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Civil Defense Now! – BioChem Warfare Survival

By Richard A. Fleetwood – May 2001

As the U.S. Government has warned several times in the past few years, chances are there WILL be a terrorist attack on U.S. soil someday. It seems to be inevitable, according to sources within many areas of emergency preparedness at all levels. There are some recently created Federal organizations that exist to DEAL with ANY incident that might happen, and while every possible method and possible scenario is being studied and prepared for, there is in all probability going to occur BioChem attacks SOMEDAY…whether the terrorists are domestic or international. 

The table below lists the most prevalent threats that could happen, any symptoms that might occur, and effects that will happen if left untreated. Use this data to begin your search on the web to find SOLUTIONS to survive any of these BC potential threats, and make preparations for your family and yourself based on what YOU think may be most fearsome to you. 

IF the government is concerned enough about this threats to spend billions of tax payer dollars getting ready, then YOU should spend a little time learning more about the same areas. I would offer to post any SPECIFIC solutions to surviving an actual attack of ANY of these BioChem threats on this same page, and will update as this info comes to me. 

Toxic weapons: How they kill
We’ve all heard of anthrax, but what does it do? Use this chart to find out the symptoms and untreated effects of biological and chemical agents in production around the world.
Toxin Symptoms Effects if untreated
Aflatoxin Headache, jaundice, gastrointestinal distress Liver disease, internal bleeding, possible death
Anthrax Fever, malaise, cough, respiratory distress Shock and death within 36 hours of severe symptoms
Botulinum toxins Weakness, dizziness, dry throat, blurred vision, problems speaking and hearing, difficulty swallowing Paralysis, respiratory failure, death
Bubonic plague Malaise, high fever, tender lymph nodes Blood poisoning, death
Cholera Vomiting, abdominal distension, pain, diarrhea Severe dehydration, shock, death
Pneumonic plague High fever, chills, headache, coughing up blood, blood poisoning Respiratory failure, circulatory collapse, heavy bleeding, death
Q fever Fever, cough, chest pain Generally not fatal
Ricin Weakness, fever, cough, hypothermia Dangerously low blood pressure, heart failure, death
Smallpox Malaise, fever, vomiting, headache, backache, blisterlike rash Bone marrow depression, bleeding, death
Staphylococcal enterotoxin B Fever, chills, headache, muscle aches, cough Septic shock, death
Tularemia Swollen glands, fever, headache, malaise, weight loss, nonproductive cough Generally not fatal
Viral hemorrhagic fevers Easy bleeding, red spots on skin, low blood pressure, flushed face and chest, swelling of ankles and other joints Uncontrollable bleeding, circulatory collapse, death
Toxin Symptoms Effects if untreated
Nerve agents, including VX, GB and GD Runny nose, tightness of chest, dim vision, pinpointing of eye pupils, difficulty breathing, drooling, excessive sweating. Nausea, vomiting, cramps, involuntary urination and defecation, jerking, staggering, headache, confusion, drowsiness Convulsions, coma, cessation of breathing, death
Sulfur Mustard Agent Eye irritation, skin blemishes and blisters, inflammation of the nose, throat and lung, malaise, vomiting, fever. Classified as a carcinogen. Blocks cell growth, suppresses bone marrow
Sources: U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases
U.S. Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine

Updated May 2001 – © 2001 By Richard A. Fleetwood

Updated: August 8, 2009 — 7:01 pm

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