
Author/Gov.Order Number: Compiled and edited by Samuel Glasstone and Phillip J. Dolan 
Number of Pages: 653 
FEMA Item Number: 8-0264
LIMITED QUANTITIES ONLY – one per person. First Come First Serve ONLY 

Title: Civil Defense Shelters – A State of the Art Assessment – 1986
Description of book: The literature on the design, construction, testing, and cost of blast and fallout shelters was reviewed and a bibliography of over 1000 documents was assembled. It was found that nuclear weapon effects and shelter design are well understood. The principal technical barrier to construction of permanent shelters is cost. Single purpose blast shelters cost in the high hundreds to low thousands of dollars per space, depending on size, hardness, location and whether the shelter is part of new construction or retrofit. The risk area population requiring blast protection is approximately 160 million. This book goes into detail regarding all the different types of shelters, the possible opportunities the government has to protect its citizens, different tools and systems needed in a shelter, construction needs, and much more. Probably the best single source on the subject in the world. 
Date of Copyright/Printing: 1986 
Author/Gov.Order Number: Produced for FEMA, authored by C.V. Chester and G.P. Zimmerman 
Number of Pages: 300 
FEMA Item Number: 8-0688

Title: Soviet Civil Defense Agricultural Preparedness-Final Report
Description of book: USSR civil defense considers agricultural civil defense to be an integral part of its program and an essential element of its mission to mitigate human losses and economic damage and, thereby, enhance prospects for the Soviet Union’s survival and recovery in a nuclear war. The Objective of this study is to describe and analyze, on the basis of Soviet open-source materials, the Soviet Agricultural Civil Defense Program: its views on the threats to agricultural resources, plans and concepts, organization, proposed measures for dealing with the near-and long-term effects on nuclear detonations, capabilities, and uncertainties. 
Date of Copyright/Printing: June 1985 (Reprinted 1988) 
Author/Gov.Order Number: Dr. Leon Goure -For FEMA under contract EMW-C-0571 
Number of Pages: 139 
FEMA Item Number: 8-0733 

Title: Soviet Civil Defense Public Instruction and Training Programs-Final Report
Description of book: In the Soviet Union, civil defense instruction is compulsory for the entire population and is carried out on the basis of various programs for students in the educational system, working adults and non-working adults. This report describes and analyzes, on the basis of open Soviet source materials, the scope, objectives, organization, plans, contents, conduct, capabilities, shortcomings and effectiveness of the Soviet civil defense public instruction and training programs. 
Date of Copyright/Printing: August 1984 (reprinted November 1988) 
Author/Gov.Order Number: Dr. Leon Goure – For FEMA under contract EMW-C-0571 
Number of Pages: 99 
FEMA Item Number: 8-0737

Title: The Soviet Crisis Relocation Program -Final Report
Description of book: Crisis relocation is an important, long-standing and integral element of Soviet civil defense plans and programs. This report describes and analyzes, on the basis of open Soviet source materials, Soviet civil defense concepts, plans, organization, priorities, training programs, and capabilities pertaining to crisis relocation of residents of high-risk urban areas and workers of significant economic installations. 
Date of Copyright/Printing: May 1983 (reprinted November 1988) 
Author/Gov.Order Number: Dr. Leon Goure – For FEMA under contract EMW-C-0571 
Number of Pages: 247 
FEMA Item Number: 8-0735 

Title: Soviet Civil Defense Concepts, Programs and Measures for the Protection of Industry in Nuclear War Conditions-Final Report
Description of book: The Soviet leadership, both civilian and military, constantly emphasizes the critical importance of the economy, and especially of industry, as the foundation of national and, specifically, military power. This study focuses on Soviet civil defense plans, concepts, priorities and measures for limiting damage to and protecting industry from direct and collateral nuclear weapons effects. 
Date of Copyright/Printing: August 1982 (reprinted November 1988) 
Author/Gov.Order Number: Dr. Leon Goure – For FEMA under contract EMW-C-0571 
Number of Pages: 161 
FEMA Item Number: 8-0738 

Title: Soviet Post-Strike Civil Defense Rescue, Damage-Limiting, Repair and Restoration Operations-Final Report
Description of book: Soviet sources indicate that a great deal of importance is attributed to the post-strike operations and that the overwhelming majority of civilian and military civil forces of over some 20 million are assigned to this mission. This report describes and analyzes, on the basis of open Soviet source materials, Soviet civil defense concepts, operational plans, organization, priorities, and capabilities pertaining to post-strike rescue, damage-limiting, emergency repair and restoration operations in the centers of nuclear destruction. 
Date of Copyright/Printing: August 1982 (reprinted November 1988) 
Author/Gov.Order Number: Dr. Leon Goure – For FEMA under contract EMW-C-0571 
Number of Pages: 177 
FEMA Item Number: 8-0736

Title: State/Local Guide for All Hazards Emergency Operations Planning
Description of book: This state and local guide provides emergency managers and other emergency services personnel with information on FEMA’s concept for developing risk-based, all-hazard emergency operations plans. Includes hazard planning for several unique hazard considerations including:earthquake, flood/dam failure, hazardous materials, hurricane, lethal unitary chemical agents and munitions, radiological hazards, terrorism, and tornadoes. 
Date of Copyright/Printing: September 1996 
Author/Gov.Order Number: FEMA 
Number of Pages: 284 
FEMA Item Number: 9-1051

Title: The Oklahoma City Bombing Report
Description of book: This report covers the actual structural damage done to the Murrah Federal Building. It discusses physical damage done to structural supports, nearby buildings, and building support systems, and discusses ways buildings in the future could be engineered and strengthened, and/or protected, from other domestic terrorist attacks. Basically an engineering study, it is for government to use in considering future building projects. 
Date of Copyright/Printing: August 1996 
Author/Gov.Order Number: FEMA 
Number of Pages: 100
FEMA Item Number: 9-0300

Title: “Would Insects Inherit the Earth?” and other Subjects of Concern To Those Who Worry About Nuclear War
Description of book: A panel of noted physicists, scientists, and other very intelligent people answer a wide variety of questions pertaining to ALL aspects of limited to total nuclear war, including such topics as nuclear winter, long term radiation, sheltering, and much more. Very much an eye opener to those who have never seen this title, I would personally highly recommend this title
Date of Copyright/Printing: September 1997 
Author/Gov.Order Number: FEMA 
Number of Pages: 130 
FEMA Item Number: 8-0663

More titles to be added as available…

To ORDER any book, or books, send a letter to FEMA with the BOOK TITLE, QUANTITY, ITEM NUMBER and return MAILING ADDRESS to THIS address: 

FEMA Publications
P.O. Box 2012
Jessup, MD 20794-201235440-0190

Or you can call FEMA at 1-800-480-2520, Monday through Friday
8 am to 5 pm Eastern Time, and order by phone. You will need to have the FEMA Publication Item Number and Publication TITLE. There are quantity limits on most titles.

UPDATE: August 2009

FEMA has either run out of stock, destroyed, or no longer will reprint most of the above titles. Several of the above titles ARE available from this website, in digital PDF format. FEMA had a huge warehouse for many, many years of these kinds of publications, and because of wrong decisions at all levels of government, NO MORE of these titles will be produced. Instead, FEMA wishes to offer what documents they have in digital format ONLY.

The reasoning for this is nothing more than COST.  As we saw with Hurricane Katrina, when the REGIONAL CATASTROPHE hits a large area of the nation, DIGITAL ONLY DOCUMENTS are going to be worth NOTHING.

Whatever YOU believe YOU need to learn how to prepare for, for YOUR area, well PRINT IT OUT NOW. It may be the only document, and in some cases, the ONLY help you will have.


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August 9th, 2009

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