US Hazard Maps

Maps for Hazardous Areas in the United States

– Past, Present, AND Future –

Developed on 11/28/97 by Richard Fleetwood,

Copyright 1997-2009 — Updated 04/01/09

Sources of these Maps

All maps and images below are from Government publications, except for the three Future maps, which were found in the newsgroup alt.binary.astro.

Information about graphic quality of these files

I apologize to all visitors for the current quality of some of these files found on this page.  My ‘early american’ handheld, halfpage, grayscale scanner only scans in TIFF format, and after converting to GIF format….well….graphic resolution loses something in the translation.  I am going to get ALL images I have the originals of RESCANNED in color, 300dpi resolution within the next few weeks.  Please bear with me as I get this done.  You will appreciate the new files when they get updated.

Printing These Maps on YOUR system

Many people have asked how they can print the maps on this page on their home systems.  The simplest ways is to download them to your harddrive, by putting your cursor over the image you want, using the (RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON/SAVE IMAGE AS) function to save the image on your drive, then using an image editor, such as the shareware program, Paint Shop Pro, to view, and print, that file.

Hazard Maps

New Addition


Comparison of damage and destruction of 1906 San Francisco,

1811-12 New Madrid, and 1880’s Charleston Earthquakes.

Damage Area of the 1811-12 New Madrid Quake based on population density map

(GIF size = 93k)

Siesmic Risk Map of the United States

(GIF size = 15k)

Generalized Seismic Stress map of the United States

(GIF size = 42k)

Contour map for Effective Peak Acceleration ( Micro Gravity readings)

(GIF size = 38k)

Tornado Alley

(GIF size = 40k)

Nuclear targets and Fallout areas

1990 FEMA Report on Possible fallout regions after nuclear attack

(GIF size = 18k)

Nuclear targets based on known defense, value of target, population, and military sites

(GIF size = 31k)

Effects of a ONE megaton nuclear detonation

(GIF size = 19k)

Effects of a 25 megaton nuclear detonation

(GIF size = 20k)

Downwind radiation dose-rate after nuclear detonation

(GIF size = 23k)

Nuclear detonation fallout clouds information

(GIF size = 14k)

Maps of the US after predicted EARTH CHANGES

Gordon Michael Scallion

(file size = 17k)

Lori Toye

(filesize = 17k)

David Running Deer Eleazer

(filesize = 17k)

Here are a few links to other pages containing proposed future maps of the United States

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