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Civil Defense Now! Document Library and Archives

Welcome to the new Civil Defense Now! Library and Archives section. This area is your starting point for ACTUAL historical civil defense documents in several different formats. Due to some funding constraints ( just one guy using the cheapest hardware and software I can afford ) you will find these documents in these formats:

  • PDF Format – produced by various folks in probably the best format
  • HTML Format – reports in a single, long webpage format
  • IMAGE Format – docs scanned in page by page into images of each page, with navigation provided by html linkage.
  • Other – any format that does not fit above, yet is viewable thru browsers

Currently, files will be listed in order of first presentation via this site. In the future, all CD docs will be categorized by such things as shelter, medical, defense, etc. Until then, all files available online will be accessed thru the Table of Contents below.


Title Gov.Number Format Filesize Pages Date Printed Date Online
Emergency Feeding FG-E-13.4 Image 12 June 1966 May 2001
Emergency Clothing FG-E-13.5 Image 17 Sept. 1965
Family Guide Emergency Healthcare – none – Image 16 Dec. 1970
Developing Emergency Medical Services
Guidelines for Community Standards
OP-386 Image 16 – unknown-
Basis for the D.O.D Fallout Shelter Program MP-34 Image 1965
Users Manual – Meteorlogical Data 
for Radiological Defense
FG-E-5.6/1 Image 30 July 1970
Shelter From the Storm – Building a Safe Room FEMA 320
1st Edition
PDF 1,340kb 32 Oct 2998 May 2001
The Effects of Nuclear War PB 296946 PDF 3,412kb 154 May 1979 May 2001
Canadian Radiological Officers Manual – none – PDF 1,111kb 95 Jan. 1974 May 2001
Compendium of Weapons of Mass Destruction 
Courses Sponsered by Federal Government
– none – PDF 1,752kb 146 July 1998 May 2001
LDS Emergency Services Manual – none – PDF 826kb 86 Feb. 1997 May 2001
Joint Doctrine for Nuclear, Biological, and 
Chemical (NBC) Defense
JP-3-11 PDF 654kb 85 July 1995 May 2001
Nuclear Weapons Effects PDF 951kb 34 May 1963 May 2001
Radiological Emergency Management FEMA
Independent Study Course
IS-3 PDF 948kb 142 1997 May 2001
Project Megiddo – none – PDF 97kb 32 Nov. 1999 May 2001
Return To Armgeddon – The United States and
the Nuclear Arms Race -1981-1999
– none – PDF 1,786kb 305 Jan 2000 May 2001
Domestic Support Operations FM100-19 PDF 897kb 129 July 1993 May 2001
Standards for Fallout Shelters TR-87 HTML 95kb 36 Sept. 1979 May 2001
Standards for Local Civil Preparedness CPG 1-5 HTML 208kb 40+ Nov. 1980 May 2001
Above Ground Fallout Shelter Plans H-12-2 HTML 33kb 10 Nov. 1983 May 2001
Below Ground Fallout Shelter Plans H-12-1 HTML 33kb 10 Nov. 1983 May 2001
Increase Blast and Fire Resistance in Buildings: Designing for Combined Nuclear Weapon Effects TR-62 HTML 56kb 24 May 1976 May 2001
Home Blast Shelter Plans H-12-3 HTML 39kb 12 Nov. 1983 May 2001
Defense Against Radioactive Fallout on the Farm FB 2107 HTML 73kb 14 Unknown May 2001
Civil Defense Shelters – A State Of The Art Assessment – 1987Sections 8 & 9 FEMA RR-7 HTML 55kb 14 1986 July 2001

My apologies for the low resolution of some of the image files, as these were done with an earlier system that was not quite up to par with standards I now prefer, but these original documents may not be on hand any longer, having been borrowed from folks across the country. 

To see FUTURE documents that will be in this section when done, scroll down to the bottom of this page. More will be added as time allows. 

Thanks for your interest, and please, if you have any documents not listed here or on my Civil Defense Documents Wanted page, then please notify me asap.

Enjoy these historical documents, and pass the word for others to come and learn here.

Richard Fleetwood
Founder – SurvivalRing and Civil Defense Now!

If YOU have materials that would be suitable for publishing on this page, PLEASE contact me at my email address of Also, if you have originals, or clear copies, of documents, and wish to donate them OR loan them to me to allow digitizing them, PLEASE send them to me at:

Richard Fleetwood
Civil Defense Digital Project
P.O. Box 729
Riverton, Wyoming 82501

Please include a note with your donations/material loans, with return mailing address, email address, background on documents origination, and any associated details. I am looking for municipal (city level), county, state, and multinational (US, Canada, and any other nation) civil defense program documents of NON-confidential nature, specifically that which helps the general populace in preparation of ANY disaster, not just nuclear.

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