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What is Civil Defense Now All About?

In my first few days on the internet a few years ago in late 1996, my first REAL desire to actually accomplish something with my new found search skills and tools at hand was to research safe storm shelters. My family and I were living near Birmingham, Alabama and we were seeing much more tornado activity nearby than we ever saw before we moved FROM Dallas, Texas, at the bottom of the original “Tornado Alley”. Then the F5 Tornado of May 8th, 1998 hit nearby, killing dozens and injuring hundreds, including family. Let me just say this…there was not much to be found that was helpful. What I did find was not at all easily found thru normal channels. 

I put my research skills, interests, and ability to follow trails ( using bibliographies, manuals, government documents, and sheer luck ) to compile one of THE best collections of SAFE SHELTER information *I* know to be in existence. In this quest for the most useful, proven out, and even rare shelter information, I collected a massive volume of information regarding CIVIL DEFENSE. Within thousands of pages at my disposal, I have data on shelter, first aid, communications, nuclear testing, nuclear research, and more…ALL having to do with Survival. I have never and will never be interested in making any kind of weapons, only in being able to stay alive the first time a radiological threat actually occurs on US soil either from terrorists, accident, or all-out nuclear attack, so THAT was my main reason for collecting the nuclear shelter information.

With the events of September 11th, 2001 where the US was horribly attacked at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon by terrorist hijackers using domestic aircraft as weapons, things have drastically changed for all US citizens. The fear of more and worse attacks using any and all methods of terror, whether nuclear, biological, chemical or other means, means that this nation and every person standing on it’s soil MUST be prepared. The old paradigm of a safe and secure home, town, or metropolitan areas evaporated the moment the first plane hit the first tower in lower Manhattan. Never before had such death and destruction on the US mainland occurred by outside forces…thousands of innocents killed by cowardly, sick, twisted foreigners thousands of miles away, orchestrating the attack using everyday tools…the internet, email, postal mail, telephones. 

The new paradigm for the United State of America is now CONSTANT threat. No place where large numbers of people congregate is safe…no water supply, fuel pipeline, or other piece of infrastructure can be left unguarded or unchecked for long periods of time…no airport or aircraft can be left unprepared or unguarded without making more attacks possible. The new watchword for everyday life is“SITUATIONAL AWARENESS”. Knowing where a threat might come from, no matter how small or insignificant, can mean the difference of life or death in the next attack. It might never occur again, but all pointers and thoughts and common sense say, yes, it will happen again, and no one will know it until it is too late…and the only thing to be done then will be to help the victims and recover the casualties. 

This nation had incredible opportunities in the 1960s to develop and maintain this world’s GREATEST civil defense programs and sheltering systems…and failed because of misguided thoughts, misunderstood fallacies, and lack of forethought to make the foundation of support for EVERY citizen’s long term safety and security the MAIN REASON for a federal government. Thousands of pages have been written the last few decades about the government doing more for itself then for the average person on the street who pays taxes all their lives to feed this beast. In civil defense, American bureaucrats have spent 1000 times more on GOVERNMENT CONTINUITY than on CITIZEN SAFETY. 

This cannot go on, with death now on our virtual doorsteps…EVERY person of EVERY race, EVERY culture, and EVERY background and belief system MUST force the issue with the current administration. This nation HAS to have stronger civil defense, civil preparedness, and person training for EVERYONE to be able to survive and prosper in a world filled with terrorists of every color seemingly on every corner. 

Call AND write each and every one of your states representatives, both in your state capital and in Washington D.C. TELL THEM you want stronger CIVIL DEFENSE for your family, your town, and your NATION. TELL THEM you pay taxes for YOUR BENEFIT, NOT THEIRS. TELL THEM you DEMAND the RIGHT of a SAFE PLACE TO LIVE in your own home. And TELL THEM you will REPLACE them if with somebody that WILL do it….if they don’t. NOW IS THE TIME TO SPEAK UP for our nation, our families, and our future. If we don’t, then it is real possible we WON’T have one. 

To me, Civil Defense is EXACTLY the same as CITIZEN PREPAREDNESS. It is up to each and everyone of us in this nation of the United States of America to be prepared when a disaster strikes either directly or nearby, so that WE do not burden others, and are able and available to assist those who DO suffer the worst of a natural disaster, such as the aforementioned tornadoes (’tis the season even as I type this now). 

There are many other areas of Civil Defense that connect completely with the theme of CITIZEN PREPAREDNESS…that such as the skills of threat assessment, national security knowledge, neighborhood watch programs, crime prevention, and so forth. Even though it is very difficult to think “War” could ever happen again, ponder such things as the Chinese Hostage Crisis that just ended after the EP3 spy plane incident, and if that could have developed into shots being fired. There have been MANY “On The Brink” incidents in the past couple of decades that just as easily could have resulted in America being at war again. 

Everything I have, I completely and thoroughly believe is public domain, and therefore will be putting every bit that I can on THIS website. Downloads, videos, scanned in documents, personal articles I or others write in this area, and much more are within. PLEASE understand from the very beginning of your entry into this portion of my website that ALL data, information, documents, and reports presented here are for the sake of HISTORICAL RECORDS. Much of the data, info, maps, charts, graphs and so forth are many years old…some may be technologically incorrect or in some cases worse. Obviously, some things mentioned in the documents were correct before, but life changed and moved on…such as the SOVIET UNION ceasing to exist. The use of multimegaton weapons has gone out of vogue, to be replaced by much worse threats of MIRVs, GPS targeting, and massive overkill of targets to make sure there is absolutely no threat or resistance left. 

Therefore, ideas mentioned by government documents will not mesh in some cases with CURRENT nuclear operations and procedure. However, there are things that will still be the same…what was once considered a nuclear target on US soil is probably still a target…simply because the industrial portion of a city is downsized does not mean that there are not any more targets of worth there, and military bases that have since been closed can still be reopened for military use IF the need arises. In other words, THINK about what you are reading, why it is saying what it is, WHAT has changed from the context and time in which it was written, and what you would need to adapt into your thinking process for whatever is being discussed, to update the information and make it current. Simply put, ANALYZE the issue at hand, feeding in current trend and data, to come up with your OWN CONCLUSION about the presentation at hand. The MAIN idea for the vast collection of thousands of pages presented here in Civil Defense Now is to be an ARCHIVE for future thoughts and goals based on historical and valid history. USE YOUR OWN JUDGEMENT. 

Use the links at the left of this page (also within the top of the page link menus) to cruise around this exciting and historically interesting new area of SurvivalRing. If you’re interesting in helping it grow, please check out the CivDef WANTED page for a list of titles I am still looking for, or to help scan in titles I already have on hand, but don’t have scanned in yet ( there are many…and you get to keep the copy when done…serious offers of help only, please! ).

Currently in work is a new LINKING system for bring together the OTHER best Civil Defense sites in the world, to give you the ultimate in civil defense preparedness and understanding. Look for it mentioned here when it is ready. 

While you are here, check out the NEW NUCLEAR SURVIVAL section, which is a MIRROR site for Bruce Beach, a well known guy from Canada, who spent part of his military career INSPECTING nuclear missile sites, and knows what these puppies can do. Find it at Nuclear Survival – The SurvivalRing/Civil Defense Now! Site Mirror. You will find plenty of information, including US maps of every state showing potential nuclear targets areas, down to county level, from official FEMA publication, RISKS AND HAZARDS-STATE BY STATE. More data can be found there on many facets of dealing with nuclear risks. Good stuff.

Also, JUST set up on this site is our MIRROR of the VERY important work called NUCLEAR WAR SURVIVAL SKILLS. PLEASE read this entire book online and understand all the area of preparedness it offers you. Order a HARD-COPY version of this book to have handy just in case you actually need it someday… a definite investment in increasing your lifespan in these trying times.

This section will grow as time allows, but WILL grow. With the infrastructure in place now (these new pages) you will have easy access to what I have online at any given time.

Anyway, thanks for dropping in, and let me know what you think of Civil Defense Now! using the Poll, Feedback and Guestbook links here.

Richard Fleetwood
Founder – SurvivalRing, The Blast Shelter, and Civil Defense Now! websites

If YOU have materials that would be suitable for publishing on this page, PLEASE contact me at my email address of Also, if you have originals, or clear copies, of documents, and wish to donate them OR loan them to me to allow digitizing them, PLEASE send them to me at:

Richard Fleetwood
Civil Defense Digital Project
P.O. Box 729 
Riverton, Wyoming 82501

Please include a note with your donations/material loans, with return mailing address, email address, background on documents origination, and any associated details. I am looking for municipal (city level), county, state, and multinational (US, Canada, and any other nation) civil defense program documents of NON-confidential nature, specifically that which helps the general populace in preparation of ANY disaster, not just nuclear.

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