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By Richard A. Fleetwood – May 2009

In any place you live in the United States, there are public safety organizations that YOU can take part in to improve your skills, as well as learn new ones that will help you in any future disaster situation if you truly take the time to practice and educate yourself. From your local chapters of the Red Cross, to volunteer fire departments, to local squadrons of the Civil Air Patrol, to classes taught to community groups by FEMA representatives…each of these offer YOU the opportunity to increase and maintain your lifesaving skills in times of peril.

What does it take to begin in these different groups? Not much. A little bit of ambition…a little knowledge of what you wish to learn…a phone book for your local community…and a stubby ‘lil digit on either of your hands to push the buttons on your phone. You can even find local chapters of many of these different groups on the internet. Some exist almost solely on the internet for communications sake, offering hardcopy magazines and online news distribution while continuing a long standing tradition of being the most knowledgeable source of information in their chosen area of expertise. Other groups and organizations have regional and local representatives who can start you on the path to family and neighborhood preparedness and personal confidence and reliability in stressful situations.

Here, then, are groups and organizations I would suggest YOU consider checking into if you are truly serious in your quest for preparedness in ANY area…

The American Civil Defense Association
The American Civil Defense Association has been around for years, taking part in congressional hearings, working to keep Civil Defense as a way of life in the American way.
The Red Cross
Everybody has heard of the Red Cross.  Learn all kinds of lifesaving techniques from CPR to advanced lifesaving methods for all kinds of accidents.  Also, give some of your spare time to help those who suffer disasters around you.
[Image] Federal Emergency Management Agency
Some folks fear FEMA, for conspiracy reasons that just don’t make sense.  Get excellent training, including online correspondance courses, in many emergency preparedness areas.
[Image] Civil Air Patrol
It’s not all about aviation…airplanes are a part of the CAP story, but it is the people and the missions that make this a great preparedness organization.
[Image] C.A.P.  Emergency Services
Emergency Services of CAP offer real life support in major disaster situations, including up to the minute spotting of problem areas, survivors, and threats to the populace.  A very worthy goal is to be certified in this area.  Check it out!
[Image] C.A.P. National Ground Search
and Rescue School

For every plane the CAP puts in the air for real life missions, there are dozens of volunteers on the ground doing the actual search and recovery to save lives.  This school is one of the  best.
[Image] U.S. Office Of Civilian Marksmanship
Bet you didn’t know that the U.S. government actually had a program to train YOU to use military grade (well, actually match grade) weapons, as provided for in the Constitution. Locate a local trainer, get certified, and the government will provide YOU with an actual government produced rifle, at a very fair price Quite an interesting concept, if you ask me.  Try it out!

A final note here…check your local police and sheriff departments for any citizen support groups they may sponser or assist, from neighborhood watch to patrol buddies, and more. You’d be surprised how much some precincts and departments would appreciate the citizen support of the local citizens they protect and defend, and everybody would have a safer place to live. Think about it and give them a call.

Updated May 2009 – © 2009 By Richard A. Fleetwood

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