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WANTED – Richard’s Civil Defense Report/Studies Wish List

By Richard A. Fleetwood – February 2009

This page lists a series of books, booklets, reports, and studies that I am looking for, and have come across reference to in my studies and research in the area of CIVIL DEFENSE and NUCLEAR PREPAREDNESS.

While I actually have a COUPLE of these titles in hand, MOST I do NOT have. If you can assist me by providing me with an original copy (any condition) or even a xerox copy (as clear and readable as possible), then I will be able to share with as many people as possible in my CIVIL DEFENSE NOW Library Project.

I will be creating and publishing more CD ROMs of all data I am able to come up with in the near future, as well as publishing as much as I can on the web.

Please help us if you can in this endeavor to document an era in our nation’s history that is quickly disappearing and will soon exist only in memory. It is important to future generations to provide as much background as possible if the data is ever needed again…for ANY reason.

Thanks for your support. If YOU have materials that would be suitable for publishing on this website, PLEASE contact me at my email address of Also, if you have originals, or clear copies, of documents, and wish to donate them OR loan them to me to allow digitizing them, PLEASE send them to me at:

Richard Fleetwood

Civil Defense Digital Project

P.O. Box 729

Riverton, Wyoming 82501

Please include a note with your donations/material loans, with return mailing address, email address, background on documents origination, and any associated details. I am looking for municipal (city level), county, state, and multinational (US, Canada, and any other nation) civil defense program documents of NON-confidential nature, specifically that which helps the general populace in preparation of ANY disaster, not just nuclear.


NOTE: Items in the DESCRIPTION column in YELLOW boxes I have been able to locate and have in my possession. I list them here for your use in locating more, and maybe finding backup copies of these same titles.

QTY. Report Title and/or Description and date if applicable Report Number
1 “Preparedness Program & Training Guide for Emergency Economic Measures (Stabilization) for National Security Emergencies”
1 “National Plan for Civil Emergency Management”-Draft , May 1981 (or final if available)
1 Can Your Home Pass the Winter Survival Test? 0-0179
1 Civil Defense Emergency Operations Reporting System-June 1978 CPG 2-10/1
1 Civil Defense Emergency Operations Reporting System-June 1978 CPG 2-10/2
1 Civil Defense Emergency Operations Reporting System-June 1978 CPG 2-10/3
1 Civil Defense Emergency Operations Reporting System-June 1978 CPG 2-10/4
1 Civil Defense Emergency Operations Reporting System-June 1978 CPG 2-10/5
1 Civil Defense Emergency Operations Reporting System-June 1978 CPG 2-10/6
1 Civil Defense Emergency Operations Reporting System-June 1978 CPG 2-10/7
1 Civil Defense Emergency Operations Reporting System-June 1978 CPG 2-10/8
1 Emergency Communications (1/87) CPG-1-18
1 Development of Emerg. Fallout Shelter Stocking Plan (7/83) CPG-1-19
1 Emergency Operations Centers Handbook (5/84) CPG-1-20
1 Guide for Design/Development-Local Radiological Defense Support System (6/81) CPG-1-30
1 Disaster Operations CPG-1-6
1 EMP Protection Guidance (1/86) CPG-2-17
1 Radiological Defense Preparedness (2/85) CPG-2-6.1
1 Radiological Defense Manual (6/77) CPG-2-6.2
1 Radiation Safety in Shelters (9/83) CPG-2-6.4
1 Alternative Ways of Providing Host Area Fallout Protection CPG-2-8.9
1 The Nuclear Crisis of 1979 (Feb. 1976) CPG-2-8-5
1 Guide for Crisis Relocation Contingency Planning-Overview of Nuclear Civil Protection Planning for Crisis Relocation CPG-2-8-A
1 FEMA Research Summaries -FY1971- FY1980 (10 Volumes) FEMA
1 CH.1-Attack Environment Manual-Intro to Nucl. Emerg. Ops. FEMA 125
1 CH.2-Planner Needs-Blast and Shock FEMA 126
1 CH.3-Planner Needs-Fire and Ignition FEMA 127
1 CH.4-Planner Needs-Electromagnetic Pulse FEMA 128
1 CH.5-Planner Needs-Initial Nuclear Radiation FEMA 129
1 CH.6-Planner Needs-Fallout FEMA 130
1 CH.7-Planner Needs-The Shelter Environment FEMA 131
1 CH.8-Planner Needs-Post Shelter Environment FEMA 132
1 CH.9-Application to Emergency Operations Planning FEMA 133
1 FY1990 Congressional Civil Defense Testimony FEMA 179
1 American Civil Defense 1945-1984:Evolution of Programs and Policies FEMA-107
1 Recovery from Nuclear War FEMA-160
1 Civil Defense Act of 1950 FEMA-163
1 Are You Prepared? FEMA-166
1 Soviet Civil Defense FEMA-52
1 Shelter Management Handbook FEMA-59
1 Earthquake Public Information Materials FEMA-67
1 Long Term Land Contamination FEMA-RR10
1 Nuclear Winter Implications of Civil Defense FEMA-RR13
1 The Provisioning of Water in Emergencies FEMA-RR14
1 Economic Recovery FEMA-RR15
1 Internal Considerations Associated with Economic Planning for Recovery FEMA-RR16
1 Emergency Food Delivery – State of the Art Assessment FEMA-RR17
1 Flood Emergency and Residential Repair Handbook FIA-13
1 Protection in the Nuclear Age (Feb 1970) H-20
1 Are You Ready? Guide to Disaster Preparedness H-34
1 Shelter Survey Technician-Home Study Course K-45
1 Emergency Preparedness Publications L-164
1 Family Fallout and Blast Shelters L-165
1 May 1981, “Implications of Org. Relocation to FEMA Programs & to the Preservation of US Industrial Capability” M&R 5, Vol.2
1 “Materials for Presentation on Nuclear Civil Protection” P&P 2 -Sept.1980 P&P 2
1 “Questions & Answers on Crisis Relocation” P&P 4 -Oct 1980 P&P 4
1 “US Crisis Relocation Planning” P&P 7 – Feb. 1981 P&P 7
1 Conference on Civil Defense Volunteers, self-help, and family protection RR-26
1 Managing Congregate Lodging Facilities & Fallout Shelters (6/81) SM-11
1 Mortuary Services in Civil Defense, May 1956 TM-11-12
1 REACT Users Guide Sept. 1980 TM-251
1 Shelter Design & Analysis, Protective Construction for Shelters TR-20(Vol.4)
1 Protective Construction (FEMA) TR-39
1 Fallout Shelter in Industrial and Commercial Buildings (12/67) TR-48
1 Fallout Protection in Military Construction TR-50
1 HUD Aids for Fallout Shelter Development TR-58
1 Shelters In New Houses TR-60
1 1969 Architectural Awards – Buildings with Fallout Shelters (7/70) TR-63
1 Mass Thickness Manual for Walls, Floors, Roofs (1/81) TR-68
1 Cost Benefits in Shelters TR-69
1 Decontamination Considerations for Architects and Engineers TR-71
1 Environments: Problems, Solutions, and Emergency Preparedness TR-73
1 Protecting Mobile Homes in High Winds TR-75
1 Protected Education Facilities in Found Space TR-78
1 Wind Resistance Design Concepts for Residents TR-83
1 Interim Guidelines for Building Occupant Protection for Tornadoes and other extreme winds TR-83A
1 Tornado Protection – Selecting and Designing Safe Areas TR-83B
1 National Shelter Survey Instructions TR-84
1 Building Design for Radiation Sheilding and Thermal Efficiency TR-85
1 Architectural Design Techniques for Fallout Protection/Thermal Conservation TR-86
1 Standards for Fallout Shelters TR-87
1 Comparison of Soviet and US Civil Defense Programs
1 Civil Defense Poster Sets
1 What Do Americans Think of Civil Defense
1 Tornados and Severe Storms Awareness Compaign workbook
1 Nuclear Attack Planning Base-1990 Final Project Report(4/87)
1 Office of Emergency Planning-Ration Board Instructions for Post Attack Consumer Rationing, June 1965
1 “US Civil Defense Program” – Sept. 1981
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