CHECKING IN: Starting Month Five On The Road…News From the Frontier

Deep off the beaten path in central Washington state, somewhere in the Cascades…

Apologies for website issues. Tech problems while away from home, what ya gonna do.

The best laid plans…right.

Being on the road has good points and bad. One example of bad is the website crashing because of code updates I have nothing to do with, and then spending a couple of weeks trying a myriad of things…all of which don’t work.

A call to my host’s tech support line, and a change in memory settings, fixed it right up. But, a dead site is a dead site, if you can’t read it. Again, my apologies for tech issues.

What the heck am I doing on the road again? Read below.

Travels of the American West…pics and reports

I’ve mentioned in the few previous posts from early summer that I changed jobs…actually more like retiring from my state of Wyoming job in corrections/LEO, moving from Wyoming to Nashville, and beginning a new phase in my life, called “saving for retirement by getting a better job.”

I was hired in late May, and flew out to the west coast in mid-June, for a couple of days of training, then flew on to my first team, which at this time I am still with. The job description is Field Operator, and  the actual job is data collection.

State by state, coast to coast. Can’t and won’t tell you who, so don’t ask. Just know it’s an amazing job, great pay with benefits, and I’m seeing the countryside and using real survival skills every single day. With that comes other things to share, and rest assured I will.

New Tools in my tool box

Speaking of sharing, I’ve shared hundreds of pictures of raw countryside, vast wilderness, and natural hazards and ongoing emergencies on my journey on my facebook feed. Incredible landscapes, wildfire smoke thicker than fog, and more.

Now, about those tools. My everyday carry kit has been upgraded with some great additions. A new heavy duty and very functional backpack, ballistic nylon pouches for my high lumen flashlight, data cables and small size gear and tools, heavy duty lock blade knife with tanto blade, glass breaker and seat belt cutter (and the blade is kept razor sharp at all times), finally a good marine kabar with leather handle, a 256 gig iPhone 7+ with astounding camera capabilities, 20k ma charging brick for all my digital gadgets, and a few different accessories used daily. I’ll share pics of my layout in the next few posts of what I carry and why.

Why the tools? I’m on the road 3 months at a time, with one week off between them. I just returned back to work the day before yesterday, and cut down about 15 pounds of what I started out with my first day.

A seasonal change of clothing, a few items I wanted to use, but never really did, a few books, and a stack of project notes I wanted to get digitized. Free and spare time in this career needs to be meticulously planned for, and I’m still learning some of those intricacies.

I’ll be home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I”ll probably pare things down even more, but I’ll have time over winter for producing multiple things for SurvivalRing, including new podcasts, some live video feeds (with shared replays), and the first few of a series of books you’ll find interesting. I’ll also pick up some more tools for the EDC kit, and offer my thoughts on why everyone needs these kinds of things in their daily lives.

Disasters Getting our attention

What can I say?  The last few months have seen natural disasters and inconceivable horror as nature and man have laid waste to lives, homes, and communities.

Hurricanes on the east coast and in the gulf of Mexico. Houston under water. Dozens dead in Northern California from wildfires, such as Santa Rosa, a place I visited a few times nearly twenty years ago, delivering campers to dealerships there. Over 400 people are missing and unaccounted for in the area, and the devastation the worst in modern history.

Las Vegas… what can I say. Mental illness, not gun control. But the lives stolen, the injured forever changed, and the story line keeps changing direction.

If you take anything away from this event…it should be this.

Get involved, and get trained for active shooter incidents in your community. Seriously…DO IT. The lives you save may be your family and friends.

The only thing known to stop a bad guy with a gun? A GOOD GUY with a gun.

The Near Future, SurvivalRing, and You…

My new career is cutting edge technology, with responsibility for very expensive gear, solid skills, and training and management opportunity. Extreme focus, with extreme quality. I love what I’m doing, and recognize the audience that is going to be served. It is staggering, and you have no idea of the reach.

Because of that, many things I’ve done in the past with SurvivalRing are going to get updated, overhauled and streamlined.

My goal of making this website my sole source of income has been put on the back burner as I step back to mastermind a new path that still includes that goal, but adds much greater value to all that SurvivalRing is.

One of those things is content. Everyday I come across reams of good and solid information, news and insightful opinion pieces that come from a variety of perspectives.

On the road, and away from my computer for most of my days, I still want to share my knowledge, advice, and information with an audience who reaches back to the beginning of SurvivalRing in 1997.

Of the many tools at my disposal bringing me those tasty morsels of preparedness goodness every day, I will be sharing these on SurvivalRing many times a day, with short posts, links to resources, downloads, news, and more.

I’ve been doing this for years on my Facebook page, but I see a need to archive it and share it on this website as well.

I’ve toyed with the idea of making SurvivalRing a Facebook based information center, but too much of my historical data resides here, and Facebook being Facebook, I don’t want anyone or anything to have the ability to kill my life’s work with a click of a button.

We’re going to see what that looks like. SurvivalRing as a news source as the main thrust, providing historical documents when as as needed to validate news, opinion, and reality.

Sounds like a bit of fun…



Updated: October 18, 2017 — 1:33 am

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